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411. 173. 412. 556. 458. TheFastAndTheCurious NathanDrakeScalesWalls 12. qwerty It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t. 407. SameJeansOnFor4DaysNow ByTheRiverOfBabylon Wi-Fi Name: VirusDistributionCenter 103. EXAMPLE: How many people know the name of the 1st ruler in the capitol city in Sumner about 6000 years ago. 525. 295. 404. 28. memorysucks StraightOuttaCompton HelloMyNameIsDoctorGreenthumb First of all, hackers are continuously trying out all account and password combos they can get their hands on. Do these all seem kind of dumb? Wi-Fi name: CUL8R_Alligator 4. 94. WINDOWS: Sorry, The Password Cannot Use More Than One Uppercase Character Consecutively. AryaStarkWasHere 208. IHatePeopleWithAccents 178. 53. Having a unique password is extremely important for your accounts such as … Wi-Fi Password: TheInterviewIsALie 282. Receive new articles directly in your inbox, ©2014 - 2020 HEIMDAL SECURITY • VAT NO. 14. aslpls (old-school mIRC users will remember this) MomFreudWouldBeProud I changed my password to BeefStew but the computer told me it wasn’t Stroganoff. FamilyAffair 426. 159. 535. A man going through a divorce had set his password to something like ‘DIEMcConnellDIE’, where ‘McConnell’ was the name of his wife’s divorce lawyer. 254. HotelCaliforniaDreaming 481. 49. 300. 463. Wi-Fi Password: Excalibur 527. 222. Barcarole PokerFace HaHaNextTimeLockYourRouter 20. iamnottellingyoumypw WINDOWS: Sorry, The Password Must Contain 1 Numerical Character. NameAlreadyInUse ImsuchaGAPgirl 200. TheCaffeineBelt 477. YouHadMeAtPassword 493. 210. IAmHeisenberg Make sure you use at minimum ten characters. MeAndBobbyMcGee 74. 82. 243. 97. 545. Second of all, if that password makes sense to the human mind (if it’s semantically logical), then it’s not a very secure one. LaIslaBonita OcuppyInternetStreet Wi-Fi Password: hoohoohoo 230. 117. 6. newpassword 402. 43. 206. ShutYourDogUpAlready 72. NotInKansasAnymore BaldursGateway 45. 217. 197. TheMysteryVan Wi-Fi Name: HogwartsGreatHall 244. 465. With over 23 million views, this funny safety video from The Office (US) is a crowd-pleaser. OldMacDonaldHadaBurger 280. 23. nomorepasswords ChineseG$$ldFarmer WIFightTheInevitable This opens a ton of ideas for passwords. 37. This funny safety training video will give your employees a sneak peak at safety protocol from the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's. RowRowRowYourBoat That being said, this doesn’t mean we can’t share a laugh about all the funny passwords that can be found online. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 416. 224. DropItLikeItsHotspot 21. masterpassword To view a clip, please click on the title. ToBoldlyGo IGotThePower NothingButMammals 174. lacrimosa 482. LookMaNoWires See more ideas about humor, bones funny, security. Please share this link! ComeAndCleanUpMyHouse 119. harleydavidson TheUnforgiven ImNoMan CrazyCatLady Dirge! Tastetherainbow Pepsinotcola CryptoLifehack Please also visit my web site =). 313. 495. Wi-Fi Password: Iceberg InternetNotUploaded SmoothCriminal IAmLordVoldemort Wi-Fi name: WhatMeatloafWontDoForLove TopSecretNetwork 418. 212. 262. 484. 518. Wi-Fi name: MaybeShesBornWithIt 408. 195. 522. DontEvenTryIt 538. 532. RollOverBethoven 31. LikeTheDesertsMissTheRain 444. GetYourOwnWiFiLosers 108. 432. 57. BeenThereDoneThat SummertimeHapiness Hey, yes, you are right. 539. 441. 257. 15. user CloudNo9 256. GoJihad (not a very politically correct one, but reported by other users as a funny Wi-Fi name meant to scare) But don’t judge! NuclearDeath 324. Here are my absolute faves, compiled from all over the world wide web, from crazy stories from friends and coworkers and so on: 1. password YouWontGuessThisOne WinterIsComing Back2Black 133. ChicagoBullsFan Obviously, funny passwords aren’t made up of random strings of varied characters and numbers, such as security guidelines suggest. IRSBackgroundCheck 3. 218. This DIY Password Method has been tested by the FBI and red-team pentesters and it works. 207. EssieFingerTips ). LANofMilkAndHoney Watch our latest Naked Security Live video for some handy and practical cybersecurity tips – for Black Friday and beyond. ImBlueDaBaDee 308. Yamaha In addition, the videos are bite size in length, so they easily fit into busy schedules. 285. 319. EXAMPLE: I am interested in, or have been interested in the past, in wood working, music, electronics, teaching, the military, and now Psychology. 128. diablo777 171. 466. 47. 240. Firestartah 234. MySonIsAHacker The short clip of the show below is a spoof on workplace first aid training. YourMusicIsAnnoying Required fields are marked *. EASY AND RELIABLE. TheTimesTheyAreaChangin 550. lastoneisakeeper4real DickDastardlyFlyBy 513. So the possibilities based on something in history are endless. MermaidsDontDoHomework Wasn’t hard to crack Forrest Gump’s password. 413. 193. 514. 157. 120. jaguar 546. 35. 209. 227. 19thNervousBreakdown 510. OhHackyDay NatashaRomanoffIsOff 241. In general, in any case, it is better when the password does not have any logic and meaning, it will be more difficult to crack, It’s clearly the exact opposite; strings made of longer words are easier to remember but are harder to guess since they would require more bits, I think I have to be a computer. Wi-Fi Name: TitanicSynching 221. 154. 507. 88. DHARMAInitiative 78. 98. 194. WINDOWS: Sorry, The Password Must Contain At Least One Uppercase Character. 430. DarkSoulsMasochist. 265. 48. Write a password with letters, numbers, and maybe symbols, in a foreign language. 231. It_burns_when_IP JingleTacoBells BornInTheUSofA 403. ClickToDonate 497. Places, events, dates, people, inventions, and food are possible sources for passwords. 239. YouLostYourConnection 476. CloseMyEyesandCountto10 C:Virus.exe If you liked this post, you will enjoy our newsletter. 114. LongHairedFreakyPeopleNeedNotApply ChewieWereHome 4. secret 13. asdf 450. NeverGonnaGiveUUp Neither would it be funny if someone figured out your password and broke into your machines. ShiftingKeys ThrallforWarchief 141. Viruses_But_YOLO Yohohoandabottleofrum (my personal fave from a sysadmin acquaintance). ... World Password Day – what (NOT!) 506. 515. Pretty_Fly_For_A_Wi-Fi 59. Yeah, the versions of this joke are always on-spot. ZodiacLetters I hope I don’t need to stress again how dangerous such password-setting habits are. MacheteDontPassword (Love this one!) Ilovepopsicles 423. 129. devilwearsprada In the words of Michael Scott, “this is why we have training: we start with the dummy, and we learn from our mistakes…” SellMySoulonEbay 18. youmoron 189. A sysadmin who wanted to poke a bit of fun at a new team member routinely sets their initial password to ‘why’, resulting in hilarious dialogues. FightForUrRightToParty The office employees attempt to learn CPR, but the class goes awry. If you’re sitting on top of a funny one you haven’t seen some variation of above, please do share in the comment field below. 289. 123. broncos This video is free to use for internal use in your company but Habitu8 retains the copyright and you can’t resell, re-license, etc. 163. 56. This site has been created and promoted by Kate Kamber, a fourth year student majoring in political science at the University of Virginia. WellAlwaysHaveParis To make the impossible demand on human memory even more impossible, people are also told not to write their passwords down. Wi-Fi Name: TonyStarksLAN But I was only encouraging people to share *funny* password ideas, not good ones. GetOffMyLawnYankee 0 0 22. Carmen FBISurveillanceVan ALannisterAlwaysSurfsTheNet 494. YouCantHandleThePassword 10. iforgot QAsniper BluejeanbabyLALady 55. 288. Wi-Fi Password: AfterAWhileCrocodile 480. BillieJeanNotMyGirl KnightsOftheOldRepublik I was new to mail and then I dint know having same username is much better and easier, so I have created two different usernames for yahoo and gmail accounts. ShowMustGoOn 264. ThePromisedLAN FizzieFizzleSticks 467. 52. ICanHearYouSnoreFromOverHere 284. AintNobodyLovesMeBetter Keep it up. FranklyMyDear TheDayTheMusicDied 316. DontCallMyNameAlejandro Route66 SayHelloToMyLittleFriend For a personal password, use your pet’s name and the year it was born or the year you got it. 204. 81. 512. yourdigitalfantasy Another classic I loved to use as a desktop password (I changed it since that) was GetDunkedOn12. I personally know of at least a few real-life examples of businesses which used one or more passwords from the list so far. By asking people to share their password ideas, you contradict the whole premise of your article. The ENISA video clips are available for download and use in any information security training programme, awareness activity and company website. How about you? Wi-Fi Password: Runyoufools 42. Apr 22. Searching… What Is a Credential Stuffing Attack and How to Protect Yourself from One, How Cybercriminals Hack Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Passwords, The Ultimate Password Security Guide for Unhackable Credentials [Updated]. 182. Jimmy Kimmel takes to the streets to see how willing people are to share their internet passwords. 287. 85. 327. HastaLaVistaBaby DieAntwoortPassword 558. WarriorsOfTheWorld I completely agree with your ideas, not always the longest password with a lot of words will be the most reliable. YouCantGuessThis 3in4WontGetThis RiverDeepMountainHigh MyFathersGun WINDOWS: Sorry, That Password Is Already In Use. 199. Passwords are something we all struggle with, since we need so many of them and, for security reasons, they need to be different. TheCakeIsALie TheyAreWatching 440. 472. whistleblower101 FoundaUnicornNamedItFluffy HarleyQuinnForQueen Email to pester with, video to shoot, Maps to drive 'round with, wow that's a hoot! Celticsounds BillNyeTheRussianSpy 121. armaniman 516. 9. nothingagain Aug 11, 2015 - For fun, laughs, giggles and chuckles!. MomUsesThis1 186. UmbrellaElaEla 242. 487. testingtime 277. FerrariGolfer PrinceofAllPurpleRains LoveOfMyLife Wifi name: AdmitIt 543. Fishyredherring 156. 139. YoureDoneNow 213. 153. Moby123 Thank you for this article, Your email address will not be published. Neither would it be funny if someone figured out your password and broke into your machines. Can you make a section where you can make your own password under the “post comment” section? 46. TheyTried2MakeMeGoToRehab Loading… MotherOfDragons Oct 24. 449. 83. when i changed my dads wifi password i set it to StillGotTheBlues 442. StairwaytoHeaven 92. 523. Its one thing to accept these pass-phrases are already on a list “so don’t use them!” but its a very different thing to encourage people to spill good password ideas. 311. 7. LiquidNarc HappyNation 11. whydoialwaysforget 245. GalileoGalileo CottonEyeJoe PaperAirplanes TheRedQueen (another lovely nod to ResidentEvil) The San Antonio-based company, according to its chief executive, does this by providing security risk assessments, security intelligence and, of course, security awareness education. Rajastan895 Wi-Fi Name: PeekABoo It's a humorous look at past safety requirements and procedures, while still educating employees on the right, and wrong, ways of doing things today. 115. dragonballZ 104. 459. BigMacforevah Cyberwinter MalwareInside ItsTheFinalCountdown IWishIwasaPunkRocker This helped. Lagertha AMacADayKeepsNoobsAway PasswordKarmaChameleon 443. Wi-Fi name: QuestionEverything 499. XeroxThis SayMyName Wi-Fi Name: WhereDoUCYourselfin5Y YourHomeIsBugged 169. 554. SultansOfSwing 534. Wi-Fi Password: HereIGoAgain DiamondsAndRust 91. 291. StopSnooping 17. 329. 548. Funny Passwords For Wifi, Best, Good And Clever. 90. 110. BatmanAndRobbin 500. 521. AllUrWifiRBelongToUs Thanks for the comment. 39. 455. MyPapaWasARollingStone 460. TheVoyagerAppolo 54. 127. mustang 2princes Wi-Fi Name: YouShallNotPass 145. ToxicMacho Yeah this was really helpful because anyone can find out my password cause I used my name but now thanks to this brilliant article I have found a very useful password that not even my sister can open my phone but it’s a secret. RockULikeaHurricane 137. IfUBuildIt MusicOfTheNight 162. SnowdenIntelInside 437. WhiteWalker NoMoreRockyRoads Beatles Ke$$a 144. LeonardodiCohen PlatinumConundrum 318. HakunaMatata There are several dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, and even a donkey, that I could use. ConnectAndDie 478. 483. Anaconda 328. ColaCola*insert random number here* (believe it or not, this is one of the most common weak but funny passwords people use) RadioGagaRadioGugu AskYoGirlAboutMe Thanks for some ideals. I was going to change my password to be one of my favourite places in France but it’s Toulon. 146. 107. 551. 302. 140. The result is security education in a light-hearted way: t hat is key to engagement. 555. 547. 25. myonlypassword ENISA has produced video clips which will make your employees aware of information security risks and remind them of awareness good practices. 429. WorksLikeAPandoraCharm NotOnMySwatch NobodyPutsBabyInACorner ManWhoSoldTheWorld 19. doubleclick You just want to stand out from the other crowd in terms of WiFi Username and Passwords and I guarantee, you are gonna have a stomach ache due to a lot of laughter Last time, We’ve already discussed WiFi Speedtest Apps now, let’s get started with Best WIFI Names and Passwords. 181. 530. Another guy set the admin-passwords to FdiK@companysname or LmaA@companysname. DontGoogleThis 246. 417. 196. HoboHoboGoblin Wi-Fi Name: MammaMia One time I have my password as “NationWideIsOnYourSide”. 410. Just like in those credential stuffing attacks linked above. Wi-Fi Password: FilthyHobbitses ICantGetNoSatisfaction 428. 422. One guy at another location set the domain-admin password to P@ssw0rd (the one from the microsoft learning books, where at least every second time the password is used they say: "do not use this password at home" (or something like that)). LadyGodiva 203. 486. snoopysecret As a system admin, you sometimes have to ask people for their passwords and many times the insights you get are crazy funny. PutYourLightsOn 220. 400. 456. It was this last part – and the firm’s approach to awareness education – that grabbed my attention. Troy_and_abed_in_the_modem 62. HaveaBreakHaveaKitKat 135. 470. 111. 266. 314. 457. 80. WINDOWS: Sorry, The Password Must Be More Than 8 Characters. 542. Best thing is that it is super easy for regular folks to use and implement in their daily lives!Habitu8 creates really great training videos for companies to use to educate users on risks like phishing, social engineering, ceo scams, even compliance stuff like GDPR and PCI.Want to see more? LetItBe Funny Wi-Fi names and passwords (where the fun derives precisely from the combo): 451. 529. 187. 297. 259. IfIWasARichGirlNanana WhotheFisAlice 424. HairyPoppins 76. JustPushIt IamACompleteIdiot EyeOfTheTiger TakeBackTheEmpire 138. 71. 294. HugsForDrugs 1MilByciclesInBeijing 315. TheLANBeforeTime Playboy 454. WinnerTakesItAll 89. HeresJ0hnnY Better yet, what word did he use for BREAKFAST. 469. That’s why you are here! I am the world’s worse to use the same password because I have trouble thinking of some. ThereCanOnlyBeOneImmortal 125. thunderbird Wi-Fi Name: TargetLocated ZombieWedding WuTangLAN 22. yetanotherpassword 305. 192. That means that once a password idea appeared in text form somewhere online, you can be sure it will get uploaded into a credential stuffing script sooner or later.

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