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Kawai Japan is proud to announce the MP11SE and MP7SE, the latest additions to the highly regarded MP Series of professional stage pianos, and successors to the popular MP11 and MP7 respectively. This reverb type recreates the acoustic ambiance of a live hall or stage, typically used for pop and rock concerts. * The Kawai USB-MIDI driver is optional. The MP7SE’s effects system has been optimised in order to take full advantage of this additional processing power. While very large, the reverberation characteristic is noticeably different to that of a concert hall. Getting great sounds onstage is easy with the Kawai MP-7SE. This change is on the MP7SE and MP11SE and the new piano sound chip comes from the top Kawai home digital piano model called the CS11 which sells for about $7000. The flexible MP7SE also boasts an impressive selection of synth leads/pads, brass, wind, and choir sounds, and authentic basses and guitars, ensuring that performers can cover almost any musical genre from a single instrument. Please contact Kawai Japan for media support. It’s even possible to select the kind of microphone used to mic the amp, along with axis positioning and ambience levels. Pros: The MP7SE has an extensive selection of instruments. Following this lengthy crafting period, the completed SK-EX concert grand piano receives a final series of rigorous quality inspections, before eventually taking centre stage in the world’s most prestigious musical institutions and concert halls. Its 88-note Responsive Hammer III weighted action with let-off feels like the real deal, and its 256 onboard Harmonic Imaging XL sounds are simply stunning. The MP7SE’s redeveloped reverberation modelling allows players to position themselves within one of six environments, ranging from a small practise room to an inspirational grand cathedral. Brand: Kawai | Stock Id: 290947 Class leading action, hundreds of great sounds, and superb real time control. Hand-built by Master Piano Artisans at the Shigeru Kawai Piano Research Laboratory in Ryuyo, Japan, each EX instrument undergoes a meticulous regulation and refinement process within a specially designed anechoic chamber. As with its bigger brother, the MP7SE features Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL sound engine, and includes the same Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, Kawai EX, and K-60 samples, and authentic electric piano sounds. Copyright © Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Copyright © Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. In addition to meticulously tuning each note, the technician also performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that allow the instrument to truly sing. Kawai Digital Pianos | REVIEW | Under $1000 up to $10,000 | 17 Models | for 2020 | The Kawai Piano company has 17 distinct models of digital pianos for 2020 which are listed here in order from lowest to highest price. This parameter adjusts the volume of the click noise that is heard when the keys of a drawbar organ are played. * Password required for print resolution data. Luscious strings and soothing vocal choirs provide a variety of useful layering options, while the rich electric and acoustic bass sounds are perfect for left-hand splits. Stunning acoustic pianos, cherished vintage EPs, classic tonewheel organs, and a wide range of other inspiring subsidiary voices. Kawai MP7SE is the flexible, all-in-one stage piano for flexible, play-it-all musicians. The MP7SE digital piano captures the rich, expressive sound of the Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, and EX grand pianos, with all 88 keys of these exceptional instruments meticulously recorded, analysed and faithfully reproduced using Harmonic Imaging™ XL sound technology. Guías-Online. Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Al nivel más simple, un teclado controlador, comúnmente conocido como un teclado 'maestro'. For touring performers, the MP7SE also supports EQ Offsetting, which is explained in greater detail on the Features page. This reverb type recreates the acoustic ambiance of a piano lounge or a small jazz club. This parameter adjusts the volume of the resonance heard when the strings of held notes vibrate sympathetically with other notes in the same harmonic series. Such buildings are typically constructed from stone, with very reflective surfaces and tall ceilings producing a long, distant reverb character. The MP7SE’s 256 onboard sounds are separated into eight distinctive categories: PIANO, E.PIANO, DRAWBAR, ORGAN, STRINGS/VOCAL, BRASS/WIND, PAD/SYNTH, and BASS/GUITAR. The MP7SE comes with the latest Kawai GFP-3 triple pedal that works just like a set of pedals on a grand piano. Class-leading keyboard with premium features, Full 88-key sampling and modelled resonances, Real-time adjustment with unrivalled flexibility, Convenient, practical, and musically inspiring, Grand appearance, built from metal and wood, Summarising 20 years of stage piano evolution, A selection of audio clips featuring the MP7SE, A selection of videos featuring the MP7SE, High resolution images ready for your desktop, MP7SE manuals, drivers, and software updates, Submit MP7SE-related queries direct to Kawai, Links to Kawai’s international subsidiaries.

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