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They are mostly law-abiding citizens. If your family income is higher than the poverty threshold, the government doesn’t consider you poor. We compiled the data from previous Social Workers Licensure Exams to determine the top schools with the highest Social Workers Board Exam passing rates . The government think-tank collects the data from the Philippine Statistics Authority, who in turn runs a survey that will get the financial status of families in the Philippines. Upper middle class: they are mainly represented by their scientific and technical knowledge such as engineers, architects, lawyers, professors, as well as people occupying management positions in both public and private institutions. A 2018 PIDS study[3] provides deeper insights into the middle class in the Philippines. Philippines - Philippines - Sports and recreation: A number of sports introduced by the Americans in the early 20th century enjoy great popularity in the Philippines. The conversations have become so heated that people have resorted to mudslinging and degrading their fellow Filipinos on social media. Dont worry, we take data privacy very seriously. But how familiar are you really with the 2020 Philippine income classes? The Maginoo was inclusive of several different types of people, including Maharlika, Datu and Panginoon. 2020 Philippine Income Classes: Who Are The Real Middle Class? According to the University of Delaware, social class focuses more on the individuals who “occupy a similar position in the economic system of production.” This means that members of a certain social class share certain qualities such as aspirations, types of opportunities available, material things that one has and can purchase, and other tangible things. Three in every four middle-income households live in a space that they own, while 23% rent. Anyone above the poverty threshold can pay for necessities such as food, shelter, utilities, medicine, and others. Best Schools for Social Work in the Philippines Do you want to know which universities in the Philippines are able to consistently top the Social Workers Licensure Exam ? Contrary to popular belief, social class is more than just about how much money you’re making. According to the agency, the most basic definition of a middle-income class is someone earning between “two- and twelve-times the (official) poverty line.”. (Read: Forbes Richest 2020: List Of Philippine Billionaires). If there’s a lesson to learn from the current situation, it’s the value of compassion and empathy in times of crisis. Who are the upper, middle, and lower income classes are in the Philippines? This issue has sparked appeals for the expansion of the social amelioration program’s coverage to include the middle class. When is the Right Time to Get a Credit Card? Follow Venus on LinkedIn. The government defines the middle class as those earning incomes between two to 12 times the poverty line. The people in this cla… Understanding Social Class in the Philippines: Which Class Do You Belong to? It will implement a Small Business Wage Subsidy Program[4] with a PHP 50.8 billion budget. When talking about income inequality in the Philippines, the discussion would always focus on the poor vs. rich divide. 8 Reasons to Take Driving Lessons (And Where to Have Them), Flood-Prone Areas to Avoid in Metro Manila and Nearby Provinces, Flooded Car Problems to Watch Out for in the Rainy Season, 12 Exciting RCBC Credit Card Promos to Welcome 2021. Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which Card Should I Use? Instead of bickering on social media, why don’t we just share whatever we can with those in need? Valid as their grievances are, some people in the middle class have taken to social media to assert that the poor don’t deserve government assistance because they’re not working hard and just relying on government dole-outs. They’re at a higher risk of losing lives and livelihood to the COVID-19 pandemic. Quo warranto issued vs. the Chief Justice of the country 4. This is especially true in the case of transportation, healthcare, and education. Government Financial Assistance for the Middle Class, Unemployment Benefits and Other COVID-19 Government Assistance Schemes, “Defining and profiling the middle class”, “Proportion of Poor Filipinos registered at 21.0 percent in the First Semester of 2018”, “DOF to implement wage subsidy program for 3.4-M workers of small businesses”, “Should middle class seethe over gov’t aid for poor during COVID-19 crisis?”, “Informal settlers dumadaing sa COVID-19 scare”, Senior Citizen Discount and Benefits Plus Important Facts You Might Not Know, 5 Festivals You Should Check Out This May 2017, Professional License Guide for Uber and Grab Drivers, Between the poverty line and twice the poverty line, Between two and four times the poverty line, Between four and seven times the poverty line, Between seven and 12 times the poverty line. Rappler estimates that only about 150,000 households earn at least 157,800 pesos per month (the rich class) while 12.9 million households come from the combined class of the low income to the lower middle income class which earns in the range of 7890-31560 pesos per month. According to PIDS, the 2018 poverty threshold is ₱10,481, which means that a family of five with multiple workers must exceed that average monthly salary to be able to say that they’re not poor. So we don’t panic buy; we just panic],” an informal settler quipped in a TV news report[6]. Social class is, arguably, closely related to the risk of unemployment. In terms of social class, these are the most common groups based on their contributions to the country: While these have been the most common, social classes are mainly anchored to their line of work and/or source of income.

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