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I live in Havertown, PA (just outside of Philadelphia. ) Scrape them over a screen or sieve to clean the pulp from the seeds. Now thanks to your site and the great comments herein, I will treat my sumac tree with greater respect and affection -for the blessings that it brings me. Any experience with Rhus trilobata / skunkbush sumac? The fruit of staghorn sumac is one of the most identifiable forming dense conical clusters of small red drupes at the terminal end of the branches. Samuel Thayer describes his experience harvesting new sumac shoots as a child, “In the late … Outside pulp and seed inside. These drupes are not uniformly that color but usually just half the drupe. Each drupe contains one seed but the entire red “spear-point” of drupes has up to 700 seeds. Most provide delicious and nutritious fruit, but many also have edible leaves, seeds, flowers, stems or roots, or they yield edible … There is another edible part to the sumac: Young shoots, peeled. The Indians used the shoots of the Rhus glabra in “salads” though many ethonobotanists say the natives never really made “salads” as we know the term. Our area has had unprecedented copious rainfall this year; I picked some berries and tasted them and they taste sour as usual even though brown; are they still good? Then push it thru a strainer. I love your videos. Thirdly, it has white, waxy berries. Ah, one of our venerated foraging instructors…. Let me know if you are interested, and I can send you a M.S. No ailanthis is a poisonous plant that looks similar but has branches longer than 12 inches and a little easily identifiable “nodule” like gland near the stem of the leaves. LOL! There is a very simple way to make a non-bitter rub: pick the drupes off the fruit head, and rub them against the wire mesh of a kitchen strainer into a bowl below. some friends of mine couldn’t get enough of it. In the northeast the staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina, synonym: Rhus hirta) predominates. I have fresh sumac and live in Oklahoma I would be glad to send you..You pay shipping and a little for the spice say $10.00 for 1/2 pound.? As the winter settles in, the colours in the landscape get muted and any vibrant hues are especially welcome. Sumac species tend to be regional. Photo by Green Deane, There are some 250 sumac species in the genus. Once dry, use a blender to separate the dried berries from the seeds and sticks. https://www.mountainroseherbs.com, My late uncle (by marriage) was Armenian. I’m thinking about planting a staghorn sumac tree or two in my backyard. Fruits are BB/pea-sized berries with hairs and are covered with malic acid, which is what makes grapes and apples tart. Is therea good way to do this to keep the color? So, how do you identify sumac… The fruit has a citrusy yet sour flavour that is best enjoyed as a … She would boil the seeds in water, then strain it and pour the liquid over the dolma which is small eggplant and grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb and rice, parsley and spices. This year, for the first time, all of the Rhus Glabra and staghorn sumac bushes/trees around here have berries that are mostly BROWN (only a few red berries in each cluster) and drooping rather than upright on the plants. Copy the below url and paste it on your Facebook page. It has a tendency of transplanting quickly and through its underground roots. The outer layer is the exocarp often called the skin. Thank you for years of enlightenment into the world of Green. It doesn't matter which one - the Staghorn or Smooth Sumac, as they are the same from an eating perspective. I have just been made aware of using sumac for lemonade and am so excited! I will also be using this to make candy for Christmas; both gummy and hard candy. If you see pith, which is an off-white core, it is too old. They need their vitamin C too and they usually love a good insect bonus. There are dozens of other sumac … A poultice of the leaves used to treat skin rashes. One the fruit is dried it is all ground up. The “bobs” of berries can be cut off and dried for later use. I ran into a couple of French Canadian women who were picking the Brazilian Pepper. The Brazilian Pepper has long ovalish leaves and clusters of bright pink/red smooth, hairless berries growing off stems. Usually the entire fruit is ground up. While spring may be a dry time for sumac pods, I’ve recently learned that the shoots are edible! Sorry I wrote this much but I wanted to be sure to give you all the info. So we thought it was a nuisance but pretty. Sumac – A Spice with Health Benefits. I just tried some sumac jelly! I’m on Facebook. All rights reserved. Mike Krebill Pam. Staghorn sumac has very fuzzy stems, hence the name staghorn. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the edible sumacs. Appreciated……I always look forward to your e-mails! bonjour j ai une question j ai planter du fort longtemps un sumac espèce virginie c est a dire qu a la floraison apparent des épies de couleur rouge par contre je suis obliger de le surveiller car il est très envahissant ma question est t il comestible car dans mon île de corse il y a n a beaucoup mais planter comme arbre d ornement merci de bien vouloir me renseigner. Pistachios taste good. One we called the “giant tea bag,” the other the “two-minute stir.” I’d be happy to send you a pdf describing each, if you would like it. Green Deane- I love your website & videos! Evening Grosbeaks and Ruffed Grouse will eat the fruit. Cut and serve. The ripe fruit can be used in baking but the tiny black seeds are very hard and can be problematic for the teeth if chewed on. I will get my resource page with you and others up soon. They will last until next season. Northern Mockingbirds Found In Snowy Southern Ontario. You’ll find them across all of the United States and Canada except for the far north. When we were kids in CT, we were under the mistaken impression that this was “poison sumac” and tried to avoid it in the lots and woods that surrounded us. Speaking of experimenting, my 7th grade science classes experimented with “how to produce consistently good-tasting sumac lemonade.” We worked with Staghorn, Smooth, and Winged Sumacs. (CT) Tenacious and very fast growing, with a leaf structure very similar to sumac, except, if I remember correctly, it had winged seeds similar to maples, nothing like the heads common to sumacs. The image is less than 1/2 and inch by an inch. Wow, they must have been hungry! Edible sumacs are found in upland areas and don’t like to get their feet wet. One of its uses was to numb the mouth for tooth extraction. I am happy to have these plants around me. The seeds have an oil that can be made into candle wax. It is the most toxic contact plant in North America. It has the tropical look that I like as well. Do you know when leaves are at their best for asthma, green, yellow, orange, red or maroon? At first, I thought it was mold, but I looked with a 10x loupe and I don’t see any mold. Now being July I wanted to collect more. I picked some stag horn sumac berries boiled it with some elderberries, wild black cherries, and a few mint leaves. Last year after signing up for your newsletter I collected and made sumac lemonade. Are those recipes up yet? As a young adult, the first time I heard about making an ade from the “poison” berries, I was blown away! Just about everywheres… dry places under pines, flatwood scrubs and the like. The drupes look like part of the Rhus species, but I don’t see any with thorns, or the rounded (ovate, pinnately compound leaves) . The leaves are skinny, lance shaped. why do I cut the drupe from the bush? How to Grow Sumac From Seed. As long as the seeds are tart they can be used. Sumac is a deciduous shrub native to North America found in all 48 mainland states of USA and in southern Canada. Then you’ll be able to sift the sumac powder through a fine mesh strainer for later use. Seems like we could get a LOT more SumacAde. There are no posion sumacs up here either (or at least none with red fruits). Those ladies were not eating berries from the same species from which those expensive pink peppercorns are made. Found a huge grove of these smooth sumac here in Oklahoma close to where I work alongside a railroad track. Forgive me if this was covered in the comments. Are they edible / tea- able? boiled it down and strained out the pulp and pits. Edible Shrubs provides detailed information, attractively presented, on over 70 shrub species. They have been selected to provide a mix of different plant sizes and growing conditions. Not only do the dried and ground berries of the edible Rhus species add wonderful lemony flavor to meat and vegetable dishes, research suggests that food-grade sumac may also be good for you. Getting Started: Sumac is 8 th on our Fabulous Fruit List, and it is an easy beginner forager plant to collect. It’s the largest of the sumacs and the one with the least tart berries. For most peaches, the exocarp is fuzzy just like the exocarp of a Staghorn Sumac drupe. The answer to Bob’s question is prickly ash, Xanthoxylum americanum. There is so much info about the sumac berries but I want to know about the flowers. The Middle Eastern spice that I bought in Detroit’s Eastern Market was ground sumac drupes; the seeds were not removed, they were simply pulverized. I currently have a family sized ice cream tub full of the powder waiting. Sumac is probably best known on our side of the pond as the main component of za’atar, the Lebanese spice mix that combines sumac, toasted sesame seeds, thyme, oregano and/or marjarom, and salt. Kati. BEECH, FAGUSThe American beech, F. grandifolia, is an exceptional, magnificent and majestic shade tree that definitely deserves to be grown more often in the landscape. TIME OF YEAR: In Florida flowers summer to fall, fruits summer to fall, fruits in fall in northern climes. I pick it in the fall when the leaves first turn red and hang clusters of the compound leaves upside-down until dry. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Ripe berries soaked in warm water, filtered then sweetened into an ade. My only mistake was I got rid of alot of wild berries before I new how But when there has been a week or two between rains in warm weather, sumac fruits are oily and tart, not bitter. Another thought was to use the flowers as people user elderberry flowers (such as a syrup, or fried), as they smell so sweet. You can store this at room temperature in an empty spice bottle. as always-excellent article! Is it still safe? I have found it really has an anti-inflammatory effect. Can one safely make a tea with the flowers? The word sumac is derived from the Arabic summãq, meaning red.And sumac is the common name for shrubs belonging to the Rhus genus; they bear fruit in clusters of orange to russet, and their leaves turn vividly scarlet in fall. at Antelope House in Canyon de Chelly … You see, the tree has only this year produced flower/seed heads; and appears to be an extension from the neighbouring property’s tree plant. First time on a very cold winter day a flock of grackles attacked an arrangement I had outside for winter with sumac,was very surprised. A Northern Flicker, Titmice, Grosbeaks and all sorts of other birds have also used it as food all winter long. Dry it and store it as dry whole drupes (berries) and it should keep well in storage for at least 6 months. After totally drying I ran the drupes through a blender to knock the skin off the seed. I picked some this fall from the Staghorn Sumac that are so plentiful here. Photo by Green Deane. A further check said a drupe has only one seed. That’s when I found your blog and I tried it. Yes, but… this does not explain the shift from referring to the acid on the drupes first as malic acid and then. I have a few seedlings growing in our garden and they have all the characteristics of staghorn sumac (leaves a bit droopy, reddish stems, the general shape of leaves, etc. Perhaps a version using our native sumacs? They also grow in the winter time. One challenge at at time. I take it home and separate the berries from the stems(which is a pain) and then dry it in my over on the lowest setting for around 5 hours or so. Any obvious similarities to sumac seeds escape me. Seeds: You can start a Sumac from seed… Even the sap of the poisonous white sumac makes a black varnish. Kati, smooth sumac makes an excellent sumac lemonade. Ps I would love a seasonal list of the things I can forage for. Break off that part then look again. Pour into an 8×8  or 8×10 inch baking pan and refrigerate for an hour or more. Good times! apparently growing near wild berries that iv’e eaten and wild grapes. The mouthfeel was unpleasant due to the thin, but hard shells surrounding the seed, and the seeds must have tannin in them to make them very bitter. Have found four on the remains of my milkweed on a cold 9/19/2020 day in SE Wisconsin. Thank you yet again for an excellent article. But there are couple of safety issues to consider. Yes, if they are still tart they have the acid you can use. Hi there, I am an Arborist of 25 Years and living in New Zealand. http://www.eattheweeds.com/sumac-more-than-just-native-lemonade/, I live in Washington state. Hi ! The following three recipes are from fellow foragers Dick Deuerling and Peggy Lantz and their book “Florida’s Incredible Wild Edibles.”. (not the Middle Eastern domestic herbal flavouring, the wild Canadian Staghorn kind) Or have you seen some of your local wildlife enjoying a sumac snack? Putting the berries in boiling will release the tannic acid. That led to its common name, “Toothache tree.”, Hello there ~ Red sumac berries are okay to consume whereas white sumac berries are poisonous. I have been harvesting native sumac in the southeast for a few years, I noticed this year that some of the drupes looked grey. I’ve had them now for about a month and a half. I do have pictures of the above but will wait to see if you are still using this site. Bring the ripe terminal clusters inside and dry an a dark moderately cool place. Sounds like Winged Sumac/Shining Sumac. I know of no other uses for the leaves, but will vouch for their suitableness for an occasional smoke. In this species, note the “wings” between the leaf pairs. Would appreciate any links to research studies you might be able to find that show the acids in the sumacs of North America. Thanks! So, to get that straight: The edible sumacs have red berries in cone-shaped clusters at the end of main branches. It is dissapointing though as the drupes stay on the plant through the winter and they are the only sign of organic tastiness where I live while it snows. Whole berries can be made into a tea but the hot water can make the tea very bitter very fast so proceed carefully. The staghorn sumac, named for the velvety covering on its new branches, similar to the velvet on a stags new antlers, is a common and widespread species of edible sumac. Yep. I did scan but didn’t see. (319) 524-4576. I’ve found that placing clear water proof but well ventilated bags over the seed heads after fruit set helps to produce much better quality fruit since it is not exposed to rain or birds. Since I collected the tops and made lemonade, and already have tons of crushed seeds for a spice, o thought perhaps the young greens maybe 2-3 inches tall might be edible? The Cherokee Indians called the juice Quallah. Are there any medicinal qualities? What Bright Red Corn-like Berries Are On This Bare Stemmed Plant? I would like to grind them into a spice without the seeds. On our southwestern Virginia mountain top, a large bush of Staghorn Sumac grows right outside our house. In Florida the predominant sumac is Rhus copallina, also known the shining sumac, the winged sumac, dwarf sumac, flame leaf sumac and the mountain sumac (curious as there are no mountains in Florida.) The water colour is a soft amber when fresh from the fridge but if left overnight on the bed-side table the ade turns greenish blue, left longer the water turns indigo. Required fields are marked *. It was very expensive back home and considered a delicacy. In fact, the recent studies done on the Staghorn and Sicilian varieties show that sumac has exceptionally high antioxidant properties, so sumac … Subscribe to new Natural Crooks posts by email, Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Invades Ontario. It helped a lot with this experiment. It did not seem to have any short-term or intermediate-term effects on my health. They said they ate it. With apologies, I don’t understand the question. AND. I’m having an issue identifying this thorny shrub. Wow.. I prefer two cups and less water. i really wanted to share your site with my best friend, and others on my f.b. I have a question regarding the dried Staghorn Sumac: What temperature is the max for preserving the high vitamin C content? Thanks so much I have ur DVDs on my honey want me list!! Thanks for sharing your interesting sighting! While looking into the “drupe” thing, I discovered a staggering (to me) number of websites discussing how humans can use and consume the fruit from Staghorn Sumac shrubs. All the berries of the red sumacs are edible. Ailanthus altissima. I have references that say the berries are edible but I personally know nothing about this African native. And all the contributory comments. flavor into our jar, and release the drupe into They make a purple-colored spice, which is very handy where there are no lemons. Just make sure the berries are in a dense, upright, red cluster. I found some on a hike in Kansas amongst many staghorn sumac. It can make a tea but it can quickly become too bitter to drink. You may come to find it as useful as salt. The hard part is covered by a mesocarp that is often softer, like the fruit part we eat of a peach. Poison sumac berries are off white. simply dip the drupe into it and rinse the The Winged Sumac have little “wings” on the stem that other sumacs don’t have. Is that right or did I get the wrong plant? Sumac, poison ivy, Brazilian pepper, cashews, mangoes and pistachios are all related. All edible sumacs have red, rough-textured ones. Just throw the clusters in the blender for a few seconds, that will separate the seeds from the stem and the pulp from the seeds. They’re good in a pipe or rolled into cigarettes. I cross checked with many a book and web-sites and I came up with nothing that looks exactly the same. Everyone should be aware that railroad tracks are some of the most polluted places in America, so you probably don’t want to eat anything growing along railroad tracks. Thanks in advance! Proceed accordingly. Comments Please. Poison sumac's berries are white. Sumac Jelly: Take prepared juice and use the Sure-Jell recipe for elderberry jelly, 3 cups juice to 4.5 cups of sugar. Do you happen to know anything about this process? Most wild-edible foragers are familiar with using sumac for the lemonade-like beverage you can make from it, however few know about the other important edible it provides: the peeled shoots. These acidic and tart berries can be eaten raw or dried, though they’re most popularly used in the form of a berry tea or … The berries themselves can be used to make a spice, sometimes a tea. I am armenian and a senior citizen. Portobello Mushrooms grilled with sumac and balsamic vinegar. Keokuk, IA 52632 they are used to make an ade or dried and ground to make a spice. Cashews have a poisonous shell. Your email address will not be published. My mother has passed on, however, I still make this dish. That question comes up now and then and as far as I know the answer is no. In our neighborhood (La Crosse Wisconsin) we have both staghorn and smooth sumacs, (R. typhina and R. glabra) wild and introduced into landscaping.

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