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You could have a beautiful property, but if it is unclean and unkempt, that will take away from the appeal. If you have left something in the property and we are able to locate it, we will ship it back to you for $25 service fee, plus shipping costs. Rinse tubs and showers free of … If sending, aim to have the email in the customer’s inbox by the morning of the day before their checkout day. To shy away from that, you can always check out and download our vacation checklists templates for you and for your love ones. In most cases, however, people who choose to stay at a vacation rental instead of a mainstream hotel are conscientious travelers who will leave your property the way they found it. ), Strip the beds, and put all dirty bed linens on the floor in each bedroom, Pile used bath towels and other bath linens on the floor of each bathroom, Turn off all interior and exterior lights, As you leave, lock the main door and put the keyring in the same location where it is was when you checked in. A limited number of late check-outs are offered for rental guests with special departure needs and must be requested at least 30 days prior to arrival. Send your guest a quick email with a few key departure instructions. Ask guests to turn off all lights and electronics. until your cleaning team can be on site. With Outpost’s internal notes, you can also keep track of and discuss any issues or add reminders about checkout without danger of your guests seeing your staff’s conversation. All Rights Reserved. Vacation Rental Checklist Template. With a checklist, you can at least manage expectations for vacation rental cleaning in the event it looks like a tornado swept through when that last family checked out. Should exterior lights be left on or turned off. A vacation rental inventory checklist is a list in which you go through every item and piece of furniture in your rental to evaluate its condition after your guests have stayed. Anthony St. Clair is a business copywriter, author of the Rucksack Universe travel fantasy series, and a craft beer writer specializing in Oregon. First, be sure that you clearly specify checkout time. Other than vacation checklist templates, we also offer more generic Checklist Templates for your everyday needs. Take Out The Trash. You want to make a great first impression, and you want your guests to be happy and comfortable. Why Urban Rentals Need Superior Tech In Order To Grow, Grow Your Short-Term Rental Property Management Company in 3 Steps, Provide instruction around what to do with small appliances. Vacation Rental Blog Posts Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist November 21, 2017 . It should actually save you money and headaches in the long run. 22. However, requesting that they perform simple tasks to maintain your property’s integrity and assist your cleaning team from extra work is acceptable. They’re more likely to be able to find it later, when it’s actually time to go. Google Docs Microsoft Word Apple Pages Adobe … Today, many travelers are choosing to rent a home for vacation over traditional hotels. Learn more at anthonystclair.com. A s a vacation rental home owner, you understand that you need to make your property stand out from the competition. You can create your vacation rental checkout list on the TurnoverBnB web app and assign different checklists to different properties. It’s also a good idea to include the checklist in an automated email prior to their checkout. To maximize your revenue, you need to offer amenities that wow … (This helps you avoid the sudden & unpleasant realization during your trip back home that you forgot to do something important): Check-out time … Replace or remove defective or … In some cases I’m spending a little extra for the peace of mind, but in others I save in the long run. The excitement of a vacation distracts us from obvious problems around the house that could lead to headaches. We cannot assume responsibility for any items left behind in the vacation rental home. You can put trash and recycling in the appropriate bins [Location of Trash/Recycling Bins Here], Pack up or throw away food in the kitchen, including in the fridge, Pile dirty kitchen linens on the kitchen floor, Make sure appliances, electronics, and heating/cooling equipment such as the range, toaster oven, coffee maker, TV, fans, etc., are turned off, Set climate system to [Heat/AC Settings Here], Check that the gas grill is off and the grates are clean. With that, it will defeat the primary purpose of vacations. This includes scope of work your employees undergo, the equipment being handled … The extra effort might even help you keep guests coming back in the future. Try these strategies to attract last minute guests to your vacation rental properties. You should also put your contact information somewhere on the list, so your guests can contact you with any questions they might have. The fee for this special benefit is $75. Late Check-out Can I get a late check-out? the world. As a vacation rental homeowner, you know that keeping your property furnished and stocked for guests is a tedious and ongoing task – and that’s just if you are providing the essentials. Favorite snacks 24. A departure checklist and email template help you set clear expectations for your guests at checkout. See how Outpost can help your team work in the same shared inbox—without stepping on each other's toes. Cleaning vacation rental checklist Clean ALL your kitchen equipment and appliances (e.g. We feel your pain. © 2020 Palo Alto Software. Your review means a great deal to us, and we hope you’ll stay with us again soon! We recently partnered with Evolve and Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals to create a comprehensive cleaning checklist for you or your service crew. Rearranging furniture back to its original (or close to original) position helps your cleaning team avoid moving heavy furniture and remembering where each piece belongs. Check Out Time Check out … Your search for the right software is almost complete! Check-out Procedure. Take out all … Vacation rental maintenance, market conditions, and guest expectations tend to shift with the seasons. Here’s a simple vacation rental departure checklist you can save, customize, and use for your property: If you’ve moved any furniture or belongings, please put them back in their original places. You know the first time a guest books your vacation rental is important. Outpost makes it easy for small teams to work with shared inboxes, like info@ or support@. We’ve prepared this guide with a handy vacation rental cleaning checklist which you can use for your next deep clean. Rental Property Inspection. Remind them about the standard checkout time. Read the checklist When guests have … Let them know what you’d like them to do before they leave with a short, simple checklist. However, be careful not to leave guests feeling overwhelmed with tasks to finish before they walk out the door; the main objective of checkout procedures is to reduce any unnecessary costs or risks to you (eg. Please refer to the departure checklist … Use this checklist to prepare your property for your next guests. Sweep excess sand from all floors. Pull up your departure email template (and there’s a free one below you can use and customize for your property). fire, flood, rodents, insects, etc.) An effective email is clear and gets to the point quickly. One way to reduce the number of vacancies you experience is by targeting last minute travelers. Check throughout the house (including under the beds, in drawers, and around all electrical outlets) for any personal items. The benefit of sending an email with departure instructions is that it stays in your guest’s inbox. MyVR's mission is to deliver the most powerful and user-friendly When Guests Leave: Vacation Rental Checkout Procedures. management and distribution software for owners and managers Plan to send your departure email so it reaches the guest first thing in the morning the day before they’re scheduled to check out. This way the guest has plenty of time to get the email, review it, and check in with you to discuss any issues or concerns. Departure Responsibilities. Ingredients for simple meals (can be purchased in advance or at a local grocery store) 25. Hurry and get access to this Vacation Rental Checklist Template immediately! A checklist of our 10 most important recommendations for preparing your vacation rental for the upcoming season including compliance with the new Lodging Tax. If you leave something behind and let us know, we will try to locate it and make arrangements to have it shipped to you, though we may need you to cover the shipping. Here’s how to use it. Where should guests leave their key after they leave? of vacation rentals. Many of your guests will be more than happy to set your property back in order before they go. (Please note that if you do leave something behind, we cannot assume responsibility for it. Condiments — See what’s available at your vacation rental first. So, resist the urge to include all of the checkpoints below. Keeping your vacation rental clean to the highest standards goes hand in hand with pleasing your guests and ensuring a great all-round experience. If there is any damage or any issues we need to take care of, please reply back to this email or call us right away. Asking guests to double check if they have everything can save you the hassle and cost associated with shipping if guests want them returned. Bonus tip: If you think you may be asking guests to do too much, send a thank you note and ask guests for their feedback within a few days of their checkout. After all, your guests are paying a cleaning fee, so interrupting their last moments of “vacation mode” to make them perform a deep clean will be a knock on their stay with you. You can modify and adapt these airbnb cleaning checklists for your own vacation rental. Before you go, please take a moment to flip through the stories in our guest book and add your own. coffee maker, microwave oven, refrigerator, stove top, oven, grill, etc.). What is a vacation rental inventory checklist? Email Management Software We recommend only asking your guests to do what is necessary to prevent damage to the property or major inconveniences for your cleaning team. This will help you refine your checkout procedures to ensure you aren’t inconveniencing guests as they leave. … We hope you’ve had a wonderful stay, and that we’ve met or surpassed your expectations. TRASH PICK-UP IS:_____ PLEASE PULL BIN TO STREET AND REMOVE AFTER. While Joseph is new to the MyVR team, he is passionate about the short-term rental industry and helping property managers grow their businesses. Otherwise, a late check-out will result in additional charges to your rental account equal to one night’s rent. For homeowners that want to make their vacation rental stand out from the competition, it takes an updated checklist … Even if your guests are relatively clean, there are still common issues that regularly come up and need to be addressed in a rental … Have them double check that the fireplace or space heaters are completely … Send or schedule the email. Plus you can put the email into a saved template that you can save and customize for each guest to save time. Below we have organized by room ideas to include in your properties’ checkout procedure. Open your vacation home with this list to … Cleaning your property is a very important part of owning a vacation rental. One of the items that you can tackle a couple of weeks ahead of your move-out date is cleaning under your appliances with a long-handled duster or a … If you offer discounted cleaning fees as long as the place is clean and in good order, mention that too. ), If furniture was rearranged, ask that they move it back to its original setting, Provide instructions if the thermostat needs to be set at a certain temperature, Ask guests to turn off all lights and electronics, Remind guests to lock all windows and doors before they leave, Have them double check that the fireplace or space heaters are completely turned off and/or unplugged, Suggest that guests do a once over of all outlets to make sure no phone chargers are forgotten, Specify where guests should leave their dirty towels, Remind guests to check closets and drawers for personal items, If you’d like guests to strip the beds, be sure to tell them what they should do with sheets and pillows, If you have a grill, ask that guests check that the propane is turned off and that cooking utensils have been taken inside, If there is a security system that needs to be set, provide explicit arming instructions.

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