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She scrambled from underneath the wagon and hastily threw her blankets under the seat. Difference between under and below Underneath and beneath are more formal words for “under” and “below.” When the earthquake struck, we felt the Earth move beneath us, and saw buildings swaying for a … Antonyms for beneath include above, up, higher, over, aloft, overhead, upwards, upward, skyward and high. To or into a lower position than: moved the picture beneath the light. b. 4. a. Directed by Max Pachman. Lower than; below: a drawer beneath a cabinet. For example, "Mary's lemons." In most situations, we can prefer under to any of them. 51. An apostrophe with an "s" after a proper noun indicates that the person, place or thing owns whatever noun follows his or her name. With Lynn Collins, Rigo Sanchez, Josue Aguirre, James Tupper. 22 synonyms for beneath: under, below, underneath, lower than, inferior to, below, secondary to, not good enough for, lower in status than, not as important as. What are synonyms for beneath? Under = below (something covering or protecting); we use under to say that one thing is at a lower level than another, and that the other thing is directly above it. Underneath that distant façade was a beating heart. Find more opposite words at wordhippo.com! Definition and synonyms of beneath from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. See more. neath (bĭ-nēth′) adv. Underneath. Self-acting tanks are occasionally built underneath the platforms of hoisting cages. If you are ever unsure which one to use, choose under. What they expect to be their biggest payday turns into a terrifying fight for survival. Covered or concealed by: The earth lay beneath a blanket of snow. The words “under” and “below” are close in meaning to the words “beneath” and “underneath.” So how do we know which to use? Change your default dictionary to American English. 85. 101. high, and underneath it was a labyrinth, from which FIG. Antonyms for beneath. In the Bahamas, the fine, white beach sand is visible beneath the crystal clear waters for several yards out to sea. Use an apostrophe to indicate ownership by a proper noun. Synonyms for beneath in Free Thesaurus. use "beneath" in a sentence The band continued to play as the Titanic sank beneath the waves. This is the British English definition of beneath.View American English definition of beneath. Beneath definition, below; in or to a lower place, position, state, or the like. 168. 199. Definition of beneath preposition in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. So, under is the default choice. 2. The American Dream becomes a nightmare for a group of undocumented day laborers hired by a wealthy couple. 1. a. 1. Use below when one object is in a lower position than the other. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We know the lemons belong to Mary because of the 's. 89. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. 82. Further, under the principal place of business test, you must determine that your home is the principal place of your trade or business after considering where you perform your most important business activities and where you spend most of your business activity time, in order to deduct expenses for the business use of your home. 3. View the pronunciation for beneath. 65. In a lower place; below. prep. 2. Under the force, control, or influence of.

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