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When I discovered you could kayak through caves of the Channel Islands, it was immediately placed on my southern California bucket list. The Park is known as the Galapagos of North America, and the majority of its resident species can only be found there. Should be plastic Sit on Top type (special approval at time of reservation required for  all other types -wood, composite, peddle etc.). Kayaking is a time honored tradition at the Channel Islands National Park. Today the Channel Islands are a top destination for kayakers of all skill levels. As one of the richest marine ecosystems on the entire planet, kayaking around the Channel Islands gives people a chance to get in touch with some incredible denizens of the deep, including orange garibaldi, California moray eels, giant black sea bass, bat rays, and countless other species. You do not need to reserve transport for kayaks when taking a guided tour.  At other island locations, the outfitter will make all the arrangements for kayak transport. 805-642-1393, 3550 Harbor Blvd However, if you've decided to make the trip all the way out to to the park, you have to go Channel Islands kayaking. After landing on the island (via Island Packers ferry service) we made our way about 1/4 mile down the canyon to where the company … However the coves around this area usually have clear water for wildlife viewing. The best islands for snorkeling are Santa Barbara, Anacapa, and eastern Santa Cruz Islands. Please be prepared to give length, weight and construction material for apporval process. Additionally, be sure to consult with the on-island National Park staff upon arrival to the islands. Anacapa Island is home to the only nesting habitat in the United States for Pelicans and Western Gulls. You can also add the walk to the further Potato Harbor to make it a 5 mile round-trip excursion. Tours include a complete ocean kayaking lesson, a tour of the pristine Channel Islands from the Harbor to our local waters, and a view of the fascinating wildlife our coasts have to offer, such as seals, dolphins, crabs, starfish and numerous species of sea birds. In the Channel Islands National Park there are a series of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) surrounding portions of each island. Specialties: Channel Islands Kayak Center specializes in creating fun and exciting kayaking adventures for all ages. 805-642-1393, All Rights Reserved | Travel Master Pro by, East End Landing Cove – Anacapa Island Day Trip, Del Norte Campground | Prisoners Harbor – SCI, Driving Directions | Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, Anacapa Island Hiking Guide & Interpretive Trail Guide, Santa Cruz Island Hiking Guide & Interpretive Guide, Santa Rosa Hiking Guide & Interpretive Guide, San Miguel Island Hiking Guide & Interpretive Trail Guides, Santa Barbara Island Hiking and Interpretive Trail Guides, East End Landing Cove – AI | K-12 Education, Wildlife & Whale Watching | K-12 Education. You should preview this important information on the Kayaking page of the Channel Islands National Park (CINP) website before taking a kayak out to the islands. Should be less than 16 Feet in length (special approval at time of reservation needed for over-sized kayaks). Rated the #1 Outdoor Tour on TripAdvisor! Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding guide for the California Channel Islands - Paddling and launch information. Personal kayaks may also be transported to the island. Whale watching, snorkeling and diving are options as well. Large orange Garibaldi fish are common and you may spot them swimming around your kayak oar. Santa Cruz Island, Scorpion Anchorage is the most popular destination for kayaking.  The sand and cobblestone beach make it easy to get your kayak in the water and the many caves and coves make for great kayaking fun.Santa Cruz Island, Prisoners Harbor has fewer visitors in general. There was one cave where the water was a neon mint green due to the way the sun streamed in on the mineral deposits in the ocean. When kayaking in Santa Barbara, you’ll often get quite a natural show that can include migrating gray and humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, starfish, and sea birds. They’ll pop up out of nowhere and dig through your bags. We offer guided tours out at the spectacular Channel Islands as well as family friendly guided tours in our beautiful… A different subspecies of the Island Fox lives on each land mass of the archipelago. Feel free to contact Channel Islands Kayak Center for … As I previously mentioned, there are three main activities on the island: sea kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. Channel Islands Kayaking Near Ventura, California A whole new world of adventure awaits visitors to the Channel Islands National Park and the water surrounding these islands. We had a quick lunch of granola bars and fresh fruit and headed up a path that led us to the top of the island cliff. Review the kayak guidelines and regulations posted on the park bulletin boards. Seasickness is not something you want to experience on vacation, but I must say, the perfect distraction from feeling queasy is seeing humpback whales breach and dolphins swim alongside the boat. Whatever your choice, you will see the island and the ocean wildlife from a new perspective when paddling a kayak. Visit our … Let our experienced guides outfit you for a fun day of cave exploration. Outer Island Kayaking at Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands require expert ocean knowledge and experience at open ocean kayaking. However, I quickly learned that despite how fun it is, it's also incredibly challenging rowing through waves in the open ocean. In fact, roughly 7 miles of ocean around the Park make up the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. The wildlife on and around the island is crazy abundant due to being protected and as untouched as possible. The kayaking opportunities at the Channel Islands are some of the best anywhere in California. 1691 Spinnaker Drive #105B Located at Marine Emporium Landing in Channel Islands Harbor. About Ocean Blue Kayaking Wild Blue Adventures is owned and operated by Channel Islands Outfitter’s co-founder Garrett Kababik and wife Kaia Kababik. Be prepared only to pack what you can carry. Must have a 6-8 foot bowline with a strong clip on the free end. Transport of Special Kayaks must be approved at the time you reserve your kayak space. Obviously, I don't have the best kayaking skills, no matter how much I enjoy it. We have done many kayak trips on our own as well as with guided tours like this one, and this was definitely one of our favourite experiences. They are still open for diving and kayaking and general boating, but the impact on the ecosystem is limited since you cannot fish in these areas. Click on any listing for detailed information. There will also be times when you get turned around or stuck in a cave from the current. We’ll spend 2.5-3 hours exploring the sea caves around Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island. No other area of the park offers as many sea cave kayaking opportunities. This allowed us to get up at dawn and literally walk to the boat launch to get to Channel Islands: a super convenient and easy way to start our adventure. Dolphins, whales and pelicans are the norm when taking this Channel Islands boat trip. Channel Islands National Park is a secluded group of islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. There are no kayaks for rent at the island.  You must reserve transport space with Island Packers for rental kayaks.  Space is limited to 18 kayaks a day at Scorpion Anchorage by the National Park. Support our National Parks and make this your next stop in California. The boat to Channel Islands was our second ferry ride on our California vacation (our first being to Catalina Island). Overall, Channel Islands is an incredibly underrated, relatively unknown National Park. "Kayaking the Channel Islands with SB Adventure Co should definitely be on your bucket list." It's remoteness and lack of tourists really makes this place a gem to visit especially when you have the chance to go sea kayaking. Channel Islands National Park includes the Islands of San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara. Some of the most beautiful sea caves in the world can be found at Scorpion Anchorage. However, if you've decided to make the trip all the way out to to the park, you have to go Channel Islands kayaking. channel islands. Anacapa Island is a cliff island and has no beach in the landing area.  Kayaks are offloaded from the boat to the landing dock.  Kayaks are then lowered to the water by rope and you must go down a ladder to get into the kayak.  When you are finished kayaking, you must pull the kayak back up to the landing dock before the Island Packers boat returns for pick up of passengers and kayaks.  The waters at Anacapa Island are usually crystal clear and you can see down many feet to the ocean life below. Kayak The Channel Islands. The Park is mostly untouched by man, making it a fantastic escape into nature with snorkeling spots and plenty of hiking trails. Anacapa Island can have stronger current along it’s shore so kayakers should be moderately experienced at ocean kayaking. Kayaking (excluding personal watercraft-see Laws and Policies for more information) is a unique and rewarding way to experience the pristine marine environment of Channel Islands National Park. EMFredric wrote a review Sep 2019. Trust me, leaning away from where your pushing puts too much pressure on the opposite side of the kayak and you will tip into the ocean. You can go on a guided tour, rent kayaks or bring your own kayak. Going this route led us to the Cavern Point Loop trail, a stunning moderately difficult, 2 mile round-trip trek that I recommend to everyone. Santa Cruz Island is the largest and most accessible island (and the launching point of your sea kayaking trip) while Anacapa Island, Santa Rosa Island, San Miguel Island and Santa Barbara Island make up the rest of the National Park. Book Your Trip Now! You do not need to reserve transport for kayaks when taking a guided tour. We kayak near the volcanic cliffs where we can have an intimate and non invasive experience with Pelicans as they begin to fledge the nests. We also see birds of prey including Bald Eagles, which also nest on West Anacapa Island. These areas are closed to fishing and hunting, both commercial and recreational. It is a relatively new National Park compared to some of the other heavy-hitters, with 5 of the islands in the archipelago receiving the designation in 1980. Santa Catalina Island and San Clemente Island are also discussed. Guided kayaking tours are available by contacting Channel Islands Adventure Company, 805- 884-9283.  Touring kayaks are kept on Santa Cruz Island at Scorpion Anchorage. We are the number one choice for Channel Islands National Park outfitting and tours. You will find solitude and splendor. #7 of 111 Outdoor Activities in Channel Islands "We had a great kayak tour, exploring gullies and stopping off for a swim were the highlights, our guide was Sim who was enthusiastic and chatty, telling us some of the history and other interesting information abo..." Channel Islands Kayak Tours Some of the most beautiful views in the world can be found in Channel Islands National Park. I love road trips and random outdoor adventures. Copyright © 2016-2020 Adrift Aesthetic | Privacy Policy | Travel Blog Directory, island, one day itinerary, Catalina Island day trip, catalina ferry, all the National Parks along the west coast. The California Coast Kayak, Canoe and Stand Up Paddle Board Guide. The unparalleled beauty that can be found in every inch of this place is like nothing you've ever seen before, and to think it’s only about an hour away from the craziness of mainland California is pretty nuts. We stayed the the night in Ventura Harbor at the Four Points by Sheraton, right along the water. Companies offering kayaking tours of all kinds in Channel Islands NP, California are listed below. Kayak the sea caves at Channel Islands National Park on this full-day trip from Venture Harbor. Visitors can kayak on their own or go with a park-authorised outfitter. One of the best things to do during your Channel Islands trip is to go snorkeling. Kayak the Channel Islands! The kayaking opportunities at the Channel Islands are some of the best anywhere in California. If you want a new exciting family fun experience, try Channel Islands kayak center's" History and Wildlife" kayak adventure tour in the safe waters of the Oxnard Channel Islands harbor! Take your Dramamine friends; this trip travels over some rough water. Learn about natural history and marine ecology, admire breathtaking scenery and kayak through exciting sea caves while following the lead of your friendly, experienced guide. Ventura, Ca 93001 Oxnard, Ca 93035 Guided kayaking tours are available by contacting Channel Islands Adventure Company, 805- 884-9283. With the improved health of the National Marine Sanctuary around the islands, whales have increasingly been attracted to the plentiful food sources. 26 reviews of Channel Islands Adventure Company "Adventure Kayak Tour on Santa Cruz island: This company is the exclusive provider of guided kayak tours through the sea caves around scorpion anchorage on Santa Cruz island in the channel islands national park. Interested in river kayaking? Since my first time to the North Channel, I have now been back 8-9 times leading the same trip that I went on as a student, became the head of watersports at my college, instructed weekly rolling & technique clinics, paddled the world (Norway, Costa Rica, New Zealand and all over the States) and now work at Paddling.com as the content manager. All kayaks must meet Island Packers transport guidelines. The Channel Islands Kayak Center features a host of kayaking activities, from local kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals, our family friendly History and Wildlife kayak adventure tour, as well servicing rentals and guided kayak tours to the world famous Channel Islands! Be sure you have transport space reserved before reserving the actual kayak. Here you will also face new challenges and may encounter unexpected dangers. I tipped twice guys...nobody else did. Our Adventure Sea Cave Kayak Tour is our most popular Channel Islands National Park tour. Travels with Django - Dog Friendly Kayaking Here! Channel Islands National Park, about 20 miles offshore of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties in Southern California, is one of the country’s least visited national parks and is one of the most incredible sea kayaking destinations in the world. Kayak rentals are available from Channel Island Kayak Center (805) 984-5995.  Rental kayaks must be arranged at least a day ahead of your departure date.  Kayaks rented from this company will comply with all Island Packers guidelines.

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