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They have been a protected species in Queensland (Australia) since 2003. Butterfly Fish. They can instantly change the color when a predator appears. Their teeth help them chew the corals. The other major classification is the Chondrichthyes, which includes sharks and rays. The teeth fuse together, which is very unique and quite useful for scratching algae off the surface of the coral. An essential part of this amazing natural ecosystem, Great Barrier Reef fish are a part of the food chain, have developed amazing symbiotic relationships with corals and also provide ‘cleaning services’ for some of the reef’s larger residents. Definitely made internationally famous by the Finding Nemo movie, the anemone fish is arguably the most popular Great Barrier Reef fish with snorkelers and scuba divers. Reef fish also have evolved complex adaptive behaviors. This bone headed bather contains two delightful features that don’t serve it well in the survival of the fittest. The Great Barrier Reef is home to about 360 species of hard coral, … Poisonous and Venomous fish of the Great Barrier Reef. New international research led by PhD student Laura Richardson of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University reveals that coral bleaching events not only whitewash corals, but can also reduce the variety of fish … Visits 2 reef sites. A plethora of coral thrives here, along with a sweep of parrotfish, surgeonfish, barracuda, and sharks. There are about 80 species. Interesting parrotfish fact: they are not usually eaten by people as a ‘plate fish’, however they were once served raw to the kings of Polynesia and were considered a royal food. As well, fishing is a popular activity for tourists, with about 120 charter fishing vessels operating in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Here you can watch a shark feed, which attracts a range of open water sharks, including the Hammerhead. Lots of inclusions: snorkelling, glass bottom boat, semi-sub, underwater observatory and more. About 600 different types of coral can be found in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and all of them come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Most Comprehensive Guide to Defog Your Snorkel Mask, The Complete Snorkeling Guide to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef: Top Tips, Underwater Photography Tips Diving the Great Barrier Reef, Need Help Choosing A Trip? Well, that is a hefty question to answer! People love to observe the lovely fish. They feed on algae or zooplankton with their small mouths. Not available for any tours to the Islands as fine white sand damages the seals on the cameras and makes them leak! Free guided snorkel tour, glass bottom boat tour and marine presentation. You’ll find stone fish all along the Australian coastline, from Shark Bay in Western Australia to Tweed River in New South Wales, living among rock on coral reefs and in estuaries. Butterfly fish are distinguished by their long pointed mouths, which … Corals themselves have not avoided being on the menu despite substantial energy investments in structural and chemical defences to deter would be predators (Gochfeld 2004). We can help you choose the best tour, to suit your experience and budget. Outer Great Barrier Reef pontoon with fabulous coral gardens. Some Great Barrier Reef fish can change colours, like the Coral Trout during feeding. They can live for 18 years at maximum and weigh 26kg at most. Cairns' only fully inclusive day tour, including: city transfers, trip to Great Barrier Reef, 6 hours on reef, 2 reef locations, meals, free scuba dive, marine biologist presentation & equipment. Parrot Fish is the most easily recognized due to their teeth. The most famous surgeon fish is the blue tang, because of “Finding Nemo”. Parrotfish. The closest relative to the butterfly fish is the angel fish.

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