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Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman find out how dangerous it is to use the phone or shower during a thunderstorm while Scottie and Kari recreate a boating myth. Alex | Couldn't get readings off of the meter but it seemed clear that one would not want to have been in the shower. Today we’ll see what the experts say and take a closer look at the possible dangers. Is Showering During a Thunderstorm Dangerous? Setup: blue-dyed sperm inside a blue trouser bag setup between gunner and petticoat-wrapped ballistics gel ("the womb"). There is no consistent system for organizing MythBusters episodes into seasons.The show does not follow a typical calendar of on and off air periods. Watch Now. MythBusters. Cloudy skies this evening will become partly cloudy after midnight. Myth: You can get electrocuted from a phone or in the shower from a lighting strike to your house. Myth: Young Civil War cavalryman gets shot in his tibia, the bullet ricochets through his family jewels, flies out and pierces the womb of a woman 150 yards away. Not surprising, considering that there were burns on the petticoat. Although it instinctively sounds like a bad idea, it is one of those bits of information that seems to be passed along through the same nebulous grapevine that give rise to urban myths and legends. A teenage girl by the name of Felicity Wishkeno is electrocuted while taking a shower during a thunderstorm. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from the show Mythbusters performed an experiment testing the consequences of showering during a thunderstorm; it ended in a fire. Celebrating the weird and fake since 2008. “While the goal of a lightning rod is … The Path Of Lightning. They test myths to prove or disprove what is real and what is truly urban legend. The second source is a TV station and they like interesting stories and the risk would be low even with the pipes in the bathroom. S3, Ep8 4 Apr. Hmm... Posted by: This myth carries potentially deadly consequences. Season 3, Episode 17 Son of a Gun. They call a repairman to come check it out, who realizes that the trailer is still attached. Should you avoid taking a shower or bath during a thunderstorm? A voltmeter wired up to the test rig blew a fuse. This tests if using a cell phone during a thunderstorm could result in being electrocuted. … May 2, 2005 2:42 PM. join the list. Physics Related Episodes of Mythbusters SEASON 1 ! Intuitively it seems like a bad idea: You are sitting or standing in your bathtub or shower, covered with water that is being brought in from subterranean piping while an electrical storm is floating through the atmosphere and occasionally dispersing plasma channels that are hotter than the surface of the sun into the ground of the Earth. JAproofrok. Season 3 • Episode 17. July 6, 2005 11:47 PM, Previous: Episode 29: Cooling a six-pack, ancient battery, and rebuilding Buster (extended edition) level 2. This is one of their older myths that they have tested, dating back to a 1874 write-up in American Medical Weekly. Updated September 13, 2016 Woolly Mammoth Film From 1943: Real or Hoax? * 200,000 volts in order to get more damage-wielding amps Then the whole crew takes on a story from the Civil War that involves a … kwc | For this myth they used PG&E's lightning strike test facility, which is a huge dome containing its own power generators. MythBusters. Maybe it wasn’t just paranoia, anxiety, and an urban myth when your parents warned you not to take a shower or bath during that thunderstorm. The MythBusters take on that filmmaker favorite: Will dropping an electrical appliance in the bathtub kill the bather? Season 3, Episode 17 Son of a Gun Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman find out how dangerous it is to use the phone or shower during a thunderstorm while Scottie and Kari recreate a boating myth. He had a little trouble getting it working so they called in Stephen the electrician to get Adam's wiring to work. It tripped the fuse of the meter (> 40mA), which means that Chip would have died, had he not been made of ballistics gel. Son of a Gun. Test 2: Adam cut some of the grounds to set up a worst case scenario, which delivered the intended result: electricity arced from the phone right into Chip's head, setting of a charge that Jamie had set. * rifle with 100ft/s muzzle velocity, can hit target 900 yards away. When she was younger, her cousin was killed by taking a shower during a storm due to the lightning. The Mysterious Phone Call That Predicted JFK’s Death. Test 3: Tried with older phone and older fuse box -- still killed Chip, though less fireworks as Jamie's gunpowder charge didn't ignite. ... During the MythBusters Comic Con 2009 panel, Adam Savage addresses why the team won't debunk myths like Big Foot, UFOs and crop circles. ‎The MythBusters , Jamie and Adam, two special effects experts with more than 30 years of experience, set out to methodically bust three urban legends in each episode. Next: Special: The Shopping Episode ("Shop Til You Drop"), Episode 29: Cooling a six-pack, ancient battery, and rebuilding Buster (extended edition), Special: The Shopping Episode ("Shop Til You Drop"). Setup: Buster given an artificial calf made of a real bones wrapped in ballistics gel and then put into a kneeling position to mimic dismounted shooting stance of a cavalryman. In … Mythbusters … * Chip grounded with a wire to mimic standing on a drain There were big electrical explosions in the shower. * electrical wiring run next to some of the shower plumbing. Did Kissinger Call Military Men “Dumb Stupid Animals”? The electricity shot from the mouthpiece of the phone into the mouth of the dummy, and it set off the gunpowder charge that Jamie taped to the phone receiver as a signal. (the TV and computer powered up just fine), Setup: Phantom | It was a joke, and for those that didn't get it, the editor attempted to clarify this in the publication two weeks later. Setup: If it isn’t raining yet, you are still safe. Watch a 2 minute clip from CBS 21 News on showering during a thunderstorm: The expert in the video above notes, “When lightning strikes, the electrical current follows the path of least resistance, so the current will always jump to the better conductor. Luckily, she spent two nights in the hospital and was released with only minor injuries to her leg. Jamie Hyneman, left, and Adam Savage visited Beale Air Force Base in June 2014 to film an episode of Mythbusters. The experiment itself worked perfectly as described, but the current produced by artificial lightning (which is a fraction of what a real lightning bolt would contain) was fatal. They investigate whether airplane instruments can be zapped by a passenger using a cell phone as well as whether you can be zapped by electricity if you talk on the phone or take a shower during a thunderstorm.

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