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This Paradigm Premier system achieves a very high level of fidelity considering the asking price. They may have replaced the Monitor line with the Premier series, but it looks like a step up, as well. Why the Monitor SE Atom? Paradigm specifies an on-axis frequency response of 50Hz-22kHz, ±2dB, an in-room sensitivity of 92dB, and an impedance “compatible with” 8 ohms. Findings influence design and performance specs, resulting in a uniquely realistic listening experience, backed by sound science. I would seriously get out and listen to as many different speakers as you can. When a pair of the largest of the floorstanders, the Premier 800F, was recently submitted for review, local importer/distributor Audio Specialists included a Premier … Best of all, it’s a slim, relatively compact speaker that plays surprisingly loudly when required -- and again, it does all this for only $1998/pair. Premier Series speakers are designed, engineered, and made in Paradigm’s state-of-the-art 225,000 ft2 Canadian facility. 0 … The 700F is very similar to the 800F with just a reduction in the driver size for the midrange and bass drivers. To my sensibilities, the best thing about the system is the availability of a center channel that’s a proper 3-way design and truly a match for the towers! Warranty: Five years parts and labor. There’s a lot to like about the Paradigm 800F floorstanders. It benefited from being driven by a high-quality amplifier, but as I found out, it also sounds superb with more modest amplification. Paradigm Premier 800F Floorstanding Speakers . Shop online and get curbside delivery or storefront pickup. The midrange and the two low-frequency drivers have Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds, with ridges designed to provide longer and more linear cone excursions, for higher output and lower distortion. Paradigm Electronics, Inc.205 Annagem Blvd.Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2V1CanadaPhone: (905) 564-1994Fax: (905) 564-8726. Your Price $3,495 Compare. I am the original owner. Premier Series 4-driver, 3 way bass reflex floorstanding speaker. Paradigm is partnered with Canada’s world-renowned NRC in ongoing research to reveal the true nature of sound and human hearing. The PPA and ART were respectively introduced in Paradigm’s costlier Prestige and Signature models (and some subwoofers). I began with A-Ha’s “The Sun Always Shines on TV (Extended Version),” from the compilation 12 Inch Dance: 80s Pop (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, Rhino/Tidal). Bowers & Wilkins 803 Diamond Loudspeakers, Hegel Music Systems H390 Integrated Amplifier-DAC, Hegel Music Systems H95 Integrated Amplifier-DAC, Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-3400 Integrated Amplifier-DAC, Hegel Music Systems H120 Integrated Amplifier-DAC, Raven Audio Avian Nighthawk MK3 Integrated Amplifier, Musical Fidelity M8xi Integrated Amplifier-DAC. The three-way 800F has a large flared port about halfway up the speaker’s rear panel, and the second-order, electro-acoustic crossover frequencies are 700Hz and 2.5kHz. They shipped the speakers with a Gloss Black finish but are also available in Gloss White and "Espresso Grain" finishes. Paradigm Premier 800F Tower Speaker. There is no doubt that the Premier speakers are imitating the styleof the Persona speakers, however, it is not simply a carbon-copy. At realistic volumes, the harpsichord in the opening Allegro of Concerto No.3, RV 293, Autumn, had a lush, luxurious sound that enchantingly mirrored the strings, the Premier 800Fs meticulously differentiating the notes of individual instruments instead of mashing them into a hodgepodge. For the price, it’s about as perfect as a speaker can be. , The subs will negate the need for the larger woofers in the 800F; and 2. Paradigm Premier Series speakers are designed, engineered, and made in Paradigm’s state-of-the-art 225,000 ft2 Canadian facility. The tweeter, a 1” dome of pure aluminum (X-PAL) with a neodymium magnet, is damped and cooled with ferrofluid. The reasons are these: 1. Paradigm Premier 800F LoudspeakersPrice: $1998 USD per pair.Warranty: Five years parts and labor. This recording begs to be played loud, and through the 800Fs, the English Chamber Orchestra, led by David Lockington, at times sounded like a full orchestra with strings that were often thunderous but never strident. The synth chords that begin Yazoo’s “Nobody’s Diary” were also a bit clearer through the ESL 9s, with a touch of top-end sparkle the Premier 800Fs lacked -- but I haven’t heard that sort of ultraclear treble from any speaker in the 800F’s price range. It's also a 4 driver, 3 way design with 5 ¼” midrange and bass drivers instead of the 6 ½” drivers in the 800F. During the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 we have reduced both staff and hours of operation. Surround duty was handled by four Premier 200B bookshelf speakers and the bass came from the Defiance X15 subwoofer . Read the latest reviews from the pros. Roger Kannorogerk@soundstagenetwork.com. Paradigm's Premier lineup comprise six unique models. . AVS Forum. You can feel the Premier build quality that comes from true handcrafted manufacturing. Crafted in Canada. In this video, we take a look at their specs and a final review of how they look, sound and perform. Step up to exclusive audio technologies, backed by fundamental industry-leading audio research, for a performance experience unlike anything else in this class. Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Lens, Two 6-1/2” (165mm) ART™ Surround Carbon-Infused polypropylene cones, 41.5" × 9.125 × 13.75" (105.3cm × 23 × 35cm), 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.5 kHz (tweeter/mid) and 700Hz (mid/woofers). Premier 800F and Monitor SE 6000F. The Premier series from Paradigm are the perfect speakers when it's time to take that next step. Paradigm products consistently gain recognition around the world for their innovation, sonics and visual appeal. Since 1992 -- longer than the SoundStage! Premier 800F Tower Speaker. Occasionally, I also used a Parasound Halo JC 5 power amp. Paradigm Premiere 800F Manufacturer Info. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now is the time to take that next step. Of these six, Paradigm sent me two Premier 700F floorstanding speakers ($799 each) and one Premier … You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now is the time to take t Email: sales@easternhifi.com. Premier Series speakers are designed, engineered, and made in Paradigm’s state-of-the-art 225,000 ft2 Canadian facility. There was always enough low-frequency energy to make recordings sound rich and satisfying, yet never too much -- the speaker never seemed to push past its capabilities to sound sloppy or boomy in the low end. Deon Schoeman With the grille on, our piano black RP-8000F is a gleaming, tall, black box. Their cleaner, more transparent midrange was easily noticeable with voices, which sounded more distinct and natural through the 800Fs. Priced above the Monitors but below the Prestiges, the Premiers comprise two each of floorstander, bookshelf, and center-channel models. Ready for Audition. Please, This site was designed by JoomlaShack, Karen Fanas, and The SoundStage! I suspect that the Premier 800F would also perform well with a high-quality multichannel receiver, given its ability to sound nearly at its best with the high-value Axiom amp, and that it would be excellent in a surround-sound system when matched with other Premier speakers. The curve of the matte-black top panel meets and matches the baffle’s curve, and the 800F is available with side and rear panels in finishes of Gloss Black, Gloss White, or Espresso Grain. 4-Driver, 3-Way Bass-Reflex Tapered-Angle Cabinet Design. , PARADIGM PREMIER 800F TOWER AND 500C CENTER SPEAKERS REVIEW, For me, their chief attribute is their high sound quality: these are a terrific-sounding set of speakers. James Larson The feet are just rails that hold the speakers at a slight upwards tilt, so it does … The Premier 800F is the loudspeaker I’d buy today if I had $2000 to spend -- and I’d even consider it at twice that price. Premier 700F and another sub. The Paradigm Premier Series offers a choice of two floorstanders, two standmount monitors and two centre channel speakers. Playing Hans Zimmer - Flight ..from the Man Of Steel soundtrack. Parasound’s outstanding Halo JC 5 power amplifier ($5995), specified to output 400Wpc, made the Premier 800Fs sound even better, with a bit more bottom end and a slightly fuller sound -- but not greatly better than the less expensive, less powerful Axiom ADA-1000. Reference Home Theater. Premier features Paradigm’s patented Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds, made in-house and overmolded directly onto each woofer and midrange cone. Sign in The Paradigm Premier 700F Speakers Floorstanding Excellence Rickie Lee Jones’ version of “Bad Company,” from her latest album puts the Paradigm Premier 700F speakers in perspective immediately.

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