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They were so happy they created a Fan Page on Face book about the great work our company did, all was great until I received a call from the homeowners about 8 weeks after the install, they were saying that the wood had started to cup and was uneven throughout 75% of the house! The Bellawood Premium Underlayment offers a universal product usage. Shop elsewhere if you don't want to learn the hard way like I did. I decided against laminate wood because we live in upper-middle class neighborhood and when we sold, laminate would be a negative. Before any of the planks were installed, I laid down a DOUBLE moisture barrier (It was my mom’s house). I installed solid wood flooring over a slab, and have learned since that this is not an acceptable practice, but the store was only too happy to sell me the solid wood and the adhesive to put it down with! were not a reliable good fix especially for a solid natural expensive wood flooring. Well I'm I glad I found this site. Anyone know a good lawyer? The company suggests that you order a full 17-percent more flooring than needed. He said he is not impressed with LL inspectors and I believe they will not take any responsibility for it. If you need help in your law suit or would like to join mine, feel free to email me at [email protected]. My natural oak 3/4 inch Bella hardwood floor is a mess. We spend 10, 000.00 on this darn floor and it is horrible. Both of these problems are a common accordance with hardwoods, so I just grabbed an empty Bellawood box thinking I would return them for a refund. Now we have gaps along the long edges of the boards appearing in random places. If anyone is interested in starting a class action suit against these crooks, I would be happy to add my name. What a joke! It is all intact. Often, this translates to a substitute such as a wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring or laminate flooring. Bellawood is no longer a secret. I am so thankful to have come across this site. And they do have a local store in Springfield, MO. It has taken him months to install because all the planks are not the same depth and or width, so he has to open every box and search for the closest match to each plank.Not to mention the gaps from the beveled edge actually caused a tripping hazard for our little one and myself if wearing heels. Try to use Facebook or other social communication method to warn all your friends and family members about this horrible product. NO to both! This is B.S. When I called LL to complain, their customer service person was probably the worst I have ever encountered. Bellawood Hardwood Cost and Availability . A lot of good that warranty will do. We purchased the recommended underlayment which was the most expensive and had a moisture barrier. I feel so bad for all who have posted on this board. http://www.uptownfloors.com - On the job review of Bellawood 5 inch prefinished Brazilian Cherry offered through Lumber Liquidators. store manager salesmen at L.L. our floor began to cup (approx. ft 30 ft. x 3.85 ft. x 4/5 in. Bellawood Premium Underlayment - 100 square feet per roll The Bellawood Premium Underlayment offers a universal product usage. My question is, If "humidity" is a factor in the longevity of the floor, why weren't we told, & another type of floor recommended ? please help me on my blog too. Click on the size button to view product. Probably humidity they told me. LL Flooring/Lumber Liquidators showrooms are low-pressure sales environments. As Lumber Liquidators is the only place you can purchase Bellawood in its solid or engineered form, the availability may be limited for some … If you read the 6-font fine print for Bellawood, you will see that the "50-year warranty" is no longer in effect after the floor is installed. 100 Sq Ft. CoreLux Underlayment. The wood was left to acclimate in the house for over 3 weeks while the house had A/C and heating working to accommodate myself and employees while we were completing the kitchen remodel and other repairs we were living in the east wing of the house to avoid traveling back and forth since the job was a 2 hour drive one way from our office. QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl Underlayment 360-sq ft Premium 1.5 mm Flooring Underlayment. It was found that the installer they recommened didn't use the correct nails. In early 2020, Lumber Liquidators began the process of changing its name to LL Flooring to better reflect its main product: flooring, not lumber. Before. PAID to say GOOD things about them. Bellawood Premium Underlayment - 100 square feet per roll The Bellawood Premium Underlayment offers a universal product usage. My husband and I are furious about this lack of quality and terrible customer service. This allows tile mortar, which bonds … We are on our way to a law suit with everyone involved. This is after much of the original order was returned for milling issues. I believe that the products Lumber liquidator in conjunction of Bellawood manufactures and Mapei adhesive and moisture barrier are not sufficient to use when applying solid teak over a concrete slab are not sufficient and are at high risk of loosing very expensive investments that a homeowner are sold on by their staff. we also uses a non intrusive humidity detector throughout many areas, all within good allowable amounts according to Mapei. We had Bellawood Brazilian Teak that we purchased from Lumber Liquidators installed in November of 2008. Please contact me if there is movement of a class action suit: [email protected] Our construction firm picked up the wood from their branch and delivered it to the house, we removed the plastic sealing the boxes and spread them out throughout the house in the rooms where it was to be installed. What a HUGE disappointment. My e-mail is: [email protected] In addition, it can be used with nail … Where is the BBB on this? Spotty availability due to store locations. Soon after the Inspector hired buy lumber liquidators came out to the house and took some pictures and one small wood plank out of the 2400sq" installed, 2-3 weeks later he sent his results to their house, The findings were that the adhesive was not applied correctly and that L.L dose not cover for cupping of wood flooring. We charged them $5, 400.00 to install the wood, a very good price for that kind of installation. My husband is extremely proficient with floor installation, building things etc. Poor Customer care. Bellawood is the worst flooring I have every installed some much so that I will not install it for any customer and do not recommend it to anyone. When doing so, Lumber Liquidators recommends the use of Bellawood Platinum, Bellawood Premium, Quiet Walk or the Eco Silent Sound underlayment. One especially helpful feature of LL Flooring's site is the product availability indicator. Instead, as is customary for flooring retailers, licensed and insured professional independent contractors can install your flooring. If anyone is thinking about purchasing Bellawood, or for that matter, any wood from Lumber Liquidators, I would suggest that you do some research prior. We began our layout and cleaning of the sub floor and installation, we used a very effective and recommended installation method measuring out 5 rows of wood, snapping a chalk line and applying Mapei Eco955 with the trowel clip on ends that are provided in the adhesive pale, applying a full consistent spread of the adhesive moisture barrier keeping within our squared and measured chalk line, installing plank after plank leaving 3/8 to 1/2 inch of gap space along all vertical walls and obstructers to allow proper expansion and contraction of the flooring during climate changes. If anyone has a class action suit with LL, I would be very interested. The problems began a quarter of the way into the job when I began noticing serious milling mistakes. I'd be happy to join a class action suit. Its a sad reminder of the headaches we had to go through to get them to rip everything up and install the flooring again. There are many areas where it looks worn even though it is only my husband and I in the home with just normal foot traffic. ABSOLUTE ###!!! Bellawood … But what if you could buy real solid hardwood or engineered wood that truly is inexpensive? The Bellawood Platinum Underlayment offers a universal product usage. This is one time I didn't do so because of LL being such a reputable company or popular I should say. I have had the same problem. Now, every time my mother goes on vacation, I get called when she gets back to bang down and nail a new buckle. Never, buy from this store, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, They asked for many documents, but they didn't want to give funding to me. I'm very sorry for all of you that been had. I think this review is way over the top and unnecessary . We had Bruce's flooring for 10 years never had any problems. If anyone would like to ask me any questions please email me at [email protected]. In addition, it can be used with nail … You will find a good rating for LL because they pay them to LIE for them! My floors also squeak horribly. Its sad that a company doesn't follow up with complaints and makes an effort to care. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN!!! Before installing your new laminate flooring, it's important to start with a good underlayment. The various types of Bellawood are available in stock at LL Flooring/Lumber Liquidators stores since the retail outlets serve as mini-warehouses for everything carried by the stores. This is just not right. 1700 useless square feet of brazilian walnut cracked in 2 weeks time. Again I returned to their house and began removing some parts of the hardwood that had lifted off the sub-floor, We found a full spread of glue on the concrete and on back of the wood planks with mildew growth where the wood was in contact with the glue. They have lost my business because I believe you all can't be making up the same problems. We contacted the company and they wanted pictures for proof. Kirk Dozek, owner at Kirk Dozek Wood Floors in St. Clair Shores, Mich., tried this new light. We could have saved thousands, saved at least a month in time, and had a better quality floor. Our house is raised, & it is quite humid here. It was almost impossible to see the problem in the pictures anyway. Bellawood Platinum Underlayment – 100 square feet per roll The Bellawood Platinum Underlayment … I suppose if you install Bellawood floors you have to leave you’re a/c or heat running while you are gone for weeks at a time. I also had about 2, ooo sq.ft. I understand their frustrations but both homeowners and I both know the products that they purchased after consulting with the sales reps at L.L. But at LL Flooring, the cost of Bellawood has risen at a slower rate than at most other flooring brands. Lumber Liquidators owns its own stores and does not sell franchises, so you will not encounter any commissioned sales employee steering you to buy more expensive flooring. In Rhode Island, one LL Flooring store serves the state's population of over 1 million. Your installed floor will NOT look anything like what you see in the showroom. We installed Bellawood Brazilian Cherry in October 2008. You can check ahead of time whether or not your local store has your product in stock and exactly how many boxes are available. Tried to upload pics files are 4 mb and will not upload, Hello and sorry to hear that so many people have had such similar problems with Bellawood and Lumber Liquidators. When doing so, Lumber Liquidators recommends the use of Bellawood Premium underlayment or ECO Silent Sound underlayment. Hope you all have better experiences in the future if you do business through them again...oh and buy the way. Bella needs to step up and start making floors that there customers can be proud of. Our contractor has been out three times to look at it and now he is going to have a LL inspector come out to look at it. Shop This Product! This might work as an excuse, but if there is high humidity in the home, then why aren’t the hardwood floors in the other rooms affected? If a class action suit is around please contact me at [email protected], I had Bella Wood floors installed in my family room and now I noticed it is starting to split and the finish in some areas looks terrible.If tthere is a class action suit filed, please contact me [email protected]. Even though many companies have begun to phase out their solid hardwoods, Bellawood has actually expanded its solid hardwood line. Thanks to all. While LL Flooring is seeking to increase its reach throughout the U.S., availability is still limited and inconsistent. Our installer was not able to use several of the boards due to blistering, chipping and other flaws. If you read this and buy Bellawood or do business with Lumber Liquidators, you are a bigger idiot than I. But the company still alternately uses both names. I was hoping the floor would be good for at least ten years, now I'm confident we will be replacing all of this "great product" over the next two years. However, since it is so heavily coated with the oxide finish, no floor refinisher will want to use his/her equipment on this type of flooring. I had a respected HardWood installer put them in. Buy on … We are sick at the prospects of redoing the floor. When I called Lumber Liquidators to try to find anyone who could refinish it or at least put another coat of sealant on it to try to stop this from continuing to happen, they could not give me the name of anyone who would help me. They were built that way 100yrs. Unfortunately this theory does not apply here. LH. What are the shipping options for underlayment? We installed 2000 sqft of Bellawood from LL 5 years ago (Brazilian Teak) It looks terrible, always has and until we can bite the bullet to have the entire floor sanded or removed I guess we're stuck! Only a few years ago, Bellawood was the ultimate insider's secret, since Lumber Liquidators stores were found only in out-of-the-way, light industrial zones. Has anyone heard of a class action suit started yet? BELLAWOOD Premium Underlayment 100 Sq Ft AND 3/4" x 2-1/4" Cinnamon Maple Wood Flooring. I will set up a website for this once things are cooking, all interested please stay tuned ! You just might find that with Bellawood. We could have purchased less expensive flooring, but we know that in most cases you get what you pay for. Also, you'll need to live in a larger metro area within those states. The best rated underlayment product is the Complete Premium 100 sq. does not have any warranty on their products, do buy from them the do not disclose properly, they are thieves and fraudulent, don't buy from them, Vashikaran Fraud Fake Astrology Love Problem Marriage Problem. Hogwash! Where is the Better Business Bureau in all this? This is garbage. The BBB should be ashamed, they're party to this fraud! ft. of Brazilian Walnut that is peeling, splitting and cracking. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Our professional installer said that he sees this all the time with Bellawood. 100 Sq Ft. Dream Home Quiet Walk. I don't know what to believe, considering what we have gone through weather wise over the past 3 weeks with Hurricane Irene and then tropical storm Lee and now this week high humidity and rain. By the way, about a year after my mother floors began giving her so much trouble, her friend from Virginia called – Their Bellawood floors began to buckle and split too! Some of the boards started chipping severly about a month after installation. In frustration, I called out a professional installer and he said his company does not use non-engineered hardwood unless the owners are adamant, and are willing to pay for the subfloor and other work required for Hardwood in Florida. Click on the size button to view product. Maybe these guys just have the whole customer service thing down etc.. Replaced cream carpet with Delaware Bay Driftwood in the living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway and Bellawood premium underlayment. You all have been very helpful. 7 Likes Share: Now let’s see … YOU SOLD ME A FLAWED FLOOR, TOLD ME TO FILE A COMPLAINT, KEPT 5 BOXES FROM MY ORDER, SOLD THEM TO SOMEONE ELSE, AND CHARGED ME FOR THEM. I immediately drove out there and in fact the flooring was cupping, I recommended to them that they needed to keep the house acclimated by using the central A/C system due to the fact that the hot summer had began explain once again how wood reacts to changes in the relative humidity, I also recommended them to open a investigation claim with L.L. I also noticed very poor finishing on some of the planks. I asked him if it was from humidity and his answer was absolutly NO. In less than 2 weeks over 800 sq/ft of flooring had ALL WARPED. The overall rating … Bellawood was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 22, 2011 and since then this brand received 8 reviews.. Bellawood ranks 19 of 211 in Flooring and Tiling category. When we first saw the issue and tried to get Lumber Liquidators involved they simply said it wasn't their issue and that I needed to contact HSS. LUMBER LIQUIDATORS IS THE POOREST EXCUSE FOR WOOD FLOORING EVER AND THEIR PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE TO SAY THE LEAST! Bellawood is a manufacturer of hardwood floors for residential and commercial properties. I suggested not installing the last of it and eating the cost. However, lumber liquidators denied the claim based on the explanations for problems that were not even the reason for our claim. Lets just say, ALL laminate is better than Bellawood hardwood products, and considering what Bellawood charges, either go somewhere else, or buy laminate from a more reputable dealer than Bellawood front men. The home owner did a 360 turn on me and has pointed all his frustrations towards me, knowing that is easier to go after a small firm like myself then getting what they deserve refunded from Lumber Liquidators, given the fact that their warranties is no longer valid after installation. Pre-finished wood flooring is ready for installation since it comes pre-stained with multiple coats of urethane-based … I guess LL tells it's employees to deny and put it back on the customer. After tons of research and having some customers use LL with minimum complaint I went ahead and bought Brazilian Cherry for my living + dinning room. Please contact me at: [email protected], We had Bellawood (white oak) purchased from LL installed in our home in April 2008 and in June 2008 every board had cupped. Thanks, Do not buy your flooring at Lumber Liquidators. The floor started to separate and have thin cracks along the boards. I was just about to buy a house full of bellawood. we have to treat the floor like and old antique!If anyone has any answers to problems i would be thrilled to know what to do. lumberliq.blogspot.com. After completely upgrading their new house we began our last task, Installation of the wood flooring. The worst part was the amount of waste due to cracked pieces and the varying widths which leads to irregular spaces. I am sure that you guys are frusterated, and maybe it is the LL in your neck of the woods, however I have, along with many of my friends and family, purchased a few floors through these guys and have had nothing but great experiences. 80 - 100yrs. Based on other reviews I have to agree, If you are going to have a dog, get standard red oak as the Bellawood … Bellawood a house brand of pre-finished hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring sold exclusively at LL Flooring, also known as Lumber Liquidators. How can we start a class action lawsuit? In May 2013 I had been hired by a homeowner client that we had perform three large remodel projects for them at their home in Newport Beach Ca. If we removed the braces too soon, the boards would move. Bellawood Premium Underlayment - 100 square feet per roll The Bellawood Premium Underlayment offers a universal product usage. We are building a new home. We purchased flooring from Lumber Liquidators store in Mansfield, Ohio. Our story is the same as the many others, due to the advertisers on the TV we decided to bite the bullet and pay the price for American Cherry Select. A few of our friends have had the same BAD experience! Their "crack" inspector told us it was an environmental/humidity issue and the warranty for 50 years was not valid. Click on the … Bellawood Platinum Underlayment - 100 square feet per roll The Bellawood Platinum Underlayment offers a universal product usage. Thank you ahead of time for any input. These people are pathetic and in short...crooks. The inspectors came by, and now we received a letter from LL that said this was our fault. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. Their 50 year warranty doesn't cover humidity - how freaking convenient! You need to live close enough to one of the retail stores to pick up the product. Bellawood Premium Underlayment. The underlayment has a plastic strip on one end that goes along the wall and up the wall that will be covered by the baseboard, and the other end has a strip of adhesive tape. It turned out to be our floor had buckled and came apart in an area in our living roo. DONT BUY, I have installed floors for more than twenty years and I have never seen a poorer product than Bellawood Flooring. (Bruce and Traffic Master). They in turn contacted the main office who requested pics. After. Which means I am screwed. After years of watching our nasty green carpet deteriorate, my wife and I decided we needed to upgrade our look two years ago. All rights reserved. THE WARRANTY IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE! 0 Likes Share: Now let’s see the difference hardwood made in your … This goes to show you that people do research on what they are going to buy. I asked about the influence of heat & moisture on the product and was reassured by the salesman that as long as I followed the instructions, the wood would hold up. BELLAWOOD PREMIUM UNDERLAYMENT - $150 (Baldwinsville) QR Code Link to This Post. I was planning to visit LL tomorrow and order 2000SF. We packed up our tools and returned to our base in Anaheim California. MOTHER FOCKING THIEVES!!! Upon completion the floorings looked and felt beautiful. We were told the finish was so hard that our dogs would not be problematic (if we cut their toe nails any shorter they would have feet). Would have been better off polishing the concrete and sealing it. I guess by translating the warranty 5 - 10 % of the product you have already purchased and haven’t opened is crap. We were just going to purchase Bellawood Brazilian Cherry flooring for our hallway, kitchen and family room. I always do research on things before we buy them. We have 4 unopened BELLAWOOD Premium Underlayment 100 Sq Ft rolls for sale. I had to send pictures of the floor and answer a few questions, like did I live near a lake or creek (the answer is no). The house is approx. LL Flooring/Lumber Liquidators carries 96 types of Bellawood pre-finished solid hardwood flooring options and 31 types of engineered flooring products. Sound familiar? It is in poor condition, which is why we put down another wood floor over it. We spent well over $25, 000 on WOOD ALONE!!! It is time consumers engaged a class action lawsuit. They sent out what they called "an independent flooring expert". During installation the installer had a problem with milling errors (different depths and widths) so we had to live with with the BEST OF THE WORST. These houses all have wooden floors in them. Item #2677394. How many more people have to be screwed over by this company. How is the world do they know what our environment is like without actually coming out and looking at the floor. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Best Overall: FloorLot Blue Laminate Flooring Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrier. Yes, underlayment can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. Again I am so glad I have a 50 year warranty on the finish! © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. They have told me that they have mailed me a packet about and determined that the floor was buckling due to the "Environment". After approx. Anyone filing a class action lawsuit, please contact me at [email protected] The right base can deaden sound, add thermal insulation, and provide the perfect spring for comfortable walking. Home owners were ready to begin enjoying their newly remodeled house. What a flipping mess. Tool Review: DeWalt 12V/20V MAX Compact Task Light Tool Review: DeWalt 12V/20V MAX Compact Task Light . Her home is located in south Ga. and is on about a three foot crawlspace. Don't drop anything on the floor because you'll get a huge dent in the finish or floor. Some states, such as Idaho, Montana, Maine, Iowa, Arkansas, and South Dakota, have only between one to five stores. I had an issue with the install. GARBAGE COMPANY. We walk around without shoes now and dogs are banned from rooms with the floor. 2 mos. I have installed a whole warehouse full of hardwoods, and the nails are standard. DO NOT buy Bellawood!!! of Brazilian alnut installed in my house last Oct. Lumber Liquidators and its Bellawood line are a scam. When I finished the job I had more than 3 boxes out of 40 with poor milling/finishes. I have cared for this floor with ONLY natural wood cleaning products recommended by LL. My flooring buckled after 4-5 months. In addition, it can be used with nail-down and glue-down flooring. We are trying to find a lawyer for a class action lawsuit. Same with us - we bought bellwood through lumber liquidators. I too am one to do thorough research on all potential purchases, on even something as inexpensive as good quality kitchen towels or countertop ovens! This is a moisture barrier and adhesive in a one step application. i called LL and they sent an inspector who rolled balls around the place and took pictures, LL told us that the installation was wrong (done by one of the companies they recomend ) and the warranty was void! This premium underlay is manufactured from polyethylene with a unique design. Thank you all for taking the time to warn the rest of us, I am so sorry for your loss. Little did we know the worst was yet to come. I took the installer to court recently but lost. Total $3200.00 We purchased the 3/8 solid Brazillian Cherry and it took four weeks to install 800 sq feet. In some of the gaps, you can see the glue pulling away from the boards. I wish I had found this site months ago before we bought the Bellawood Brazillian Cherry. Homeowners went to our local L.L. Lumber Liquidators is a horrible experience. It looked beautiful until the beginning of June 2009. Bellawood Premium Underlayment is a unique, earth-friendly, insulating underlayment used under laminate, nail down and glued down wood floors. When I called Lumber Liquidators I was told that I used the wrong nails. Their excuse for our problem was humidity! and were more than happy to take our money!!! Bellawood is inexpensive. If you buy all 4 rolls, you will … Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board.

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