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Because putting is such a crucial part of the game, your putter is the most important weapon you have. Favorite. Chi is a professional journalist who has covered sports for more than 20 years at newspapers all over the United States. It’s used mostly by experienced golfers, but the beginner is more than capable of using the blade putter with a little bit of practice. Club Type. Starting at. A heavier putter may give you better results if you play on slow greens. HEAD SHAPES. Most putters feature and straight shaft that is offset from the club by a bent piece of metal called a hosel that connects the putter head to the shaft. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive high caliber clone putter head or an original Diamond Tour Golf putter design we’re confident that we have the type of putter … Putters with blade heads are among the lightest and smallest, compact and fairly narrow, and the weight is in the face. We also offer driver, fairway wood, iron, wedge, and hybrid heads. Order heads only or add the $10.00 assembly fee for a $13.00 wedge. The easiest way to tell how a specific putter is balanced is by placing it on a table, or the palm of your hand. 1. This isn’t a putter for everyone though, it’s heavier than most other putter heads since it’s so big. The mallet carries most of its weight on the face and includes the heaviest putter heads on the market. You will be able to... Futuristic heads. The blade putter is a traditional putter. The Odyssey White Hot XG blade was the putter PGA Tour star Phil Mickelson used to win the 2010 Masters, according to Golf.com. Listed below you will find the different balance points. While blade putters have the traditional appearance of heads … … This putter head will help you keep the ball from twisting if you hit it off center. This feature helps you keep your focus when lining up your shot. Whichever type of head you prefer, ValueGolf.com offers a good selection of both. Each putter shape has a different … With Thomas Golf, you can pair our putter heads with the shaft design that suits your preferred putting style. 79.9900 $79.99 The GolfWorks MA0298. This allows for the displacement of force during impact and can aid in aiming. Other putters feature flat heads, much like the Wilson Blade putter, making it usable on many types … The design of the head is much bigger than any of the other head types. Tourstage ViQ Putter When you are looking at different putters you will notice that a lot of them have different weights and balance points. J.D. Head design. In general, use a lighter putter if you play on fast greens. Blades are meant for players with pure, straight strokes and are generally used by touring pros or very low-handicap players. Heel-shafted putters … There are typically two types of putter… Take the way you swing and your posture and compare it to the different putter heads. The unique position of the CG, which is balanced in three directions (heel, toe, and back), provides for an immediate roll of the ball and minimizes skid, while preventing putter head twist during the swing. Finding a putter that has the right head and balance will help you become a better putter. Mallet Putters. A putter head may be large or small, heavy or light, long or compact and shaped in a variety of ways. A mallet head usually resembles a half-circle and slides across the green, reducing the risk of digging in. A perimeter-weighted putter is the best. Mallet Putter Mallet putters have more elaborate designs and are notable for their large clubheads. The main styles are blade heads, mid-mallets, mallet heads, and perimeter-weighted heads. The head is a standard mallet shape weighing 360g. Your email address will not be published. You also need to make sure that you like the way the putter feels and looks as well. 20. Nearly every major putter maker, from Scotty Cameron to Odyssey to Ping, has a blade option. Typically, putters … It will also reduce any kind of twisting if you would happen to be off center when you hit the ball. The mallet carries most of its weight on the face and includes the heaviest putter heads … Types of Golf Putters. An offshoot of the mallet head is the two-ball putter, which has two circles in a straight line on the top of the head. TaylorMade 2014 Spider Mallet Putter Face Balanced Steel Right Handed 38.0in Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5.5 Putter Strong Arc Steel Right Handed 33.0in GoSports The Classic Golf … You need to base your putter on these types of putter heads and balances. Club makers seem to have noticed: They’ve brought out a dizzying array of options. Featuring a light head... Mallet putters: With its heavier, semi-circular shape, the mallet … The mallet head is completely hollow on the inside. Where the shaft meets the putter head is the hosel and there are a few options: Heel-Shafted Putters. Types of Putter Heads Blade. Look at where the head of the putter rests, depending on where the heads at will depend on what kind of balance the putter has. Each person’s style is unique and what’s great for one person isn’t necessarily great for another. There really isn’t a bad putter style. Generally, a blade putter is used by golfers that have an open-square-closed stroke. Our popular clone golf putters fit your game and your budget. Our Price: $29.95 Armada White Wings Putter Component If you see that your putter head faces downward then you have a full toe hang. This putter provides a great toe flow in the stroke because the shaft is connected to the putter's heel with a 3/4-inch offset. Double Bend – this is where the shaft has two bends in it before connecting into the putter head. Putting can be one of the most frustrating yet rewarding parts of golf, and most of the performance comes back to the type of putter you have in your golf bag. With this putter you will notice that the shaft is right in the middle of the head. Odyssey Golf, Scotty Cameron (Titleist) and Ping are among the most cutting-edge putter-head makers. Designed by Karsten Solheim as one of the follow ups to his original Ping 1A putter, the Anser is a simple but highly effective ... Blade Putters. A putter with an offset hosel, like the model above, naturally favors a left-aim bias (so can help players during their putting stroke who tend to aim too far right). Types of Gulf Putter Heads Blade putter. Putter heads are available in many styles including blades, mallets or other odd varieties. Putters are divided into 2 basic types of head shapes, including shovel and mallet putters. Clone Putter Heads Diamond Tour Golf has a wide variety of component putters and chippers for golfers of all skill levels. Head Design - Concerning the head designs of putters, there are putters with a relatively small head like the classic blade putters, developed in the 1900’s and still in use today. Knowing about the different styles will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a putter. This type of offset helps the golfer keep their hands ahead of the putter head at impact to promote a better stroke. Golf Putter Types. Large selection of high-quality clone golf putters and chippers of most popular pro line styles at a fraction of the price. This first is a ¼ toe hang, and the second is full toe hang. Again, to find out what type of balance it has, place the putter in the palm of your hand, it the head of the putter points ¼ of the way downward then you have a ¼ toe hang. You will be able to gain some stability with this putter. Available in a variety of sizes, golf putters can be found with three basic types of putter heads – blade, mallet, and peripheral-weighted. Starting at. Chi received her Bachelor of Arts in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University and is working toward a master's degree in journalism. This type of putter has a recess in the middle of the head… In addition, mallets are larger and have bigger sweet spots. Blade-shaped putter heads are the most traditional and recommended for straight putters, according to Golf Putter Guide. Anser Style Putters. 21. Putter Hosel Adapters These precision cast, stainless steel adapters are designed to fit virtually any putter with a 0.370" parallel bore 90° socket and transform it into an entirely different putter … The Integra Gunmetal putter head is a back-to-basics blade, while Bionik offers putter heads in blade, semi-mallet, and mallet varieties. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The mallet shape allows it to sweep over the green, minimizing mis-hits. I understand that by doing this you will be delofting the club, so youd want to start with a putter … Check out the Technical Specifications tab for more info. On heel-shafted putters, the shaft connects directly with the putter head on the end nearest to the golfer. Difference Between Blade & Mallet Golf Putters. In broad terms there are three different shapes to consider – classic blade putters, heel-toe weighted putters, and mallet putters that are usually face-balanced. There are two different balance points for toe hang putters. … Price: $3.00 - $10.00. Futuristic Putters. Because blades are smaller, they're harder to control. 1. With this putter you will notice that the shaft is right in the middle of the head. She has covered major golf tournaments and the NFL as well as travel and health topics. Most major golf club makers, including Ping, Odyssey and TaylorMade, offer mallets. Mallets and cavity-back putters are easier to hit and a better choice for most golfers. Blade putters are usually toe-weighted, meaning that the toe of the putter points downward. The head of the Select Newport 3 consists of stainless steel, while the putter face is … Details. Below you will find a list of the different types of golf putters. The cavity-back putter, which has a hollow spot along the center of the back of the blade, is an offshoot of the blade but longer and with a larger sweet spot. This type of putter head will help you with your posture as well. But what does this all have to do with odd-shaped putter heads? The size and shape of the head. Blade… Zomo Golf Japan. It will keep your body aligned the whole way through your swing. Discount golf club putter heads by Monark Golf in styles of the major manufacturers TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway at deep discount prices. Don’t be confused by all the high-tech (and high-priced) putters … There are three main types of putter head design: blade, peripheral-weighted and mallet. While it is important to pick a putter head that is attractive to look at, one must also consider the effects the shape of putter … In general, golf putters will be divided based on their balance or types of putter heads. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Putter heads are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and finding the right putter head for your stroke is essential to consistency on the green. The Armada Red Wings Putter has an enlarged fiery toothed mallet head design that moves the center of gravity towards the perimeter of the head. Because putter B has a higher MOI, a miss is less costly than with putter A. This is a great feature to have, especially if you’re a beginner. So, make sure to get a feel for it before you commit to this type of putter head. You need to find the style that fits you. Zomo Z Zero Putter. The mallet head got its name because it’s shaped like a croquet mallet. When you lay the putter in the palm of your hand, the head of the putter she lay perfectly horizontal. This should give you an idea about what kind of putter type you need to fit your own specific style. Putter A will twist more, go further offline, and lose more energy than putter B in the same situation. There are so many different types of putters on the market today that it can be frustrating to find one that suits you and your putting style. 23. Center Shafted Putters. 4. Type. ala Dave Stockton TechniqueI am interested to hear from those of you using a forward press in your putting stroke. When selecting a putter, golfers should take into consideration their overall accuracy. Goolie Putter. The TaylorMade putter is made with a durable platinum material. Blades are compact traditional putters while mallets have a large head which most high … You can get the TaylorMade Golf putter in a 34″ or 35″ size depending on your preference. Maltby Moment X Tour Putter Head. Penta Putter. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. It’s used mostly by experienced golfers, but the beginner is... Center Shafted. Driver Fairway Hybrid Iron Wedge Putter Chipper ... Maltby Moment X Putter Head. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Toe Hang For Arc Other options to consider for a putter include weight, grip and length (standard, belly or long). Blade putters... 2. You will have weights at the toe and the head of the mallet. Golf.com: Phil Mickelson's Unique Odyssey Blade Putter, Privacy Notice / Your California Privacy Rights. Each of these types is briefly described below. Penta Golf. The first type… The three basic types of putting styles that are commonly used by golfers today are the traditional, mid-length or belly, and long putters. Once you figure out what head is best for you then you can look at the different balances. The putter … This means that you will have a larger sweet spot to work with. When a player is using the incorrect offset, the player will believe themselves to be lined up to the same location, but in fact, the putter will be misaligned. The sheer variety of putter specs — everything from head size, shape and weight to shaft length and grip size and style — can be daunting. It’s goal is to again promote the shaft being ahead of the putter head … The blade putter is a traditional putter. The list is in order of putter heads, followed by weight and balance. High-tech putters. As you practice and play, you'll want a high level of feedback from your putter … Blade-shaped putter heads are the most traditional and recommended for straight putters, according to Golf Putter... Mallet. Intrinsic to lower scores, too often the bane of our sport. A face balanced putter means that the weight of the head is evenly distributed. 22. If you don’t like something about the putter type, then keep looking the perfect putter is out there. Golf Club Putter Heads Blade putters: A blade design gives you a clean and simple look when you address the golf ball.

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