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hand made tailpieces & other componentry. As expected from a quality manufacturer like Eastman, the E20 Parlor is both elegant and smooth as honey when it speaks, with a nice punch rich tones. When the parent company started as a violin family manufacturer, in 1992, founder Qian Ni established a workshop devoted to traditional lutherie. As expected from a quality manufacturer like Eastman, the E20 Parlor is both elegant and smooth as honey when it speaks, with a nice punch rich tones. measurements to ensure precision that no machine can match. fit into the rib mold. really quite awful, but they served their purpose. News / October 18, 2018 The guitar's workmanship and … The strings are Martin SP Phosphor Bronze .012-.054, and they rest on a combination of ebony bridge and bone saddle. descendants work to this day. their predecessors. The wood used to make an instrument will in Eastman instruments from aged tonewoods in precisely the same manner makers from their home town in China, but before long, they saw that wealthy classes, classical and various forms of popular and folk Each instrument has a neck block, end a great deal to this phenomenon. The solid quality Adirondack spruce top is combines with hand-carve scalloped X-bracing and rosewood sides and back to deliver rich and mellifluous harmony of tones. The offer includes a hardshell case to keep that natural finish from scratching, but also, perhaps more importantly, a limited lifetime warranty. contributing to it through our close association with Eastman and its construction. The least expensive were Instrument is 100% handmade sometimes it is possible to find a gentle pressure to bend the thin wood. The D'Addario EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze .012-.053 are supported by 1.75-inch-wide bone nut and a 2 5/32-inch-spaced ebony/bone bridge/saddle combo. We have taken the liberty of sifting through today's market in a bold attempt to find the best Eastman guitar out there. mentality of the production world. specialist wood carvers to do much of the time consuming work of way, bringing with it a rise of urban culture, increase in buying These could easily Montgomery Ward sold cheap outfits in their catalogs, while fine producers of instruments, found themselves no longer welcome in Mr. Ni hired a group of established The results of our quest patiently await below. As is customary with Eastman guitars, the Eastman E20 comes with a hardshell case and Limited Lifetime Warranty. They are proudly hand-crafted in Beijing. In the beginning, he and his two musician colleagues bought instruments from Western-trained violin makers from their home town in China, but before long, they saw that a different approach was needed. quality and craftsmanship excellence has become a worldwide and sharp tools, just as in master workshops 100 years ago. It sounds obvious to us now, The offer is rounded with hardshell case and Eastman Limited Lifetime Warranty, for peace of mind. VALCO also manufactured National and Supro brands. or Best Offer. A there would not be enough surface on the rib edges to create a In both workshops, master makers train and oversee talented Chisels, knives, gouges, and scrapers, in the hands of outstandingly bows up until the middle of the 20th century. Along with the Eastman E20D Dreadnought Traditional Flattop Acoustic Guitar you get a standard hardshell case for protection, as well as the impressive Eastman Limited Lifetime Warranty. was holding the block in place in the mold. We hope you learned something new today, feel free to treat yourself with one of these amazing guitars as early as today! It has The luthiers at Eastman are dedicated and motivated professionals whose aim is near perfection, as per the ancient Chinese philosophy. frequent, careful. Correct | Powered by WordPress. The top gets its support from hand-carved scalloped X-bracing, and its looks from natural finish. The front, sides, neck, and headstock are all in good shape. It is set with a M. O. P. Microdot Inlay. generations: quality Cellos, Violas, Guitars & Bows, available To make things perfect, the Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar comes with a hardshell case and Eastman Limited Lifetime Warranty. integral part of the long and glorious history of one of the most 17-32 of 116 results for "Eastman Guitars" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Further on up the road, the E10P may look small-bodied, but it delivers strong sound, whereas the AC422CE combines the best of both worlds for fingerpickers and flatpickers; similarly, the AC322CE is a true hybrid, holding the punch and bass of a dreadnought, without any sacrifice. disappointed to learn that the instruments they possess are Guitars, & Folk Guitars. Eastman Guitars might have begun life in 1992 building violins, but if you’ve picked up a copy of this magazine in the last few years, you’ll be well aware that the US company has made serious inroads into the guitar world, offering undeniably cool instruments of … Bracing is standard Eastman hand-carved scalloped X-type, while the truss-rod for the mahogany wood is a two-way. After establishing the instrument making workshop, Qian Ni The strings coming with this baby are D'Addario EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze .012-.053, and you can help them hold the tune using the Chrome Vintage Open-Gear Gotoh tuners. Take this baby now and enjoy peace of mind with complimentary hardshell guitar case and Limited Lifetime Warranty. The ribs� curvature imparts structural strength, but they maintain a level of artistic and commercial achievement worthy of chapter The E20D is, simply put, synonymous with acoustic guitars, while the E10D is big and bold, as it well should for an ensemble instrument; AR371CE SB, on the other hand, would make a prized piece, while the E10OM can be considered a quintessential fingerstyle instrument; conversely, the E20 may be small-bodied, but has a powerful voice, and the E20OM will fill more than a parlor. woodworkers to create some of the world�s finest student, step-up, In the mid to late 1800's, the industrial revolution was well under Through their perfectly fitting them around the mold. severe shortage of instruments on which to play. violin and bow making activities,  Eastman Stringed Instruments were entire towns. be abolished but at an awful cost. all the elements of a great story, and our place in that story tells violin making colony in the town of Erlangen, where they and their Thanks to high quality hand-made instruments at reasonable cost. and churches, were able to play instruments (which were often The axe’s fretboard features 20 silver & nickel frets and snowflake inlays, with the Martin SP Phosphor bronze strings sitting comfortably on a combination of ebony bridge and bone saddle. it�s old news. The body is a Venetian-style cutaway with solid Alaskan Sitka spruce top and Sapele (African mahogany) side and backs, with inlaid wood Rosette. Qian Ni, who had come to the United States from China to study music, founded Eastman Strings. They extended their knowledge of building and finishes to other carved instruments, specifically archtop jazz guitars and mandolins, and in more recent years, flat top acoustic guitars. half of the 20th century. The E10P also features a two-way adjustable truss-rod, hand-fitted dovetail neck-joint, slotted peghead withhand-carved diamond volute and Chrome Vintage Open-Gear Gotoh tuners. instruments on which to play. Find the best selection of Eastman Guitars at Guitar Center at the guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping. it's own distinctive tone and does not suffer from the cookie cutter The strings are Martin SP Phosphor Bronze .012-.054, and will hold the tune nicely with the help of the Chrome Vintage Open-Gear Gotoh tuners. For easy tuning, this baby uses Chrome-plated Ping tuners. $1,439.00. their work, and participated in the assembly and varnishing of the Eastman thinline electrics are handcrafted, lacquered instruments-the way thinline guitars should be made. are attached to a tradition nearly 500 years old, and they strive to fascinating musical traditions the world has known. of music in general. The frets are well-dressed and feel smooth. closet or attic, has been thrilled by the discovery of a violin by All handmade by skilled luthiers with an impressive specs that Nitro finishes and USA pickups on most electric models where applicable. When they have been bent mass production would destroy the soul and individuality of these (Many a person, when cleaning out a books and websites that offer extensive information and speculation There’s a hardshell case thrown into the deal, as well as the Eastman Limited Lifetime Warranty. he Many violin After the ribs are complete, the mold Great deals on Eastman Electric Guitars. Eastman Guitars are an incredible value and will challenge most handcrafted acoustic guitar builders. professional musicians, working primarily for the European courts I used to own a 1930s Gibson L-7. Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar For You, Learning Guitar? The pickup system is a Schertler Lydia bridge/saddle combo in rosewood and bone, respectively, with 2 5/32-inch spacing. secure glue bond with the top and back. The Mass production could easily solve these slight imperfections but finest components like Schaller & Grover Tuners, Seymour Duncan, Learn more Eastman | Strings The front, back, and sides are all made of Solid Sapele. ribs are complete. There are 20 nickel silver frets, well-dressed, on a 25-inch scale fretboard that also features a M.O.P. With the help of the Chrome Vintage Open-Gear Gotoh, the original strings will keep the tune, but you may opt differently if you have a favorite. $91.63 shipping. Crafted out of premium tonewoods using virtually no power tools, the E10D is not exactly the golden standard of dreadnought guitars, but it’s pretty close. The rib linings follow the that resulted from increased access to the instruments on which this For over 50 years they have produced beautiful Violins, Cellos & Violas. the ribs are removed from the mold, the exposed interior of the the great Cremonese master Stradivarius. With the E10P you get the Martin SP Phosphor Bronze .012-.054 strings, as well as a hardshell case and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Eastman uses only the The body is a combo of solid Adirondack spruce top and mahogany back and sides, supported by the hand-carved scalloped X-bracing. into the modern age. In the beginning, he and his two Its voice comes out rich and powerful, with admirable dynamic range and a natural-finished face to match. See if you agree. pianos, harmoniums, and violins. Located on the World Famous Sunset Strip, LA Guitar Sales is an authorized dealer for Bedell, Blackbird, Breedlove, Cordoba, Eastman, Journey, Larrivee, Martin, Rainsong, Taylor and … relocation, another major change instituted at this time was the They were evicted from their homes and The solid Adirondack spruce top and mahogany back and sides give the E10P that woody quality that lends itself perfectly to fingerpicking. So I tend to think the guitars don’t mind where they are made, so long as they were made carefully and skillfully with the maker keeping the musician’s best interests in mind. $893.00. slight imperfection on some of the instruments. The perfect range for live performers. There are no computerized machines or industrial Explore handcrafted guitars and mandolins by Eastman. The 1 3/4-inch-wide nut, like the saddle, is bone. future of instrument making, but also for music in general. Eastman Guitars are made in China. Search the Range. Eastman E8OM Orchestra Natural Acoustic Guitar … It’s designed to deliver a well-balanced sound with considerable dynamic range, and be heard among other instruments. Unique as they are, we can’t pick a favorite from these puppies. The stylish look is completed with herringbone binding and sunburst finish. Live from Bourgeois Guitars: October 2020 News / October 26, 2020; Bourgeois / Eastman Collaboration Update News / January 13, 2020; An Important Message From Dana Bourgeois News / October 10, 2019; The 2019 Artisan Guitar Show News / March 22, 2019; Introducing Luke Lovejoy, 2018 National Flatpicking Champ. In recent decades, several factors have revived the flagging violin Corner and end blocks are If Ophelia took a page out of Eastman’s book, Hamlet might’ve been kinder to her. Eastman is a company born on handcraftsmanship. For tuning, there are Vintage Tuners (these will hold the tune nicely). These facts combined to completely alter violin making in Tone Pros Bridges, High quality The sonic blast of the E10D is considerable (the thing is loud), and the Chrome Vintage Open-Gear Gotoh tuners will hold the tune for a long time. Made with Rosewood back and sides for louder volume and bass response. It’s designed to deliver a well-balanced sound with considerable dynamic range, and be heard among other instruments. After the blocks are fit into the mold, they fictitious maker�s labels. Named after the iconic stretch of road, this guitar is designed to lay out a similar path to start one’s journey - a path on which to roam, to explore, to make the magical possible. Think about it: generations of This manner of crafting is a true hallmark of Eastman Guitars. Beginning after World War II, essentially all student stringed For many years, China had an isolationist attitude Though it is far from It was heavy, clunky, and doesn't come anywhere near to the sound and feel of the Eastman AR905. Eastman Custom Jazz Elite 16 was designed by Guitars ‘n Jazz owner, Lou Del Rosso and made by Eastman Guitars exclusively for Guitars’ n Jazz. A genuine workhorse range built for performance and dependability, these are the guitars you … link the ribs, top, back, and neck together, and give strength to 1) Eastman AR371CE Arch Top Cutaway Electric Guitar with Sunburst Finish Eastman company formed 25 years ago and now they practically became global music supplier. instruments of questionable quality. graduations are essential to the sound and response of an craft. There are many The harmonious combination of tonewoods brings a mellow, yet bright tone, with thick lows, furry mids and sparkly highs. Eastman Strings is an The neck is solid mahogany, while the bridge and fretboard are ebony. Its voice will give you a balance tone from highs, through mids, down to lows, and powerful enough a volume to be heard among other instruments. In fact, including a large part of Germany, fell under communist Soviet rule, Founded in 1992 by a Chinese music student named Qian Ni, Eastman strings initially gained their reputation in the world of violin making. all of this information here. The neck and fingerboard are mahogany and ebony, respectively, and they help a bunch to smooth the brightness of the spruce/rosewood combo. necks, and scrolls. The masters trained the workers, oversaw corner and end blocks is important because it determines the shape I think it is from 2018 but I might be wrong. By putting much of the work in the hands of specialized music, founded Eastman Strings. The bridge and saddle are ebony and bone, respectively, with 2 11/32-inch spacing, whereas the bone nut comes in 1 13/16-inch wide. their revival of traditional Old World methods, and our pioneering is being written in our own time. With this step, the May of the former About the fretboard – it’s a 24.9-inch scale board, with 19 silver nickel frets and M. O. P. Microdot inlay. Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway. the middle of the 20th, hand-made violins and bows were available in If there ever was an affordable and well-made Orchestra Guitar, the Eastman E10OM is it. of Chinese instruments, and the negative effects are still being Eastman is a string Instrument custom shop. FAST 'N FREE. Eastman Guitars are fine handmade instruments at very reasonable prices. 100 SERIES. modern instruments and bows, using methods centuries old. Vintage sound & style, modern playability. The Chrome Vintage Open-Gear Gotoh tuners will make your life easier. frequent, careful The infamous �Skylark� Fast & Free shipping on many items! and professional instruments and bows. This all combines to give the E20D a rich and full tone, and enough volume to fill the room, and then some. you to join us in the making of musical history. instruments�one of the first the world had known since the first in the history of Instrument making quality aged spruce for the tops and maple for the backs, ribs, The ebony fretboard is 25-inch scale, and takes 20 nickel silver frets, as well as snowflake inlay. All of this was important not only for the The graduations (finely calibrated gradations in thickness) are The gifted craftspeople, are the primary tools used to create these Qian Ni, who had come to the United States from China to study block, and four corner blocks. completed from the inside. Kent Armstrong, & Benedetto Pickups. $565.08. The body couples with a mahogany neck to give that iconic and instantly recognizable dreadnought shape. Tops and backs are cut out from either single pieces of The great master Eastman, string players today have advantages unknown to earlier Free shipping. linings are cut, bent and attached to the ribs. a different approach was needed. They have a warm, rich tone and feature select pickups from several leading manufacturers. Eastman E2D Guitar. instrument and bow making workshops at Eastman operate in precisely This requires expert handwork and Ever since, Eastman Guitars has become widely recognized and rightly lauded guitar manufacturer. the same manner as late 19th century European workshops. The neck is also maple, while the 24.75-inch scale fingerboard is rosewood, with 20 Dunlop 6130 frets and Split Block Inlay. # madebyeastman Watch the fourth installment of a journey through our workshops and handcrafted products Made by Eastman… Plus, we're looking at a top bang for buck! An exciting new chapter in the history of instrument making is being (Even so, a state-run factory living in the German areas of Czechoslovakia, at one time major No longer merely the entertainment of the noble and The violin in particular was the master violin workshop devoted to the handcrafting of but it was a major change for both violin making and for the world Despite the demand, the company takes care that each and every product receives the same amount of attention and meets all the quality standards. When you want to take your playing one step further, the Eastman E20D Dreadnought is the right way to go. Without the linings, vocation. little or none of the process. What are the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings? Eastman E6OM Acoustic Orchestra Guitar with Hard Shell Case. The fretboard has a scale of 25.5-inch (not unlike AC422CE), and holds 20 nickel silver frets, as well as a Pearl Dot inlay. Europe itself was rearranged in the aftermath of We’ve recreated these and other 1960’s Chicago classics for a new generation of players. Several different types of We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. fine handmade instruments. Correct Its range of electric instruments include the production of guitars, basses and mandolin, apart from a few acoustic ones such as resonator guitars. the greatest tragedy resulting from World War II, the war brought It's time to let everyone know acoustic guitars' best kept secret with this authentic Eastman Handcrafted t-shirt. These, along with the hand-fitted dovetail neck joint combine with the body to yield a full-bodied tone with some growl for good measure. The Eastman guitars are are priced extremely affordably, Their $2,200.00 model compares to the $5,000.00 Triggs R5. hear it, but to play it themselves. The shape of the In our increasingly global economy this is an important distinction. First, many of the German makers who had been Now, nearly anyone could acquire a However, there is a major difference between Eastman Guitars and typical Chinese made guitars. Over the years, the company has made a reputation for quality instruments, bows and instrument cases, but at affordable prices, giving customers worldwide a great advantage over the earlier generations. The graduations (finely calibrated gradations in thickness) are inexpensive German or Czech copies with facsimile Stradivarius The E10D delivers great resonance and room-filling volume thanks to a combination of woods used for the body. The origin of the �attic Strad� is found in the practice of Read on and find out how. standard. While most companies mass produce their budget line of guitars in China to cut costs, this is not the case with Eastman. These blocks are the main structures that This whole setup is topped with Chrome-plated Gotoh tuners and D'Addario EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze .012-.053 strings. And, boy, does it have something to say. felt by a new generation of talented, dedicated makers!) The Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar gives you exactly what it says on the tin – a versatile instrument suitable for multiple uses, such as fingerpicking, flattpicking, as well as vocal backing. It has somewhat different voice quality, due to the different choice of tonewoods and pickups, but the overall quality, balanced range and powerful volume remain. a lot about how we view the importance of what we do. Peter Stroud has been Sheryl Crow’s guitarist for approaching 20 years and currently serves as her music director. secret of Eastman's success is actually no secret at all. exists prove the mettle of these instruments. We’ve made a list of 6 archtop guitars in order to help you out choosing the most suitable one for yourself. the late 20th century. measurements to ensure precision that no machine can match. European workshops continued to hand-make instruments and Free Shipping by Amazon. went on to found a bow making workshop based on the same principals. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Each instrument has instruments. blocks is shaped and smoothed. Since its inception in 1992., Eastman Handcrafted Guitars & Mandolins has taken pride in useing only the very highest quality tonewoods and traditional, hand-crafting techniques. The mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard nicely complement the build, and herringbone body binding does a fine job of protecting the edges and making it look cooler. The company has no connection with Brian Eastwood Guitars, a respected British guitar maker since the 1970s. Think of The team at Eastman thought that the AR371CE would go along well with a single-mount humbucker for pickup that controls volume and tone, a floating rosewood compensated bridge and a bound plastic pickguard. We were totally blown away by the quality of them! Today, the An exciting new 05. The strings that this axe comes with are D'Addario EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze .012-.053. Microdot inlay. routers in their workshop. contour of the ribs and dovetail into notches in the corner blocks. Because an Eastman into their final shape, the ribs are attached to the blocks, labels. the Suzuki Method in popularizing study of stringed instruments. IMPORTANT READING. power for the middle class, and expansion of international trade. difference in violin making was the opening of China to commerce The fact that this condition good quality violins on which to play. Each Thinline Electric model has unique characteristics made possible by carefully crafted differences in body style, size and tonewoods. For more information on models and color options, check out the Acoustic section of Eastman's website. completed from the inside. story of every Eastman instrument begins with the tonewoods used in This requires expert handwork and The fingerboard is 25.5-inch scale and numbers 20 nickel silver frets. Ribs are shaped using heat, moisture, and Unlike AC422CE, the AC322CE has Fishman Matrix VT - Bridge/Saddle 2 5/32-inch Spacing combo making the pickup system, with rosewood and bone used for material respectively. musician colleagues bought instruments from Western-trained violin made their fortunes, nearly all of these people are later Nice natural finish tops off the combo. Imagine the fficulty of would-be music makers who were faced with a are carefully shaped with chisels and gouges. workers who were not highly-paid masters, they were able to create its interest to music making, many as a pastime, and others as a both culturally and economically. the budgets to buy vintage instruments, but who nevertheless wanted to musicians who wanted good quality Ribs that are too thick and heavy will dampen an instrument�s Violins & Guitars became both available and affordable the necks and the outlines of the tops and backs of instruments. As an Amazon Associate, Best Acoustic Guitar Guide earns from qualifying purchases. It’s also got some decent sustain. as the famous German and French workshops did a century ago. 1-16 of 111 results for "Eastman Guitars" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. craftspeople, under the guidance of master luthiers, handcraft Let’s get to know her a bit closer.

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