I believe I shared the Passover script I wrote for our family on the blog several years ago before the whole thing crashed and I lost over 300 posts. I haven’t had the time to go back and repost any of those, but I do hope to do so with some of the better ones at some point. But since it’s almost Passover, I wanted to share this with you right away. I update our script every year based on what we’ve learned – I’m amazed how the Holy Spirit keeps tweaking and refining our understanding of the Feasts each year we celebrate! This is now the 14th version I have on this computer, and I’m pretty sure there are even older ones on my old computer.

I could go on and on about how there is no end to the depths of richness in YHWH’s Appointed Times and how grateful I am to have had my eyes opened to their beauty and to be grafted into His family and therefore allowed to celebrate as His child! But for now, I’ll content myself to simply share the script we plan to use this year for Passover.

Passover script and playlist

I’ve included a Host, Hostess, and Readers 1-16. Feel free to divvy those out however it works best for you. If you have more than sixteen people, two can share a reader role. If you have less, one person can do more than one part. I’ve also included some suggestions for songs to sing. There are so many good ones for Passover, so feel free to take mine as suggestions and add to or subtract from my list. I’ve made a YouTube playlist of lyric videos for you if you want to use my suggestions.

Here are three versions of the script. The editable ones have the year on them, but I’ve taken it off of the pdf version, so that if you want to use it in future years, you can.

Editable Word Doc

Editable Pages File

Non-editable PDF File

As with my script for Seudah Maphsehket, I make no promises that the Word and Pages files will hold the formatting, so to see how I intended it to look, check the PDF file. I print them front back with the short-edge binding setting and then fold them in half. I’ve included a coloring sheet for the cover because I like to let little ones color theirs while they are listening at the table. I find it keeps them happy and engaged a lot longer, and they make nice keepsakes if you use them over a number of years. Some years, I have taken the time to assign the readers and type their names right into the script, while other years, I tell people as they arrive what number reader they will be. It seems to work fine either way.

I hope this is helpful for you, and I’d love to hear how your Passover celebrations go and what adaptations you make to make it work for your family!