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81. I 've clean ed my room. Question: Have you been waiting here for two hours? Present perfect simple – use . 1 What exactly ____ after I left your office yesterday afternoon? Posted by. The owner of it will not be notified. B1 Present Perfect Tense: Simple and Progressive T008 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present perfect tense. I wonder what's wrong? In sentences that begin with “There,” you can say them two different ways: There aren’t any books on the table. The simple present is just the base form of the verb. Close. lately (temporal adv) ... [Commonly used in questions or negative sentences (not within a brief time before)] Just / Recently / Lately Word order . You have been in Paris recently, I believe? Until very recently, our world was ruled by kings. Lately is a sentence modifier, and should be placed at the beginning or the end of the sentence, regardless of attempts by advertisers to subvert the course of grammatical justice! 13. Negative: You do not speak English. Negative: You have not been waiting here for two hours. have/has + past participle * 4. 16. 49. (PROBABLY WORK) 3. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. However, 'recently' can be used for a single event in the simple past, whereas 'lately' can't. NONPROGRESSIVE; Recently, just, and lately are used in a nonprogressive present perfect clause to express that an activity or action occurred and ended near to the moment of speaking. The present perfect continuous is formed using has/have + been + present participle.Questions are indicated by inverting the subject and has/have.Negatives are made with not.. Sam has been working as a teacher since he graduated. 3.It hasn’t drunk the water. She hasn't been to Europe since 1994. Recently sentence examples. Questions are made with does and negative forms are made with does not. Signal words. He may pay the bill for us. Rachel _____ around Europe for two months now. Simple Sentence: Because of … Present perfect continuous indicates the action we are performing. 5. u/turkeyburger2 . 12. Have you ever traveled by train? Time expresions used with the present perfect simple for, since, just, already, yet, lately, recently, so far, ever, etc. 136. Hence, "lately" usually means "within the most recent period". Present Perfect Progressive Tense Example Sentences. [NOT "lately"] He recently won an award for poetry. In the simple past, it's "recently". just; yet; never; already; ever; so far; up to now; recently; since; for; 3. In the third person singular, -s or -es is added. He returned from Europe recently. Congress is debating that question today. Did he kill someone here recently and decide it was a nice place to keep? View Profile View Forum Posts Key Member Academic. "He broke his arm recently" is correct, but "He broke his arm lately" is not correct. Let's go over the different uses of all four conditional sentences (with examples)! Long forms Contracted forms; I have clean ed my room. For the time being, Karen is teaching that group. Have you been to France lately? lately, all morning/day/year/etc. 2. The cat has been hiding under the couch for over an hour now. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. Please show me example sentences with recently lately nowadays these days . 100 Sentences of Present Perfect Tense | Examples of Present Perfect Tense 1.My sister has already made a big cake. 1 My sister has spoken speaks Spanish because she has been living lived in Barcelona for three years.… If a business that started in the past is probably incomplete, this process may still be in progress or this business may have been completed recently. 2.You have grown since the last time I saw you. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perspicacious | Perspicacious Sentence. It is a little more common to use recently with the past tense. Differences and similarities in the Present Perfect and the Simple Past 1. (READ) 2. a. I have never cheated in an exam. 1. She has already done her homework. Guide for Mixed Tense Exercises . Neither goes with the present tense very well. Already and yet Congratulations to the unknown perspicacious hero and to Mr. MCKINNEL! 5.We haven’t received any mail since we were retired. Darkyn was recently promoted to the Dark One. Examples 4.1. Exercises: Present perfect simple and continuous 15.10. 18. He coughs lately. We use since to state a starting point. Our family (not exercise) much lately. I keep forgetting words, and lately I've had a little trouble making coherent sentences. We use for to express duration. - English Grammar Today-Cambridge Dictionary- punkt odniesienia dla gramatyki mówionego i pisanego języka angielskiego. = There are no books on the table. The words already, yet, recently, lately, and just all refer to a recent and non-specific time. b. Never We use "never" in affirmative sentences: but the meaning is negative. See a translation Please tell me how to use each word with sentences. Late or lately ? I recently gained access to this database that the company's owner uses. Lately she had grown a little more perspicacious about that. 7. My compliments, perspicacious cable-cutters! Late or lately ? Report copyright infringement; Answers When you "disagree" with an answer. Lately further describes the action as occurring or having occurred in the past right up to, but not necessarily including, the present time. … You _____ too hard lately. 86. Do you know when to use English conditional sentences? I keep forgetting words, and lately I've had a little trouble making coherent sentences. Member Info. Ever We use "ever" in interrogative sentences: a. 63. The company is shipping the merchandise today, 17. The "simple past tense" is often used to describe situations that have occurred in the past. Part 1: The Basics Learning the basics of forming a verb tense is usually easy, and so is using that tense by itself. The adverb recently can be used both, before the main verb and at the end of the sentence., Frequency adverbs in a affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences . My students are asking about the difference between recently and lately . were you going did you do had you done 2 Who… 14. She has been sneezing since she got here. Not so, perspicacious reader. The sentences you've given above refer to multiple events that have all happened recently/lately (indefinite time), so the tenses you use are the same for each adverb. As it was already mentioned, adverbs of frequency can be used in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. You have clean ed your room. Statement: You speak English. We use just and already in affirmative sentences. Form. We must warn them of the danger. Exercises: Present and Past (simple, continuous and perfect) Ejercicios del presente y pasado (simple, continuo y perfecto) Elige la opción correcta de los verbos en las siguientes oraciones. Lately is an adverb which happens to add a descriptive element having to do with time. She hasn't been coming in to work on time lately. … c. My brother has never visited London before. 4.I have seen that movie. philo2009. c. Have you ever failed a class? Sentence Position — just / recently / lately. I keep struggling to find the right words for things, and I've had to focus harder on writing simple sentences. Use. 7.Have they played the piano? My sister and I have the flu. (A specific time would be “yesterday” or “three hours ago” or last Friday,” and in these cases we would use the simple past). / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … We (not work) all week. Present Perfect with already, yet, recently, lately, and just. 1. Question: Do you speak English? 6.They haven’t gone to the shopping center. 1.4. together with lately, recently, yet. Ejercicios IV -Ejercicios de distintos tiempos verbales A) Elige la opción correcta entre 'simple present', 'present continuous', 'present perfect', 'present perfect continuous'. 10 Sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense in English Present perfect continuous describes the actions that started in the past and still continue. 62. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. The present-perfect construction has within it two tenses: a primary present-tense, and a secondary past-tense (the perfect). 4. We can also use the present perfect with lately or with all + period of time (all day, all morning, all my life, etc.) And we also use the present perfect simple to ask or talk about situations that started in the past and have not finished. Present perfect continuous – form At the moment, My son has never been to Moscow. Would you like some chicken? Simple Sentence: In spite of being rich, she is hard working. However, I cannot find any such rule anywhere in books (not even in the original … D Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Summary chart We use the present perfect simple with past finished actions or experiences when we don’t mention or we don’t know when they happened. Here are … However, when the tenses are mixed together in grammar or writing, there can be a lot of confusion. We have a 10-year-old secondary school EFL textbook (by a major publisher) which says that recently cannot be used with a negative verb, and therefore a sentence such as I haven't seen him recently is wrong. You have to use yet and lately at the end of the sentences, 3. Do you think maybe it's time to get some work done? "I have been busy, lately." Recently she is studying more than usual. Statement: You have been waiting here for two hours. 62. Affirmative sentences in the Present Perfect – regular verbs. 3 months ago. Any or No? Tell me as many daily expressions as possible. I’ve been very busy lately. There isn’t any milk in the f b. Questions are made with do and negative forms are made with do not.. Have you ever been to the United States? 106. [NOT "lately"] I recently lived in Dallas. - English Grammar Today – une référence pour l'utilisation et la grammaire de l'anglais écrit et parlé – Cambridge Dictionary You ought to water the plant once a week. 2. Can I have some soda? to talk about actions that started in the past and continue in the present. You (not study) this last month. You look tired. An action that started in the past, and continued up until the present: You have been watching TV for the last five hours. Have you read any good books lately? Rule: 6 “Because of” in the simple sentence, to convert it to the complex sentence by adding “since” at the beginning of the sentence. 3. Greetings, Wise Ones! My cut (bleed) on and off all afternoon. "Lately" is normally used with these kind of sentences, to talk about recent experience: Have you eaten raw fish lately? I _____ the book you gave me, so you can have it back now. Native Language: British English; Home Country: UK; Current Location: Japan; Join Date: Jan 2009; Posts: 1,482 #10 12-Jun-2009, … Complex Sentence: Though she is rich, she is hard working. Definition of lately adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. 33. The sentence is extremely awkward and probably does not say what you are trying to communicate. [NOT "lately"] Simple Present Forms. or asking for something (can I have…?) eg I have known Peter for eight years. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Recently simply adds Present Perfect Continuous Forms. B) Change the following sentences from the active to the passive voice. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … I have been to London recently. 47. Exception: Always use SOME when offering something (would you like…?) She’s been with me all day. 15.

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