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Keeping track of all the earphones KZ launches is almost like a full-time job on its own, reviewing them is even more challenging if possible. Low-bass is within 1dB of our neutral target, meaning these headphones produce just the right amount of thump and rumble, which is common to bass-heavy music and sound effects. The ZS4’s midrange is more recessed and also has less clarity than the ZSN. so that you can compare the results easily. KZ EDX BDT 990.0. The KZ ZS10 and the KZ ZSN are very similar headphones, but the ZS10 have a slightly better sound profile, so they're a better choice overall. The faceplate is made of high quality Zinc Alloy while the cavity is made of imported resin. Our resources offer: All photographs published in this review/article are protected by copyright laws; the use, reuse, publication, modification and/or copy of them is strictly prohibited and legally penalized unless a written permission has been emitted by ThePhonograph.net. Vocals on the ZSN are more forward and a … How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress: KZ ZSN weight in Ounces and KZ ZSN weight in grams. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of headphones to make a clearer and more informed decision. However, there is a model variant with a one-button control scheme on the in-line remote. When the KZ ZSN IEM came out, many reviewers including myself, immediately put it at the top of Knowledge Zenith earphone lineup.It improved upon the KZ formula in many ways, starting with build quality. They are passive headphones that don’t have a battery. Their sound profile is more accurate, especially in the treble range. These headphones do not come with a case or a pouch. The KZ ZSN is one of those (unusual) KZ earphones that one would not want to miss, though: the company mixed a … Okay for mixed usage. Share. The no in-line remote variant is a bit limited. However, they have a decent isolation performance but won’t be ideal for commuting. On top of that, this model has a metal-finish backplate, which gives it an even more high-end feel. OK, I have to tell a little funny story about these IEMs. KZ ZSN Pro and ZS10 Pro Reviews Posted by Antdroid on May 02, 2019 This short review will cover two of the latest In-Ear Monitors from Knowledge Zenith: The ZSN Pro and the ZS10 Pro. The Zsn pro is another step on that path as it shows they are capable re-tuning earlier efforts to a more refined signature. LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 13Hz, which is excellent. Third Parties Disclosure   All product names, company names and logos are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. put them under the same test bench, The overall level of the leakage is quiet too. Unfortunately, their fit isn’t the most comfortable and could get fatiguing after a while, which won’t be suited for long rides and flights. Also, their ear-hook design is stable, and the buds don’t move around much when you run. They don’t move around in your ear and should be fine for most light sports. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In the treble range, occupied by sharp S and T sounds and A/C noise, they isolate by 31dB, which is quite good. They do protrude quite a bit out of your ears, too. MORE: Earphones & Headphones Amplification Power Comparison, SEE ALSO: Best Fun Sounding Earphones Chart. Therefore it’s somehow mandatory for us to review this model. Some may find them overly sharp, but both headphones have very similar sound profiles. Their noise isolation is not the best, but they can do a decent job at blocking out ambient chatter and A/C system noises. On the upside, they also come with different tip options to help you find a better fit and air-tight seal. KZ ZSN Pro Earphone – Main Features The large energy of the 13-14mm moving coil is melted in a volume of 10mm, which is 30% larger than the previous generation moving coil unit magnet, and the sensitivity is increased by 5dB. Handled by expert bassheads, the KZ ZSN can be transported into basshead territory, offering a respectable amount of rumble and impact. High-bass, responsible for warmth, is overemphasized by more than 3dB, making the bass of these headphones a bit boomy and muddy. KZ ZSN PRO X adopts a streamline style of metal and resin. They are easy to carry around, but they don’t offer the freedom of wireless headphones. The hybrid of nothing more and nothing less than 2 drivers at a very reasonable price. Mediocre for the office. The color is brand-new and refreshing. In the bass range, where the rumble of airplane and bus engines sits, they achieved about 2dB of isolation, which is inadequate and won’t be great for public transit. That said, the treble of the ZSN is more uneven. The KZ ZSN are excellent earphones with a sound quality and construction way above their price tag (with our exclusive coupon). and see the improvements! The amount of isolation of the KZ ZSN is way above most average earphones with an easy-to-reach absolute isolation by a small increment of the volume of your music listening sessions. The cable of the KZ ZSN is the same detachable bi-pin as on every KZ earphone. Again # denotes the total number of drivers per both IEMs. Also, their bass is slightly boomy and muddy while their mid-range is a bit recessed and will, therefore, sound slightly hollow on vocals and lead instruments. We hope you enjoyed this article. The buds are slightly bulkier than most in-ears, but are angled to give you a nice fit. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. FIND ALL OUR: Earphones Reviews / Headphones Reviews. They don’t block out low-end noises like the engine rumble of buses and planes very well. You can also buy a Bluetooth adapter cable for these headphones to make them wireless. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The KZ ZSN Pro X earphone follows a long lineage of the company’s budget models with its V-shaped mainstream sound and stellar build that has experienced subtle refinement over time.  We are reviewing the KZ ZSN, the latest dual driver from KZ, with a very attractive design. | Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver |. We review them and compare them to other earphones around the $50 mark. Male vocals are not distant nor laid back and female vocals are very clear. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. Earphones & Headphones Amplification Power Comparison, Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviews, Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, Aliexpress Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, Best 11.11 Deals and Coupons – Aliexpress – Gearbest – Banggood, Aliexpress Anniversary Sale Coupons and Deals, Black Friday Coupons Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood, Amazon Coupons Discounts Deals Promo Codes Sales, ALIEXPRESS Coupons and Promo Codes – Exclusive Discounts, Best 11.11 Deals & Coupons – Aliexpress – Gearbest – Banggood, Best Bang for the Buck Headphones Earphones, Best Least Fatiguing Headphones Earphones, Best In-Ear Headphones for Flight Travelling, Reviews Headphones – DAC – AMP – DAP – Music Players – Speakers – Cables. The KZ ZSN are better headphones than the Symphonized NRG 3.0. After seeing numerous glowing reviews of KZ headphones and specifically the KZ ZSN PRO IEMs, I decided to pull the trigger and order a pair. Reply. The ZSN feel a bit more high-end thanks to the metal-like backplate on their earbuds. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. The KZ ZSN headphones are very portable and will easily fit inside most pockets or in a bag. The KZ ZSN are better-mixed usage and critical listening in-ears than the Apple EarPods. The response to EQ of the KZ ZSN was highly efficient with massive mid and sub-bass, cleaner midrange and brighter and more detailed highs. The KZ ZSN unboxing results in 3 pair of eartips and the detachable cable. This ensures a tight bass and a transparent treble reproduction. Since they are passive headphones, you won’t have to worry about battery life, but it also means you won’t be able to move as freely as if you had wireless headphones. This is my review of the KZ ZSN pro budget iems. The KZ ZSN mids are warm and full-sounding, some mid-bass bleed is present but does not add excessive congestion to their whole midrange. The box is white in colour and has an illustration of the monitors on the front. However, these results are only valid for our unit and yours may perform differently. The housings have a metal back plate and a main translucent, colored housing. However, the cable might get stuck on something, yanking the headphones out of your ears or hurting you because of the ear-hook design. The design of in-ears and earbuds is in such a way that fully bypasses the pinna and doesn't interact with it. KZ is maturing, the Zsn and the CCA series have showed us the beginnings of the move from screechy treble cannons to a more mellow mature signature. Higher mids are crisp and not recessed. However, they don’t come with a pouch or a case to protect them. That said, the treble of the ZSN is more uneven. Their in-ear fit also doesn’t isolate much lower-end noises and won’t be great for commuting. The ZSX is a hybrid earphone with a total of 5 balanced armature drivers and a single Dynamic Driver. On the other hand, the high peak around 10kHz results in these S and T sounds being overly sharp and piercing, especially on already bright tracks. As I mentioned this is just the first of the KZ earphone reviews that we will be publishing in the coming months but I thought I would lead with the best. They won’t be the best to use in public transit if you want to isolate against ambient noise. (please note that my name’s Riccardo, though :P) Reply. Specfications are not avilable for this product. Some may find them overly sharp, but both headphones have very similar sound profiles. They are a bit bulky, which may not fit every listener, especially people with smaller ears, but they are thinner than the similar KZ ZS10 and KZ AS10, so some may find them a bit more comfortable. It has one balanced armature (BA) and a dynamic driver (DD). Their ear-hook design and the bulkier buds take slightly more space than most in-ears, but you shouldn’t have any problem carrying them around. These headphones are not Bluetooth compatible. To do this, we needed to feed them with 45% of the maximum power of a FiiO E12 (FiiO A5) with a custom basshead EQ. However, the broad 4dB recess centered around 800Hz pushes vocals and lead instruments towards the back of the mix by giving more emphasis to the bass and treble frequencies. Listening to the KZ ZSN through out our soundtests, it showed a very similar sound to the KZ ES4. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Mediocre for commuting. The tuning is still somewhat tainted by the company’s signature boosted upper end that can generate fatigue in some listeners. If the user is able to achieve a proper fit and an air-tight seal using the assortment of tips that come with the headphones, then they should be able to get consistent bass delivery every time they use the headphones. There is a very deep 10dB dip centered around 6kHz, which will have a negative impact on some S and T sounds’ brightness and detail. They also have a microphone that our model of the KZ ZSN doesn’t have, but there is a model variant with one. The KZ ZSN are very stylish in-ears that would make you think their price range is higher than it actually is. Conclusion - KZ ZS10 Review. This is important for accurate placement and localization of objects, such as footsteps and instruments, in the stereo field. Giới thiệu tai nghe KZ ZSN PRO X. Thành công vang dội của ZSN PRO vẫn chưa thấu vào đâu thì nay KZ lại tung ra KZ ZSN PRO X , 1 siêu phẩm tối ưu hơn sau khi nghe các Fan đóng góp ý … (Hey KZ Fans: Check out our review of the new KZ ZSX Terminator!It’s probably the best KZ IEM out right now!). C12: Hybrid – 5 BA + 1 DD. But to understand where we are now (the ZSN Pro), we need to look at where we came from (the ZST and ZSN non-Pro). Currently We are not selling any products due to Covid19. The KZ ZSN are okay mixed usage wired in-ears that have a great design, but their audio reproduction is a bit disappointing. On the upside, like the other KZ headphones, the ZSN are very well-built and come with a nice braided, detachable cable that makes the headphones even more durable. The KZ ZSN are okay mixed usage wired in-ears that set themselves apart by their great build quality, like the KZ ZS10 and KZ AS10. The earbuds are angled to suit the contour of your ear for a better fit. This is because creating an out-of-head and speaker-like soundstage is largely dependent on activating the resonances of the pinna (outer ear). They do not have a compatible app or software support for added customization options. These headphones are solid and even have a metallic-finish backplate, which the KZ AS10 and KZ ZS10 don’t have. Overall, the KZ ZSN should be a better choice for music, but the NRG 3.0 could be a better option for everyday casual use. The price to performance ration with the KZ ZS10 is simply crazy and i mean it when I … The KZ ZSN PRO also has a detachable 2-pin connector system which can also be upgraded to a Bluetooth headset with the purchase of a Bluetooth module sold separately. Thanks to their wired connection, you won’t get any latency issue and shouldn’t experience any delay when watching video content or gaming. The KZ have a better audio reproduction and are noticeably better-built thanks to their detachable cable. KZ ZSN is on your review plan list? 0 Review for KZ ZSN PRO X In-ear Earphone . The leakage performance of the ZSN is great. Like most KZ headphones, the ZSN are very well-built. The ZSR are KZ's latest offering to us budget audio enthusiasts. In particular, the cable of the KZ ZSN has the angled-type of connector and a newly transparent connector end. Decent for sports. The overall response is quite even and decently balanced. However, their bud design is slightly bulkier than the ZSN, so if you have very small ears and usually have trouble with in-ears, the ZSN might fit you better. Riccardo Robecchi says: December 6, 2018 at 12:12 Hi there, It is! Mid-bass, responsible for the body of bass guitars and the punch of kick drums, is fairly flat and within a dB of our curve. The combination of different materials and the wide range of color options display a modern and eye-catching earphones

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