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Introduction and motivation. Value. The model contains many new sub-models: power logistic, linear log-Dagum, linear logistic and log-Dagum distributions among them. 4, pp. X r/X 1 as the ratio of two Dagum r.v.’s It is possible to nu-merically find the distribution function of this r.v. Cumulative Distribution Function (cdf) of EEDL Distribution. Advances in Econometrics, vol. Exponential-Dagum{Lomax}Distribution e six-parameter exponentiated-exponential-Dagum {Lomax} (EEDL) distribution is proposed and we derived someofitscharacterizations. 1. Dagum distribution which is a sub-model of GB2 distribution plays an important role in size distribution of personal income. 167-227. Cowell, F.A. References. r (r = 1, 2, …) describe the income of a household with r members. The generalized beta distribution of the second kind (GB2), McDonald [11], McDonald and Xu [12] is an important distribution with applications in finance and actuarial sciences, as well as economics, where Dagum distribution which is a sub-model of GB2 distribution plays an important role in size distribution of personal income. Source [dpq]logis are calculated directly from the definitions. Dagum, C. (1985) Analysis of Income Distribution and Inequality by Education and Sex in Canada, in R. L. Basmann and G. F. Rhodes, Jr (eds.) The Dagum distribution has many good mathematical as well as statistical properties. Therefore, we can estimate the para-meters λ r, β r, δ r. Now consider the r.v. The Dagum distribution is widely used for income modeling in many countries all over the world (see for example Domanski and J˘edrzejczak [5], J˘edrzejczak [10]). Some properties of the model including three di erent estimation procedures are … (2000): Measurement of Inequality, in: Atkinson and Bourguignon (eds. The proposed model is based on the Weibull–G class (Bourguignon et al., 201416. The R 2 values for the log‐logistic and lognormal distributions were around .62, which was greater than for the Weibull distribution. ¡ï¬‚ ¶: (5) The transmuted Dagum distribution is very °exible model that approaches to difierent distributions when its parameters are changed. In this note, a new class of generalized Dagum distribution called gamma-Dagum distribution is presented. The distribution function is a rescaled hyperbolic tangent, plogis(x) == (1+ tanh(x/2))/2, and it is called a sigmoid function in contexts such as neural networks. For the VG, Dagum, and FX distributions, the w … 1 … Author(s) Alexander Sohn References. The Dagum distribution Dagum [] was introduced as an attempt to overcome the limits of the Log-Normal and Gamma in modelling income distribution.This is mainly due to their poor ability to describe both upper and lower tails of the actual distributions which play a key role when income inequality is evaluated and for the design of income distribution policies. Gupta and Kundu [30] defined the pdf of Google Scholar 3.1. The gamma-Dagum (GD) distribution which includes the gamma-Burr III (GB III), gamma-Fisk or gamma-log logis- rlogis uses inversion. For example, for ‚ = 0 we have the Dagum distribution. Recently, different distributions have been generalized using the T-R {Y} framework but the possibility of using Dagum distribution has not been assessed. Basic properties of this distribution are presented ), Handbook of Income Distribution, pp. returns the Gini coefficient. the parameter p of the Dagum distribution as defined by Kleiber and Kotz (2003). log-Dagum distribution de ned on the entire real line. Assume that each X r has a Dagum distribution. In this paper, we define a new lifetime model called the Weibull-Dagum distribution.

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