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Down aerial - Meteor smashes during the first frame of the move. It actually pushes foes away by vibrating air, but deals no damage. The foe's movement is halved when in quicksand and they will slowly sink. - 9 Damage Handicap - Off Stage Selection - Omega Form Only Items - Off All other settings standard.. He swipes forward with a clawed paw to grab the foe. Do this again to disable the veil laglessly.​, Sandslash curls up into a ball, minimizing his hurtbox and reducing his crouch size. If you crush parts of the platforms on Battlefield, for instance, you could mess up the foe's memory and have them walk right off one into one of your other attacks.​, Sandslash does an animation exactly like that of his Down Special, spinning around on the ground. A radius of Bowser's width around the foe is now quicksand! Ripping off another heavyweight, Khold? Set CPU’s to larger characters (DK, Mewtwo, Bowser, King K. Rool) Use Ganondorf because of his large hit box meteor smash (down A in air) Let the 4 CPU’s fight on the edge of the stage and spike away! I'm quite lazy, so I haven't tried them all, however I'm pretty sure Ness's meteor smash is the strongest (knockback wise). This is obviously only for damage racking at the beginning of your stock but can force the opponent back when Sandslash gets into the red zone. The resulting hole is slightly smaller in diameter than Sandslash, but no matter what size the foe is, it functions exactly like the Pitfall item. Down aerial - Meteor smashes when sweetspotted at Ness' foot. Sandslash can only have one of these out at a time. Ultimate is a true celebration of the series and the history it has had. Place it right under where someone respawns after being KOed, and you got a nice little opening there. Down aerial - Meteor smashes opponents at the sweetspot located at Dr. Mario's feet. However, many new feaures are added, such as over 50 new playable characters, assist trophies, Pokémon, and bosses. For people with good meteors (that are harder to SD by mistake): Sandslash is the evolved form of Sandshrew. Down aerial - Both hits meteor smash, though the first hit has very weak knockback designed to lead into the stronger second hit. Ultimate has been on him and his staff. Down aerial - Meteor smashes aerial opponents when the sweetspot on Ryu's fist connects. Has no non-meteor sourspots or late hits throughout the move, meaning it will always meteor smash. Ultimate Characters. Down aerial - Meteor smashes during the later frames of the move's duration, on the ring produced by Rosalina's feet. The veil lasts ten seconds and has high start-up lag, so be careful in its use. Down aerial - Meteor smashes aerial opponents with the clean hit, regardless of which Pikmin is used. Ultimate.. Down aerial - Meteor smashes when sweetspotted at his foot. This is not only effective for scoring KOs but is also a great recovery aid.​, Sandslash's equivalent of Bowser's Back Aerial- and by equivalent, I mean blatant clone. Im sure that down taunt can b jump cancelled tho... does no one use the search function? This is a remarkable attack with devastating possibilities- especially on high ground. Down aerial - The second hit meteor smashes aerial opponents when sweetspotted at the middle of Shulk's blade. It also hides his player icon and nickname. Ganon. This wind has the force of the wind terrain on Pokemon Stadium 2, and grants a great jump to a sand-strewn brawler. Down aerial - Meteor smashes during the clean hit's sweetspot located on the turnips. The force created by his spinning body creates an invisible hitbox that reaches out on all sides. You see, it hides everything Sandslash does, his location, and movement. What he creates is a miniature twister, a stream of sand that reaches double Ganondorf's height and is about as wide as Bowser. It is the strongest back aerial that can meteor smash. Super Smash Bros. More subtle changes include character reskins (e.g. While this is a great KO move, that's not all it does. His meteor smash is bad, to say the least. After they get out of the hole, it disappears. This is a list of meteor smashes in Super Smash Bros. It can KO middleweights as low as 70% near the edge. Ultimate - Powerful and often flashy attacks. Down aerial - A stall-then-fall motion that meteor smashes for the first few frames of Ridley's descent. Down aerial - Meteor smashes aerial opponents with the sweetspot on Mewtwo's foot. Down aerial - Meteor smashes as Diddy swings his fists downward. The bothersome start-up lag makes this virtually impossible to be spammed.​, Another vital attack, remember this. It does have a paltry 10 stamina and disappears after eight seconds, but place enough of these around and they will be a nuisance. Meteor smashes also have variations called spikes, which function the same in terms of knockback physics, but differ in the fact that they are completely impossible to recover from. A fairly traditional and basic throw, but what did you expect from me, since this button input has always given me trouble making?​. One of Sandslash's stone-like quills pops off and Sandslash holds it like a throwing item. Sandslash does a series of short-range, high-speed slashes with his claws. The meteor hitbox deals extremely high damage with enough knockback to KO opponents at around 100% at ground level, while the semi-spike can KO at around 120% from center stage and 85% near edges; as a result, it is one of Wolf's strongest finishers. Only the partner's forward aerial can meteor smash, as the leader's will always launch opponents horizontally. Ultimate Edition Pro Controller - Switch, a Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Top 10 Super Smash Bros. After you release this attack, Sandslash will roll forward at a speed relative to charge; low charge results in Bowser's dash speed but a high charge propels Sandslash forward at the speed of Jigglypuff's Neutral Special. The sandstorm acts like both the background and the foreground, as it obscures absolutely everything on-screen except for the players' characters. What else does this do? All the start-up lag and animations are rendered null since the opponent has no idea where Sandslash is. The sand and grit spread out to form a thick cloud at the top blast zone, and it covers the whole top blast zone, not just the area Sandslash activated this move in. They're all Meteor Smashes. Forward aerial - Meteor smashes at the outstretched foot. Generally, every other pin will land in front of Sandslash, but there is a 10% chance of two landing in front of Sandslash consecutively, and a 5% chance of three landing in front of Sandslash. Up smash - The late and landing hits of King K. Rool's up smash has a weak meteor hitbox at his head. Down aerial - Meteor smashes aerial opponents at the center of the burner blast.

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