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Depending on the time and season, the weather will be cold. What time of year did you go? ), Gaiters (to protect your boots and trousers from mud or rain), Waterproof stuff sack (for your electronics), Baby wipes (They were the most invaluable thing I have taken with me on my trek. usb/ 2 pin plug ? Our outfitter referred us to your list. All affiliate links are denoted by an asterisk*. ), 4 season down sleeping bag (You really need to get a warm sleeping bag. I hear 25L is plenty large? We are being held to a 33 lb total weight limit on the flight and are having a lot of difficulty meeting it. If you haven’t got time your shoes should do the trick, but I would invest in some gaiters too to keep your feet dry for those high altitudes. --> The Brave at Business Bundle. Everest Base Camp Packing List. We hired a guide and porter, but I could imagine how hard it could be if I’m to put loads on my shoulder where the oxygen level is below 50%. Also, make sure the shoes are waterproof and of your perfect size. Thats really useful thanks. Here’s complete guide to Everest Base Camp packing lists. HI Tammy, If you have any queries about this trail, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated! You won’t actually have to pee very much while you are trekking though, as you will be sweating a lot, however if you have to pee and there is no toilet in sight you should use your she wee. This is an absolutely critical item for any Everest base camp packing list. What gears should be carried by the female trekkers? A neck gaiter is perfect for keeping you warm and block the strong wind in your face and neck, whereas headbands help keep your hair tied without bothering while on the trek. As you will be wearing this item for quite a few hours every day of the trek it is important to get the right daypack for you. Museums and castles and parks and […]. Gears play a vital role while on the trek. Have fun! Here is her female take on what she will bring on an Everest base camp trek. The patgs are all pretty wide. She has completed her Master's and working in the field of content marketing. Have a fantastic trip! I hope the above article Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker will help you while packing for the Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest base Camp is a popular destination and the list can help you make the trip awesome. The trail to Everest Base Camp is probably the most developed hiking route I have ever been to. You can always rent one in Kathmandu. They work really hard! They use it daily. Just sort of placed it in your day pack or did you have a case for it in there? We are going in March/April and I don’t know if we should have a sleeping bag with extreme temperature -10 or -20. Everest Base Camp Trek - Packing List for The Female Trekker When you go on the Everest Base Camp trek, it is important to take the right clothes and gear with you. For that, Diamox Tablets need to be carried. In Everest, you might suffer from high altitude cough, light headaches, and dizziness on the process of acclimatization. Zoom lenses would be good animal shots (there are some goats and dears higher up). Our porter found my backpack more comfortable. The following packing list for the Everest Base Camp Trek has been prepared by Tammy Lowe. If you have any queries about this trail, please do not hesitate to. (even for a guy ) A few questions… How did you carry your SLR? I’d love to do it but don’t wanna get up there and freak out and freeze. Your email address will not be published. It is suggested to have underpants with a softness that can be worn all day comfortably. I guess if I had handwashed more or not washed my tops , underwear or socks at all then I wouldn’t have needed as many of them. Although the weather is never promising in the mountains, you can choose the best time to travel to Everest Base Camp too. They are comfy, they warm you when it is cold, cool you when it is warm and you don’t stink like a beast after those numerous steep ascents. I read your bit on your hiking boots aswell and unfortunately I cant find them anywhere as they are sold out! Do they sell trekking poles there? Thanks, Pip. So there you have it, that's our packing list for Everest Base Camp. Have a wonderful time! Medication and other essential items for Female Trekkers. I carried my DSLR around my neck and then tucked the lens into the hipbelt of my backpack. The planes are tiny, so there is a good reason for it. Plus get access to 100+ more FREE downloadable packing lists. 7-Night Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Classic Tour – $798.00*This is a classic multi-day tour that provides the opportunity to visit Lhasa and Everest Base camp. After much deliberation, we’ve finally decided on the below list of items to pack for a 2 weeks EBC trek. Because we traveled around the U.A.E., Sri Lanka and Oman before flying to Nepal, we didn’t have many warm clothes and other hiking essential with us when arriving in Kathmandu.. I only had my box standard 55mm lens with me, because of the weight. To help you plan your Everest Base Camp Trek, here’s our complete packing list guide for both men and women featuring a list of travel essentials that you need for the trek. The weather is unpredictable in Everest Base Camp. Hmm, tricky one. This is the time when the temperatures remain quite bearable with the fewer chances of rainfall and dense snow. Mostly what did I missed to bring and the most useful stuff from my packing list. If you have time I’d buy a different pair of boots (ideally one size bigger than your normal size, so that you can comfortably wear two pairs of socks). ), Blister plasters (my trekking boots and socks were so good that I didn’t need them, but a lot of other trekkers did), Painkillers for those altitude related headaches (If you are taking Diamox check with your doctor which ones to take. My packing list for the Everest Base Camp trek Preparing for the Everest Base Camp trail in Thamel. This is the ultimate. I bought a she wee but it hasn’t filled me with confidence. I am scared of heights and I didn’t like those bridges at first, but after a few you get used to them. If there is anything that is missed, do not hesitate to comment us below. It is suggested to bring durable and comfortable hiking boots to save your feet from rugged trails. Also, some personal stuff requires as being a female trekker. Most Important things that should not miss, The trail to Everest Base Camp is probably the most developed hiking route I have ever been to. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You … Have fun! and what did u know to wear each day? Where did you hire him? It is really important to drink plenty of water and I just find it too difficult reaching to the side of my backpack to get my bottle out all the time, especially when carrying trekking poles. Otherwise it would have bounced off my belly all the time, which would have been annoying. It was a great talk and inspiring for us when they said Nepal was their favorite country and Everest Base Camp itself. Yes, that is definitely helpful. Some NGOs have started hygiene and health workshops though, so I think it is worth bringing them. @ 2020 All rights reserved at NEST Adventure! and what did you carry in your daypack vs left in the backpack for the sherpa? I’ve heard toothbrushes and pens… And of course the porters and guide – anything from Australia take their fancy?? Also I’d like to ask you about the porter. Hi Sonya, Into thin air), Electrohydrate sachets (they help you rehydrate, which is particularly important when taking Diamox, and will also make sterilized water taste better). I would add a plastic coffee canister with lid and wide mouth. I’ve tried wearing them with multiple pairs of socks, with moleskine tied underneath and even with a few tennis wristbands worn over the socks for extra padding. Trusted Housesitters – Save money on travel accommodation by becoming a housesitter. Great post! My siblings and I are planning this trek April/ May 2015.. A few of us are over 50, so I am concerned about fitness, reassured about headaches after reading your post, and realizing anew how hard this is going to be on the feet.And I didn’t realize it would be so cold. Hi, I'm Mark! As the list is long, we recommend … My bags weren’t heavy though and I wore a lot of clothes, i.e. Could you tell me the specification of your sleeping bag? Carol Do not overpack and consider washing the same cloth. Colouring books and pens are always nice. Hi there, Hire a porter (unless you are strong enough to carry your backpack). But, in order to trek to this place, you need to list all the things that you need to pack. Deborah. Do you think I’d get away with those on this trek during that time? I just checked the website from Mountain Warehouse and the shoes are in stock again. Makes packing a million times easier . Good luck!!! Having just returned from my Everest base camp trek in Nepal, I thought it would be useful to share my entire Everest base camp kit list as a point of reference for future trekkers.. They can make or break your trek. Planning to trek to Everest Base Camp? She is a hardworking and confident writer. 1. They are the same shoes I had, just a different colour. Everest base camp trek is undoubtedly the fascinating destination for every single adventure geeks out there. Housesitters often have extra duties, like caring for pets and gardens. Have fun! How much porter cost? Turkish Towels – They’re thinner than most travel towels, and they actually cover your body! Pacsafe – Since they come with extra theft-resisting features, Pacsafe bags make you a more confident traveler. Apart from that everything above is probably pretty essential, especially the warm clothes. Required fields are marked *. If you are in some medication, then do not forget to carry the medicine with you. The morning and evening in Everest are cold and windy. Choose from straight up hostels, budget hotels and bed and breakfasts. I had one 65l backpack with me incl. ), Travel wash (I only used it to wash underwear and socks), Deck of cards (it can get a bit boring in the evenings), A book (Everest related books are good to get you motivated, i.e. They are called Adventurer Womens Waterpoof boots. Thus, it is suggested to bring down Jackets to keep yourself warm in the trekking. April 16, 2019 8 Mins Read. During the first and second day you have to cross a few suspension bridges, one of which is 100m high. ), Travel sized shampoo (used once during the trek), Face masks (The ones that doctors wear. Betst to buy that beforehand. Thanks! If you have any other questions you can contact me through my blog, facebook or twitter. Booking.com – Search for hotels, hostels, and apartments using this one resource. So, blister plasters are essential to carry. I think it is easier to get your gear out of those as they have easy access pockets for your camera. I am doing the trek early December so will be cold. Clothes. Here is the list of some essential gears that need to be carried.

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