I have been waiting very impatiently for the second installment of Roseanna White’s The Imposters series since the moment I finished book 1, A Beautiful Disguise, which I reviewed here. I absolutely love the characters Mrs. White creates, but most of all, I love the way she weaves redemption into all of her stories. Her new book, A Noble Scheme, did not disappoint!

Here’s the synopsis from Amazon:

In the opulent and perilous world of high society’s most elite–and most dangerous–families, two investigators must set aside their broken hearts to uncover the truth.

Gemma Parks is known to the London elite as G. M. Parker, a columnist renowned for her commentary on the cream of society. Behind the scenes, she uses her talents to aid the Imposters in their investigations by gathering intel at events and providing alibis for the firm’s members through her columns. Yet her clandestine work would be more exhilarating if it weren’t for the constant presence of the gentleman who broke her heart.Graham Wharton has never had eyes for anyone but Gemma, and she left his heart in tatters when she walked away from him. When the Imposters take on a new job to recover a kidnapped boy mistaken for his aristocratic cousin, Graham is determined to use the time with Gemma to not only restore the missing boy, but to also win back the only woman he’s ever loved. As they trace the clues laid out before them, Graham and Gemma must devise a noble scheme to save the boy’s life and heal their hearts.

Mommynificent’s Review

I absolutely loved this book! I have been wanting to know Gemma and Graham’s story since the first book of this series and could hardly wait for this book to come out! There were so many twists and turns and surprises, and I found myself really caring about so many of the characters. Even secondary and tertiary ones were fully developed and tugged on my heartstrings! I loved how Lady Marigold, her brother, and her husband were such big parts of the story because I love them from the last book. I especially liked that some of this story was told from her brother Yates’ POV, and I am so excited to read his story sometime in the future! What sets this story apart from other stories and makes it great is the richness and depth of the theme of forgiveness that is woven throughout it, not only in the main storyline but in a number of side plots as well. It is masterfully done and will stay with me for a long time to come!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author as part of her launch team. I’m thrilled to be a part of launching such a powerful story of love and redemption!