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A user from United Kingdom says the name Nisha is of Hindu origin and means "Moon/Night". Nisha name meaning in Urdu - Nisha is a Muslim Girl name, originating from Arabic language. Aranthangi Nisha is an Indian Actress, Standup Comedian, and a Television star who become famous for her comedy skills. The name Nisha means Night and is of Indian origin. View the Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With N Plus Meaning and Choose the Impressive Name based on Numerology from Our List. User Submitted Meanings. The name Srinisha has Air element.Saturn is the Ruling Planet for the name Srinisha.The name Srinisha having moon sign as Aquarius is represented by The Water Bearer and considered as Fixed .. Nisha: Nisha, meaning “night” in Sanskrit (निशा, nishā), is an Indian female given name, and may refer to: Pretty name that hit the popularity charts in England in the late 1990s. Name Nisha Categories. She is amazingly pretty, but people deny it to seem cool. Share this page: See Also. Angelsname - World's Largest Baby Collection . Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Nishitha. NATIVE NAME ROOT: NISHā (निशा) MEANING: This name derives from the Dravidian "Indian (Tamil)" “nishā”, meaning “night, mid-night. You can find the results below. Nisha is a name with authenticness. She made her acting debut in the 2018 Tamil film Kalakalappu 2. From a Roman clan name. View Complete Detail Of name Nisha , Marathi Baby Names Nisha . This is a combination (composed, blended name) of the prefix “la” plus the name “Nisha”, of Sanskrit and Hindi origin. Nisha is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Neasha, Neesha (English), Nesha (English), Niasha, Niesha, Nishay, Nishi, and Nysha are variations of Nisha. The name Nisha is a girl's name of Hindi origin meaning "night". What is the meaning … நிசா, Nisha, Girl Baby Name (Tamil Name), baby name complete list both in english and tamil This 2 syllable name has charm and brilliance. We have found 77 matching boys names for the blend of David + Nisha in Tamil Category. Gender : female. English words for ниша include niche, alcove, recess, dinette, bay, housing and hovel. In the 17th century, the spelling Anthony was associated with the Greek anthos meaning flower. ... We have found 81 matching boys names for the blend of Suman + Nisha in Tamil Category. She is a really quiet girl,but her personality is amazing. Don't ignore her. In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Antony is: Highly praiseworthy. All online services for meaning, origin and compatibility of the name Nisha. Its meaning is "Night, Women, Whole World". Nisha hosted a show Cooku with Comali alongside Rakshan. Find more Russian words at wordhippo.com! According to a user from Pennsylvania, U.S., the name Rajagopal is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Loyal, royal, and kind". She had participated in Kalakka Povathu Yaaru Season 5 and bagged the Runner-up title. View Complete Detail Of name Nisha , Hindu Baby Names Nisha . View the Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With N Plus Meaning and Choose the Impressive Name based on Numerology from Our List. Nisha is generally used as a girl's name. She is antisocial and shy, but once she makes some friends they never want to leave her. The meaning of Nisha is "night". The name Nisha is of Hindi origin. There is nothing surprising in this: both names have the same origin or the same numbers of numerology. Nisha name meaning in Urdu is Whole World, Night, 'A Remembered There are other meanings of Nisha in Urdu mentioned on this page. Learn about origin, meaning and other facts about the girl’s name Nisha and find alternate name ideas here. ; Search for more names by meaning. SURNAME ANALYSIS Analyze: or Login Language: Nisha name ... Nisha Asokan: India, Tamil, female : Get full analysis of surname Asokan: 1095417: Nisha Babu: 16 names similar to Nisha Meaning: The meaning of the name Afrin is: Lucky.

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