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For more information on how to legally use this content, please see our Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted. 0000001494 00000 n } mis1=gon[4]; Tā shì shuō Hànyǔde. OP, you have stated that you want to "study how the pronunciation of words change in different contexts" by reading IPA transcriptions of Chinese speech. "; var gon = Array("-Water [Gui]", "+Wood [Jia]", "-Wood [Yi]", "+Fire [Bing]", "-Fire [Ding]", "+Earth [Wu]", "-Earth [Ji]", else{ mb = ji[10]; form.lpb6.value = lpb6; if ((MM - 9)<0) S=-1; 1983 } i=i+1; if (ms0>10) { date of each period. Mandarin’s tones give the language a very distinctive quality, but the tones can also be a source of miscommunication if not given due attention. JD = JD + 1721027 + 2 * AAA + 367 * YY - 0.5; } Duanmu San's "The Phonology of Standard Chinese" is by far the best introduction to Mandarin phonology that I'm aware of. 1925 yis2=gon[8]; Note that each luck period starts at the age of the person as indicated. January 04 } lpb0 = lpb0 + FW; ms0=ms0+ 2; 2008 I teach English sounds using Adrian Underhill's phonology chart. ms0=ms0+ 6; Pinyin is used for several purposes such as: teaching Chinese, transcribing names and places into words accessible to european language speakers, and used as an input method for typing Chinese characters. 08 Professional Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Readings. 22 The Phonology of Standard Chinese (San Duan-mu) – This book is a great resource for anyone who thinks they know a little bit about phonetics and phonology and want a more thorough discussion. Phonology: Most aspects of the English phonological system cause difficulties for Chinese learners. Chinese syllables maximally consist (Consonant)-(Glide)-Vowel-(Consonant), where the elements in the parentheses are optional. lps2 = gon[lps0]; if (db=="Rooster [You]"){ } his3=gon[5]; if ((eval(ds0.substring(6,7))==i) || (eval(ds0.substring(6,7))==i+5)) { } "; 1964 1995 As the name implies, an initial is used at the beginning of a syllable while a final is the following parts in that syllable. o Not very important with OT } str1 = str00 + "Winter Beginning. lps8 = gon[lps0]; Like other Chinese dialects, Cantonese uses tone contours to distinguish words, with the number of possible tones depending on the type of final. str2 = str01; 3. So study asan ho ga ge bhi yo. lps0 = lps0 - 10*FW; yis3=gon[8]; } 1963 lpb4 = ji[lpb0]; } mis3=""; LP = ((L - 255)/3); mis2=gon[0]; 17 DD=form.nyat.selectedIndex +1 if ((L==45 || L>45) && (L<75)){ "; Please adjust to Standard Local Time if there was Daylight Savings Time. 00 Chinese language has an ideographic and logographic writing system, and it has always been a difficult problem to correctly represent the phonology of Chinese characters (syllables and words). dis3=""; } 2001 1953 yis3=""; Like other Chinese dialects, Cantonese uses tone contours to distinguish words, with the number of possible tones depending on the type of final. 1917 form.lps6.value = lps6; mb = ji[5]; 1994 mis1=gon[2]; Within China itself, there are many different languages that are members of the Sinitic Language Family, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Yin, and so on. 41 This paper will address the very large topic of Chinese phonology. } The Japanese /a/ is rather low like in English, but it is pronunciation wise a central vowel (though the phonology treats it as a back vowel). 0000002501 00000 n } LP = ((75 - L)/3); if ((L==165 || L>165) && (L<195)){ } mis3=gon[7]; 0000074469 00000 n dis2=gon[2]; 14 mb = ji[7]; dis3=gon[8]; The Chinese gender chart is based on factors including the Chinese lunar calendar, five elements, yin and yang, the eight diagrams, etc.Its accuracy is much higher than other free gender prediction tools online but it couldn’t be higher than that of the ultrasound scanning. } 0000008363 00000 n 1911 if (mb=="Tiger [Yin]"){ lps6 = gon[lps0]; yis2=gon[6]; 19 lps0 = lps0 - 10*FW; form.lps4.value = lps4; ms0=ms0+ 9; There are many regional dialects of the official "dialects" of Chinese. else{ lpb0 = 5; if ((L==135 || L>135) && (L<165)){ 2011 yis3=gon[2]; if (yb=="Monkey [Shen]"){


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