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The iriginal necks tend to be problematic. Usually the switch itself is the culprit. The pickups are Super powerful. Worldwide Shipping. Vintage Matsumoku Japanese chrome"staple" pickup. Lyle, Conrad, Univox and other Matsumoku made vintage guitars; typically hollowbodies. The BRASS saddles and BRASS nut( 42.5 mm) are original and shows you the QUALITY that went into this instrument. Rare Vintage 1967 Aria Electric Guitar 335 style(ARIA DIAMOND/ UNIVOX Matsumoku JAPAN) Very cool mother of pearl headstock and hardware These are on the rise in collectablity and playiblity. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY, DONT WANT ANY SHIPPING ISSUES! Finish is still clean and glossy. Thanks for looking! All of the electronics work as they should. The guitar was just setup and plays well. This upset Gibson(Norland) to the point that they filed suit. Aria Matsumoku Epiphone Diamond 5102T Thin body P90 This guitar is based on the hand built body of a 70's Japanese made guitar. Include original case and candy: key, wrench, strap, and silica packet. We recognize you understand the below fully when you bid. If you are interested. The guitar is for sale locally, and I reserve the the right to cancel the auction at any time. Very fast. The frets show some moderate wear in the expected places below the G and B strings in the first position and light overall wear up the neck, but there is no excessive fret buzz or dead spots and the instrument plays very well as it currently sits. This guitar is one smooth player with super low action, excellent electronics, body is super clean aside … RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf%60%60%3E-147a0e63777-0x10a-, Nice 1970's vintage Vantage VS650 electric guitar. 1970 Vintage Blonde L5CES, ES-175 Ventura V-1007 Lawsuit Copy Guitar Matsumoku, Vintage Japan Lotus SG Lawsuit RARE Guitar Matsumoku, Vintage Memphis? Pre-Owned. And in 1951 Matsumoku became a partially owned subsidiary of Singer, Japan. Hello up for auction we have a cool old 1960s Conrad Guitar made by Matsumoku. I put Fender USA pickup from our stock. In the 1970s, Epiphone began to produce instruments from their plant in Matsumoku… Well. at JVGuitars, we have several others as well from Matsumoku as well as Ibanez Factory made high end Jazz box guitars Check us out on the web! 40g.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2B%3E40g-147386a11f3-0x104-, Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Here’s your chance to own a Vintage 1960's Conqueror Jaguar-type Solid Body Electric Guitar MADE IN JAPAN. T his is a 70's MIJ Memphis Guitar that was made at the Matsumoku plant in Japan. or Ibanez? On the headstock, the silkscreened gold"Lyle" logo is very clean and the original 3x3 open back tuners on the headstock all turn smoothly and hold pitch well. I know what these guitars are supposed to sound like. The 10" fretboard radius enables comfortable chording and effortless bends. Sorry. Frets show modest wear but still retain a nice comfortable playing profile. It is dishonest and illegal. Look the pictures over. Very common. The overall condition of this guitar with case is very good. Offered here is an excellent 1981 Epiphone Emperor TH (Thin), Matsumoku era jazzer. Copy era guitar, that has a great vintage look. Info on this brand is very hard to come by. But it does have some hanging around bruises. The guitar is set-up and ready to play right out of the case. This guitar body& neck would make for an excellent starting project for any project. Vintage variant of Epiphone logo on the headstock (matches other confirmed Matsumoku builds for Epiphone at the time - such as the Riviera… Any info would be appreciated. Often found on Aria. Action is good(see pic) frets are good(see pic) Comes with padded gig bag. When I get this guitar. Well. As you probably. Vintage Japanese Truss Rod Cover with screws taken from an Epiphone EA 250 Riviera guitar. missing 1 of 3 plastic feet from the back. Neck pickup has been replaced. Please make payment within 48 hours of auctions end. The electronics were slightly scratchy from non-use, but cleaned up fast and are functioning great. No fret wear. Cosmetically. Happy bidding! If there is a problem with this item you have purchased from me, I want to hear about it FIRST, before feedback is left! We welcome International buyers and will ship most items worldwide but under no circumstances will we lower a value. I have nor seen another one if these in a better condition than this one. Payments: Paypal only- expected within 3 days after end of the auction. If you are expecting the brand new guitar condition or perfect. I've had quite a few Matsumoku Japanese made Epiphone EA-250s and Rivieras and this is quite common. The neck is straight. Super cool offset body style! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE but can not ship everywhere please ask JVGuitars vintage vault E p i p h o n e Emperor Hand Crafted in Japan Vintage L-5 style This is an L-5 professional grade guitar built by the great Matsumoku Factory's Custom Shop and represents the top of the line Master Luthier built This is the one! No returns. With a very small amount of work, this will be a great guitar! I had my tech go through it& the electronics are working fine now. It is kind of beat up but I do not ship without a case. No idea about the body and neck material. A fresh 175 gold tailpiece and ABR bridge and was recently re-fretted by the Gibson luthier in our area with correct jumbo frets and plays great. Photo gallery. This guitar is a great player and has surprisingly few nicks and blemishes for a'mature' body. The freight(EMS) and insurance for USA. its an old guitar and the neck and body are very good condition, there are no issues with the neck, no warpage, no twisting, minor fret wear only.Similar guitars by Aria have sold for over 600.00 AS IS AS STATED AS SHOWN, Vintage Aria HF5102T Double Cutaway Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Matsumoku Japan 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false This vintage electric guitar is in excellent condition. There is only one little ding in the binding and other than that very clean. Action is good but may be adjusted to your tastes- there are a few scratches, pinhead dings, some minor hazing, but nothing severe- This guitar sounds and feels great. And those high end of Matsumoku guitars around that time came with Dimarzio pickups. ... EPIPHONE JAPAN RIVIERA 1970'S Matsumoku … Jag style offset body with screaming single coil pickups! thenextitemwehaveontheblockis! Thank you for looking. It brought a certain MOJO to the guitar so I never replaced it! All electronics have been cleaned and there are no issues. The guitar is in excellent shape with only a couple of small nicks. The body weight is only 3.09Kg The nut is 44 mm. And it has been gone through so it is a good one to consider. with tons of sustain The binding is coming off in some places and there's a dime sized ding near the controls. The guitar features a solid maple body with natural finish and full body and neck binding. THE ELECTRONICS WORK PROPERLY.IT COMES WITH A BEAT UP VINTAGE HARDSHELL CASE.FIXED SHIPPING $30 NO RESERVE. You must contact me before using any other source of payment. It appears to be all original and it's in great shape for its age. EPIPHONE JAPAN RIVIERA 1970'S Matsumoku Acoustic Guitar with Gig Case Free Ship. The one on the left is an Epiphone Riviera Matsumoku … See pics for more details. FOR LARGE AND HEAVY ITEMS. Widely considered the high point for Epiphone quality post USA production, and worlds better … It is not complete and we are selling it for parts. VERY SOLID. This is the top of the line model and was made in 1980's NOW nearly 30 YEARS OLD its hard to imagine that this absolute beauty can be that old obviously well loved and well taken care of for the past 30 years just waiting for you. So. The two single coils and humbuckers are original. On Jan-08-13 at 20:46:42 PST. Telestar, Kay, Kimberly. B UT PLAYS AND SOUNDS FINE. It has gold Kluson waffle-back tuners with no sign of filled holes that hold tune very well. Replacement guards can be found here on eBay. There is a small amount of fretboard wear and a slight fret wear. Very clean condition, recently set up and extremely playable. Or it had a sticker that has been removed? Shipped insured and packed safely with the body and neck separated. The guitar also comes with a thin fiber case which may or may not be original to the guitar. This is a circa 1970 Tremolo Tailpiece off of a Made in Japan Epiphone 5102 TE(predecessor to the Epiphone EA-250) made in the Matsumoku plant. I will need to take the neck off to fit into a smaller box. A total Stunner. Otherwise. PLEASE NOTE- WE SHIP FEDEX WED-FRI. USPS WED-SAT ILLINOIS RESIDENTS ARE SUBJECT TO ILLINOIS SALES TAX We sell family estate items. THANKS FOR LOOKING AND CHECK OUT MY OTHER AUCTIONS. g.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bjw%60hquvg%3Eg-1443ee13685-0xf5-, Up for sale. The body is SEN(Japanese Ash) 3P with 3.72Kg. Available in S L XL and XXL 25.00 @, Aria Pro II RS Inazuma 1984 Deep Metallic Red Finish "ULTIMATE SHREDDER", Vantage Avenger Electric Guitar AV 300 Series Made in Japan by Matsumoku Vintage, *1970's*GIBSON/EPIPHONE*CRESTWOOD*ET-290*MATSUMOKU*JAPAN*VINTAGE GUITAR*WILSHIRE, Vintage '67 MAXI-TONE Electric Guitar. To remove the trem bar for shipping. Sold'As Is' no returns, all sales final. In my opinion the guitar looking pretty good for 35 plus years old. THANK YOU. Case in good shape. It appears that someone cut out a section from another vintage guitar's pickguard and simply screwed it on to the existing ET-270 pickguard. chipboard thing) All in good working order. John Lennon Apple Rooftop Concert) This guitar features a double cut away, laminated maple body, bolt on maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 2 p-90 style pickups, 3 way switch. The frets are fine a bit worn. Pre-Owned. We are going to send this guitar with original hard case(not good condition. (There is occasional confusion between "Matsumoku… I moved the hardware over to another EA-250 body. As each pickup naturally picks up a bit of each adjacent string, the guitar delivers a full, chimey tone that has a faint chorusing effect and a unique sound to be sure. Sounds great. Marked"MADE IN JAPAN" on the back. The guitar looks nice overall. It was one of the last 1960s Epiphone … LOTS, Very nice specimen of a 40+ year old guitar. the both PU was changed and not original. It wont be cheap to ship as shipping rates again have gone up, and it will be packed very well with the strings loosened to avoid neck damage. All of the electronics work as they should, including the small on/off switches for each pickup. Few scrapes. The guitar is in working condition with good action. The tone has the twang and top end chime that is a hallmark of vintage Japanese guitars, but the full hollow body adds a depth and mellowness to the tone that really fills things out and, gives the instrument a rich low end character. Recent jumbo refret and pro setup. ELECTRONICS DO WORK AND PLAYS LIKE BUTTER. Lyle, Conrad, Epiphone… Includes the OHSC which is also in excellent condition. Vintage 1971 Epiphone EA-250 Riviera Guitar body Matsumoku MIJ Blue Label NICE! The neck pickup has one of the thickest sustains you'll ever hear- just amazing. We strive for Positive Feedback in ALL categories. I ship internationally! A 100% original Bruno Royal Artist 12 string hollowbody guitar in excellent condition and good working order. In nice shape showing modest signs of use. NO CASE- But will be packed with care.Check my feedback. Will be well packed in a sturdy guitar box. We have checked whether it can be used without leveling or re-fret. Frets are generally worn because these are second hand guitar. Thank you for reading and abiding by these terms. This guitar was made during the mid 1970's at the Matsumoku Plant in Japan. Typical of Matsumoku guitars, this Epi has a very thin neck- just.79" deep at the 5th fret with a C profile. Paypal only and payment due immediately for BIN and payment due within 24 hours of the end of an auction. Vintage 1985 Aria Pro II RS Bobcat V Black Strat Electric Guitar Matsumoku Japan. BUT YOU COULD FAINTLY NOTICE THE LOGO WHEN OBSERVING THE HEAD CLOSELY. Gold tone hardware(mostly erased/faded though) 22 frets. The neck has a medium D profile with a fairly flat portion in the center of the profile on the back. Epiphone ET-276. Free shipping. shipping to continental US via insured UPS. But the small selector switch is not working(I'm not sure what is it) If you are looking for 60's JV. Combined with the roller saddles, this affords very good tuning s. Up for sale is this vintage 1970's Univox guitar pickup. Thank you. Payment due within 4 days to avoid an unpaid item dispute. True lawsuit era copy. The pickups sound great. Good player. C $1,686.80. 24" scale. Neck pocket has the usual surface crack. The bridge position is big with just the right amount of mid bite. Z S p X o G n s o Q J r 3 W 0 e d U O. However. I'm pretty sure this guitar is all original, it looks like nothing has been changed. Pickup sound great too. Plays and sounds great. The original frets are in great shape and play cleanly up the neck with consistent, low action. Vintage 1970's Univox Guitar Humbucker Pickup! If you are looking for particular JV guitar. Please check them out. We will happily ship WOR. A gigbag is included(not pictured) Please check out our shop"Mike& Mike's Guitar Bar" on the web. This is one of the top Premier examples by Matsumoku famously know for building most of the finest guitars to ever come out of Japan and that is saying a lot. As other Japanese companies were producing similar instruments, Matsumoku set out to distinguish itself by producing high quality acoustic and electric. As you can see the finish is very, nice. First of all Im from Argentina so sory for my grammar mistakes. Couple of finish dings on the back of the neck. Matsumoku? 1979 Westbury Standard Electric Guitar w/ Bigsby Vibrato & Hard Case. I didn't expect great tone from this guitar. MIJ. I do not ship DOA's! NO RESERVE. By the looks of the guitar. Please look closely at the photos for condition details and ask us any questions before bidding. These guitars are mostly over 20 years old. The guitar is in great sh. Good sized center compartment with flap closure. You can find me in the middl, Here is a vintage late 1970s/early 1980s electric guitar. The neck and vintage frets are in good shape for their age and although the neck pickup currently isn't working, the bridge single coil sounds sublime. The pickups have small chips on the corners but don't affect there functionality. Maple neck with walnut strips. However I only have a strat to show inside the case, for reference only(not included) inside length is 41" width at lower bout 14" Buyer should check your Westone and ask questions if you're not sure. Vintage Late 70's Matsumoku Japan L.P. ... Used '70s Epiphone JAPAN / Matsumoku Riviera Cherry Red MIJ Semi Hollow HH. Daimaru branded hollow body guitar. Not laminate. I did my best at pricing.this one is special! Also. We will leave positive feedback once feedback has been received. There are scuffs, dings, scratches, etc. RYTHM/SOLO SWITCH- This guitar also has a classic 1960's, ryth/solo switch.Thrown into the"solo" position it cuts out all the highs and creates those super high and staccato tones found on classic surf and country records.Also creates that classic James Brown rythm guitar sound.Combined with the rich tones produced in the rythm position it makes this guitar incredibly versatile. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. $80 insured shipping if I accept your offer. issue is one replaced tuner for a high e-string. The frets were dressed; and showed very little fret wear. It doesn't fall out of tune often. I will only ship to a confirmed address. Covered tuners, 21 fret 3 piece maple neck, rosewood fingerboard w/ pearly dot markers, two single coil pickups, 3 way PU switch, volume control, tone control, original bridge cover. Still nice without a pickguard. Electra stamped tuners. Just serviced. I ship worldwide. International shipping MAY be available on smaller items. The neck is straight and the action is very good. It has sweet sounding upgrade pickups from the same era Aria L5CES. FEATURES: 335/330 Style Hollow Body. Not new, and you will have to set it up the way YOU need it. You can still switch pickups. Very cool, made in Japan Electra guitar, don't, miss out! di,RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishhov%3C%3Edi-147e6c6d4f2-0x107-. But in pretty bad condition. I have been involved in retail sales for over 30 years, the largest portion, of these years, having been my own successful retail auto sales/ parts/ repair business, which I started from scratch. The instrument has no serious or structural wear of any kind, and the three tone unfaded sunburst finish is as vibrant as the day this guitar was new! Matsumoku produced guitars. 335 style ARIA UNIVOX Matsumoku JAPAN. Some scuffs& scratches. Body has some scratches and minor dings appropriate for its age. First introduced in the early ‘60s, the Epiphone Riviera’s semi-hollow design has been a favorite of players from all genres and generations including blues greats Robben Ford and Otis Rush, Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground, and The Strokes’ Nick Valensi, who have all found that the Riviera… FREE SHIPPING(USA ONLY) If you are outside the US. The pickups show aging on the gold plating as can be seen in the pictures. If you will play the blues. Sharing many similarities with those aforementioned brands, the St Moritz is an extremely rare and unique instrument for it's six individual pickups and stereo operation. Fully insured. Does not have tremolo bar. Click to enlarge. The strip tuners are original to the guitar and none are bent which is rare! Mark as a gift or falsify any information on the customs forms. I will combine shipping. See pics for more details. The few reviews I found online, people, thought a lot of it though. Comes with the 3 screws for end piece. Not sure of the brand as it is nameless on the headstock. and play-ability to my friend's 2000-ish Gibson SG. Will ship in some type of used SSC, or gig bag for protection purposes. My only goal is your satisfaction. Can deliver locally. Guitar plays really nice up and down and sounds great too. Rivera and Casino clones. We are trying to describe as possible as we can. Any customs or other fees associated with international sales are the buyer's responsibility. Japan, and set up production facilities in. Vintage 70's or 80's Aria Pro LP Custom Lawsuit Guitar Matsumoku Era, NR CONQUEROR TELEC@STER TELE GUITAR LAWSUIT ERA JAPAN MIJ MATSUMOKU TEISCO KAWAI, Vintage ELECTRA Workingman electric guitar X290, Japan MIJ Matsumoku, w/case, VINTAGE ARIA PRO II PE 450 ELECTRIC GUITAR MADE IN JAPAN MIJ PROJECT matsumoku, vintage 80's Westone electric guitar Hard Shell Case Matsumoku Concord Spectrum, 1977 Aria Pro 2 Ls-450B Vintage Matsumoku Electric Guitar MIJ Classic '57' pups, Vintage 1970's Electra Stratocaster Guitar Made In Japan Matsumoku, vintage Epiphone ET 270 electric guitar - Matsumoku - Made in Japan - Modded PUs, VINTAGE TEISCO JAPAN JUMBO ARCHTOP HOLLOWBODY ES 335 ELECTRIC GUITAR MATSUMOKU, Ventura Country Gentleman Style Hollow Body Guitar Japan MIJ Matsumoku Bigsby, Vintage 1970's Aria Model 5502N W/Case Lawsuit Era Matsumoku Guitar Flame Maple, Vintage 1970's Epiphone Japan ET-270 1820-T Electric Guitar w/Tremolo Matsumoku. ALL ITEMS SOLD WITH A 14 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE EXCLUDING RETURN SHIPPING FEES PLUS A 10% RESTOCK FEE. please feel free to ask any questions because all sales are final and ill do my best to answer them. Ibanez? Restoration or display. Mandolin scroll shape headstock. Lowest Price on Ebay. It was obviously influenced by the Fender Telecaster. names and features one round taper button(top) and one hard taper button(bottom) They both have their original screws. It wasn't played very often. Worldwide Shipping. Needs new strings. Some countries may not allow oversize packages. It has been polished and restrung for it's next owner. Please contact me if you have any concerns before leaving feedback; I strive for 100% satisfaction! Visit"westoneguitars.net" and search"unidentified-models" for a similar unknown guitar made the same year. Aria Diamond Guitar - Hollow Body, 335 type body, MIJ Matsumoku - Early 70's, Vintage MIJ Matsumoku Bradley Hi-Flier Electric Guitar. Tuning machines, bridge, coil tap switches and knobs. Cosmetically. The worst cosmetic blemishs are a tiny area on the back near the upper strap button where the varnish is chipped off(see photo) A few dings on the underside of the lower bout, and underneath the output jack. Vintage 1970's Aria Model 5502N With Case Lawsuit Era Matsumoku Guitar Flame Maple Vintage 1970's Aria Model 5502N Archtop Electric Guitar with Case Up for bids is a beautiful and great playing old Aria copy of a Gibson 335 electric guitar. The guitar has a perfectly working electronics with a master volume, tone control, high pass filter and on/off rocker switches for each pickup. Sounds cool with a very nice little pickup. Please see pictures for condition. The board looks much more like Ebony than Rosewood. According to Matsumoku.org, this guitar's trapezoidal pickups date it to the mid-late 60's, making it quite a vintage 335-copy, indeed. Finally. I'm not very familiar with this Guitar and I'm not sure what is and what isn't original. I have got several Teisco and, Yamaha 60's model. Model EA200W. Brass strap button added at some point. This is a higher quality implementation, evidenced by the nice tuners, 4 ply pickguard/truss rod cover and the cool wood inlay on the bridge. Lyle, Conrad, Epiphone, and Orlando HBs of this period were simply re-brands of the Aria 5102T and it's close cousins. Dimensions: 13" x 39.5" x 3" THE NECK WILL BE REMOVED FOR SAFER SHIPPING. This guitar was made popular by crazy guitarist, Yngwie Malmsteen in the 80's. Posted with, Welcome to a JVGuitars Auction on EBAY Thank you for your interest in our vintage guitars This guitar is a JVG Certified Guitar and has been Fully Tested- it has Passed and is ready to TOUR or RECORD TONIGHT! Likely made for Matsumoku and sold in the US by C. Bruno and Son. Original Japanese pickups. not some mismatched P.O.S. LOWER 48 US STATES ONLY! I am a professional ebay seller. Three way pickup selector switching. The bridge pickup ring is cracked. We described based on our evaluation. Vintage 1970's Matsumoku Japan Made Lotus L.P. Neck, and original neckplate with 4. neck mounting screws. The jack had also been changed at some point. Established in 1951 as a woodworking and cabinetry firm, Matsumoku is remembered as a manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars, including some Epiphone and Aria guitars. Email any questions. This is the Vintage 1970's Epiphone Japan ET-270 1820T Electric Guitar. Customers from those locations must inquire for shipping quote. Please make payment within 48 hours of auctions end. Harmless. The fingerboard looks like it has a bit of separation where the binding meets the paint. Please email before bidding on item. The flaws with this guitar are purely cosmetic& can be seen in the photographs. I think it might have been made in the early 1970s by Matsumoku factory(JAPAN) Color: BLACK. Vtg Project LP Guitar Maple Body Natural Finish Bolt On Neck Japan Matsumoku? Vintage Matsumoku Vantage Hondo II Elite NKTHR Luthier Quality Guitar Orig.&HDC, Vintage Electric Guitar Matsumoku Ibanez Aria Mann AJ-600 Set Neck, Vintage Aria HF5102T Double Cutaway Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Matsumoku Japan, 1960s Lyle SG Vintage Electric Guitar Japan Univox Coily Pickups Matsumoku w/gb, 'Rare Vintage 70's Memphis Matsumoku Japan LP style Lawsuit electric guitar NICE. Very clean condition with light vintage wear. Can Not be shipped to a PO Box. Models include the solid body ET series (Crestwood) the SC series (Scroll) and the Model 1140 (Flying V) as well as Epiphone’s archtop electric guitars: 5102T/EA-250, Sheraton, Riviera, Casino, and Emperor. Finish wear on the back of the body. Includes screws. Worldwide Shipping. And feel free to call us directly with any questions at 206.818.9329. In the early 70's Epiphone was building in the famous Matsumoku factory in Japan. We would like you to note the following; 1. The neck is straight and the action good. The neck is arrow straight, the truss rod moves smoothly, and the action is nice and low. Toggle switch tip snapped off. AS IS-NO RETURNS 40g.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2B%3E40g-147326c9be9-0x110-, This is a late 60's Vintage Made in Japan Hollow Body Electric Guitar. Professionally setup, 100% original and rare as can be, this St Moritz is great instrument and a piece of Japanese guitar history. NOTE: I may remove the strings. Buy it now! Tuners work fine. Original electronics.And are in Good working order! Some dings and scratches. VALUE: The Market sees these trading up to $500.00 this one is really cool. Strat switch tip on the toggle switch. There are a few minor dings on the edges and light usage scuffs. Thanks for looking! Several of Matsumoku's early archtop guitars survive. I set the guitar up and put some.010's on her. Very unique. Payment must be received(via PayPal) within 72 hours of auction close time. Two single coil pickups, with on off switches, one volume, one tone. Matsumoku went broke in 1987. Early 60's Japan Japanese, VINTAGE WESTONE 1980 PROTOTYPE GUITAR BODY AND NECK, MATSUMOKU JAPAN, Vintage 1970's Univox Japan Matsumoku Badazz U1820 Electric Guitar w/Vibrato, APOLLO? RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3F4f%3E-147d01da27f-0x10f-, Photo gallery. Please read Bidders with less than 5 positive feedback score please contact me BEFORE bidding!

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