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Then, to be sure that no one forgets or ignores your office kitchen rules, create a clear and concise poster to hang in the kitchen as a reminder. Commercial kitchen design and construction requirements encompass everything from the handling, preparation and storage of food to proper workplace temperatures, and are regulated by … Random question…. some … You take control of, and are responsible for, your “Emotional Wake”. You do not dwell upon or allow the feelings associated with a fuck-up to distract you. Learn how to make the most of these tools so that your kitchen is your home’s food safety headquarters. You organize your time efficiently, always planning ahead…you make fewer trips to the walk-in, always carrying something both ways. You don’t take yourself too seriously and are able to laugh at yourself if you fucked up…but you also learn from it. If you can’t make money paying for the labor you enjoy, your business deserves to fail. God help you if you showed up at your scheduled 3:00 shift on a Friday or Saturday night, because there was no way in hell you’d be ready without taking shortcuts. But…if it is routine (every weekend, or worse, every day!) The Kitchen Code: Ethos of the Professional Kitchen. For cooks, the pay is shit and it’s not worth putting up the abuse. Health and safety is a big concern in the hospitality sector. General Safety Rules &Procedures: Keep food temperatures below 40 (5C) and above 140 (60C). No it doesn’t, but I guarantee you, showering the bitchy demaning server with unwaivering kindness and respect, at all times, will result in time will be to your benefit. If you have ever cooked in a restaurant then you realize that The Kitchen Code is true at the best places you have worked.And conversely, every place you worked which had lousy food and/or low staff moral had staff/management which did not follow “the code”. Using Time as a Public Health Control. Agree with most of this, except that treating servers well is a requirement/a given. You sound like an entitled union worker. Scrub the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Especially for those who have paid for culinary school…their starting wage is sub-par for the amount they spent at one of the premier culinary schools. The HACCP protocol specifies the procedures that all food handlers must observe but there are also some good practices to follow, regardless of the regulations. Just as the servers have to represent you in the kitchen and service the demands of the guest, you must service the demands of the server as they are the liason between cook and guest. The chef is not going to sit down and tell you every single one of these things. Working for him was like working for Charlie Trotter or Thomas Keller, and a lot of people would do exactly that – put in a year and then get out with a nice line on the résumé. Want to show your Appreciation for the Download or for the Site? The procedures established for the use of the Kitchen reflect requirements to meet State of Florida Food Safety & Health (FDBPR)(FDACS) standards for health and safety and to maintain licensure as a commercial Kitchen. Commercial kitchens almost always use cooking appliances, which require attention to fire safety. If I needed to come in an hour or two early and work before I punched in, no problem. If I had to clock out when my station was clean and then go back and work for another hour, it was fine. If you can only survive by stealing from your employees, perhaps you should find another business. Correct food storage It is essential to avoid contact between food and air so make sure it is always stored in lidded containers or covered with plastic wrap, particularly when it is still hot. Understand and apply the principles of safe, sanitary food handling.

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