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It’s very difficult to do, though. James Royal-Lawson so so this is kind of like micro things are changing here and there, no, you’re just kind of you just scratting in the sand a little bit. James Royal-Lawson Kim says we need them, I think we need them. James Royal-Lawson I think that brings us probably nicely into the, you said, toward the end of the talk about always measuring two things. Gerry: Yes, it’s like, what? But the level of effort I see go into some design systems, I think, Wow, that’s a lot of time to spend obsessing over your own tools. Is that where we’re going to get the highest rate of return? Per Axbom which made it easy, easier, or at least easier for you to the employee the model then for thinking about, am I actually moving people towards self actualization – And am I taking steps to avoid people moving away from self actualization. Per Axbom And so it should be more about communities. Per Axbom So you moved on to this decision systems? Just as has been true since when I first started in design, we don’t want to automate the misery. James Royal-Lawson And as a suggestion of what to listen to next, apart from Episode 192, and, and even the episode The first time we talked to Kim, which god what number’s that, that was I was even. How does it help users? All right. We send an email every two weeks and will never share you data with another organisation. Million A. Tegenge; Megan M. Moncur; Robert Sokolic; Richard A. Forshee; Telba … Oh, yeah, this is going to drive our business. I think how you go about it really depends on your starting point, right. Seat patients and physicians as peers. In my experience, most organisations can be moved closer to living under those values, if you give them the right tools. Is this the least harmful way to accomplish the goal? Kim: Yes, what I think they’re getting at is, if you’re trying to join an organisation or consultant, to decide if you want to work with this client, how can you do this quickly, right? James Royal-Lawson The first time, that was 93 back in 2015. Colour, type, sometimes content, layout patterns, interaction patterns. Right, your immediate product team, your engineering leads, your products leads, all of those folks, you have to get them aligned around how we make decisions more broadly about at least our product in our local area of control. Designing how we design @KimGoodwin - UX Camp 5, Ottawa 2014 © 2014 istockphoto organization’s decision-making values YOUR values I think design maturity can sometimes be interpreted as how quickly they can work to get something out into development, into the people’s hands. No says Kim, changing how … You can look at a million products and see ways in which they have been used badly. You can weight them slightly higher than some business aspects, when you can, when you’ve kind of like creating a, if you’ve got two things, you’re trying to decide which one do we do first, and then you kind of give a few extra points to the thing that reduces harm, James Royal-Lawson Compared to the thing that generates more revenue, very difficult to, I think, to get buy in from higher up. Kim: When we have organisations where the senior executives repeatedly say, “Yes, it’s just not pragmatic to actually live up to our values.” Then that is not going to change until you have a change in executive leadership. She went on to receive her medical degree from Brown University in Rhode Island, where she was presented with many accolades. She has been with us two times before; in 2015 she did one of the most appreciated talks in FBTB history on the China stage. @DevinNunes is a strong proponent of alternative social media platforms like #Parler & #Rumble, which value free speech. How do you incent employees, focused on values and not just on business metrics? View C Kim Goodwin’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. From Business to Buttons is the meeting place for everyone who wants hands-on … Kim Goodwin, three-time guest on UX Podcast and a person we have huge amounts of respect for joins us at From Business To Buttons to talk about decision systems – Design systems are often a good investment, but do they give the highest rate of return? I’ve been talking about human-centred design as opposed to user-centred because I think a lot of what we design has effects on people that aren’t sitting in front of the application. With listeners in 189 countries from Honduras to Qatar. There’s no room for a soul in capitalism, as it’s currently conceived in the world. Kim: Well, lots of people would argue that service design, user experience are the same thing. It’s about, are you perceiving our brand well? But also you can just just mapping it out, shows people, okay, so we won’t choose the one that harms the least. But there has to be a degree of trust in that review board. Diam sed sit quisque facilisi luctus feugiat. What do patients think patients first means? And whereas right now, there’s a lot of designers saying, Yeah, I don’t think we should keep pushing on this, because look at what’s happening to the user experience. So I think if we’re really wanting to make better user experiences in the world, I think we have to be active as citizens, not just as designers. Lots of healthcare, mostly consulting, definitely some inhouse, as well. So we can actually start to reflect and and maybe adjust to, to localization in a more healthy way? And it’s about individuals. I help them make products and services that don’t suck for humans. Another question from the Netherlands, and it’s Neil Cortson, Neil is a service designer in Koos, I was wandering if she could talk about the influence of decision frameworks and the adoption or maturity of design within the organisation, is there a link and how do we go about it? And right now, we’re very focused on on the productivity metrics, and not on the long term health metrics. Are they helping those people as well as kind of help everybody in the ecosystem to self actualize?

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