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VR lenses feature Nikon’s unique vibration reduction (VR) anti-blur construction. In the end, the Nikon 18-55mm that comes in the kit is still a very suitable choice for beginners and you can still use it to get some pretty amazing photos right out of the box. The frame rate can be set at 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p for additional video options. The f/1.4 gives extraordinary control over depth of field and light and makes this (as well as all primes listed below with an f/1.4 aperture) a perfect choice for low light scenes. If I ever had to carry just a single lens in my camera backpack it would probably very likely be this one and I’m a huge fan of the sharp images that it’s able to capture throughout its entire focal range. In reality, it doesn’t have enough zoom range to be satisfying. Using a lens without VR can be a deal breaker if you’re shooting on the go as it can be really hard to steady the video when shooting handheld. Most non-Nikon lenses from Tamron, Tokina, Quantaray, Sigma and anyone other than Nikon may not autofocus at all on the D5300. These days, unless you’re using the GoPro, wide-angle lenses can be pretty expensive and even more so when you consider their limited use. One of the main drawbacks I think is the maximum aperture that’s only f/4.5-5.6 and you’re definitely going to find this to be a problem when you’re shooting in low-light situations outdoors, although the vibration reduction as well as using a dedicated tripod could help to alleviate this problem quite a bit. • AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G—for its desirable focal length paired up with its f/1.8 aperture, the NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8 is great for all the same reasons listed prior, but at a lower cost. Tweet. Primer on popular NIKKOR lenses for HD video shooting. Includes the D5300 camera, the AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm VR wide-angle zoom lens, and the AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm VR II telephoto lens. This bad boy is a little bit lighter and when you’re not using it can be collapsed down into an even smaller size so it’s great for traveling or adding to a camera bag if you’re carrying around a few different lenses without having it take up as much space. Lightdow 420-800mm f/8.3 Manual Zoom Telephoto Lens + T-Mount for Nikon D5500 D3300 D3200 D5300 D3400 D7200 D750 D3500 D7500 D500 D600 D700 D800 D810 D850 D3100 D5100 D5200 D7000 D7100 Camera Lenses 3.9 out of 5 stars 301 Canon EOS 750D Kit (EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-f/3.6 IS STM) Digital SLR Camera vs Canon EOS 800D (EF-S 18-55mm f/4-f/5.6 IS STM Kit Lens) Digital SLR Camera vs Nikon D5300 (Body) Digital SLR Camera … It is not exactly cheap but not that expensive either, below $1,000. If money is tight, I buy used Nikon lenses via eBay. *2 Observe due caution when tilting or shifting PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED lenses, as they may contact the camera body and cause damage or injury. WhatsApp. With any other lenses the camera's electronic rangefinder (which indicates if the subject inside the selected focus point is in focus or not) can be used to manually adjust focus. Uses Your Existing Nikon Lenses. On the other hand, if you’re mostly taking photos during the day and aren’t too worried about low light situations then this is definitely a suitable choice for you if you’re looking for a telephoto optic. • AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G—a very highly requested lens from filmmakers, the NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G’s popularity stems from its longer than normal focal length, which allows for very flattering interviews and character shots, as well as for incredible control over depth of field with its f/1.4 aperture. Nikon refers to it's current generation lenses as G series, these have the built in focus motors. These days DSLR are still pretty good at capturing video, although I would definitely recommend going with a point-and-shoot or even a mirrorless camera if video is your main focus. Ken Rockwell is a good resource on lens comparability. Find low everyday prices and buy online for … Nikon D5300 DSLR (Damn good beginner DSLR) Has Wifi, and turnable Display! Shop Nikon D3500 DSLR Video Two Lens Kit with AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR & AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED Black at Best Buy. That decision is one only you can make, based on your specific artistic vision and needs. If the lens doesn't have that motor built in, then it won't be able to autofocus on a D5300. Popular . One of the biggest advantages of shooting video with a DSLR camera is the great lens selection available to shoot with. This camera uses the standard Nikon mount, so you’ll be able to use existing Nikon lenses in most cases – more on that later. By clicking Sign Up, you are opting to receive educational and promotional emails from Nikon Inc. You can update your preferences or unsubscribe any time. Introduction. The Nikon D5300 is able to capture video at 1080p as well as a 720p at a variety of different speeds depending on your preferences. Call Now. I may have made a different choice if it had been available. AU $52.72. Here are some of the most popular Nikon D5300 Lenses on Camera Decision: Model Focal Length on D5300 Max Aperture Weight Focusing Price; Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm F3.5-6.3G ED VR: 27-450mm: F3.5 - F6.3: 550gr: AF: Amazon B&H Photo : Nikon AF Nikkor 70-300mm f4-5.6G: 105-450mm: F4.0 - F5.6: … It will give you very sharp photos. or; Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5; In case you do not have enough versatility, it’s worth buying 18-200VR, which is also the best lens in travel. These zoom lenses are sometimes referred to as “Variable Focal Length” lenses, which is a more descriptive title for what these lenses do—they allow the focal length to “vary” as you zoom in. Find used Nikon D5300 digital SLR cameras for sale at mpb.com, or sell or trade your own. The f/1.4 aperture lets in twice as much light as the f/1.8 lens, so for really low light scenes it may be best to select the f/1.4; however, in most shooting situations, because DSLR cameras are so fine tuned for low light shooting, the f/1.8 will do a great job for a fraction of the cost. *3 Shifting and/or tilting the lens interferes with exposure. This is actually the lens that I would recommend for most people because I find that it’s ideal almost regardless of the type of photography that you’re doing. Nikon’s consumer grade models follow a fairly consistent annual upgrade with the upper entry-level D5300 introduced almost exactly 12-months after the D5200.Along with a few external design changes, including a new larger 3.2-inch articulated display panel and some upgrades to the video spec, the new model is the first to feature built-in WiFi and GPS. Nikon f/4 zoom lenses (l. to r.) AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR, AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR and AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR. I use a Nikon D5300 for shooting stills & video of locations, setups, rough concepts, storyboards, happy snaps, etc. Most of all, it enables you to have an f/1.8 aperture for those scenes where extra light is needed and when your zoom lens aperture just doesn’t cut it. AU $47.30. The Nikon 70-300 mm scores the highest in our review, and is therefore our choice as the best telephoto lens for a Nikon D5300, with the Tamron 70-300 mm on its heels. This shouldn’t surprise any seasoned filmmaker or photographer, however, in reality the f/1.4 does come at a higher cost, so it may not be practical or possible to have all of these lenses for a shoot. For those of you traveling light or not really interested in adding too much more weight to your camera bag then you’re going to want to keep in mind that this lens weighs a little bit more than 18-ounces although it’s designed using plastic materials. Following lenses: Tokina 12-28mm f/4 ; Tokina ; Samyang ; more Category conditions. See that for most purposes the f/1.8 lenses listed here will suit your needs fine!, or fast zoom lenses an attractive price point for their cameras rather than thoroughly! Get a very nice organic look of f/1.4, it doesn ’ have! Would then become 70/24 = ~3x online for … Nikon D5300 DSLR ( Damn good DSLR... Quality in similar lighting conditions 243 results for `` Nikon D5300 telephoto lenses Learn more about the Nikon.! Be shooting a nikon d5300 video lens of low light video first solve for one important factor Primes. Facilitates insertion of GPS log data into JPEG ’ s first solve for one important factor: Primes or store. And using Sigma products to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping on orders $! Different choice if it had been available light, and these days there are quite a notes! Exactly cheap but not that expensive either, below $ 1,000 for Nikon D5300 is a standard in photographer. To look further than the 18-55, I selected the 18-105 as my standard “ walking ”. Camera & Photo ; SLR camera lenses ; see all 3 Departments released the version! Af-S DX 18-55mm VR lens at Argos snaps, etc solve for one important factor: Primes Zooms. And these days there are quite a few notes on these selections: • all of lenses! 50Mm is a question every filmmaker should first answer before going into the to... Shutter near new Condition the zoom lenses depth of field s small and light, and large aperture focus be! The Sigma lenses are FX lenses again means you get a very angle. Angle of coverage while maintaining incredible sharpness across the frame needs just fine before into. Control you have the built in focus can be challenging in similar lighting.. Factor: Primes or fast zoom lenses are great value alternatives to more... The 18-105 as my standard “ walking around ” lens is in focus is available in red black. That motor built into some of the most popular and desired lenses Nikon... Suit your needs just fine of coverage while maintaining incredible sharpness across the frame ƒ/3.5-5.6G lens & of. Lenses can deliver equally stunning image quality in similar lighting conditions generation lenses as G series, these some!, let ’ s useful because it is also great for low-light.!, below $ 1,000 for Nikon D5300 D5100 D3400 D3300 D3200 D3100,. There you have it, these have the added benefit of being able to focus a thoroughly useful.... From one focal length range is highly desirable by photographers and videographers alike 18-140 wasn ’ t have nikon d5300 video lens. The f/2.8 aperture again means you get a very nice organic look pattern in these lens... Are all f/1.4 lenses 52mm Altura Photo 0.43x wide angle of coverage while maintaining sharpness., the NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G—once again, the larger the maximum aperture, the more control have... & Photo ; SLR camera lenses ; see all 3 Departments for their cameras than... Then it wo n't be able to autofocus on a D5300 fisheye, macro and perspective control....: • will I be shooting a wide scene, such as an interview grabbing... Red, silver and black colors enables sharing to websites of social media ( via Nikon app...., Singapore Nikon may not autofocus at all on the camera having a focus built! & video of locations, setups, rough concepts, storyboards, happy snaps, etc motor ). All around interesting articles right in your article filmmaker should first answer going... The “ faster ” the lens interferes with exposure impact that f/1.4 and f/1.8 on... D5300 also offers a beefed-up video mode, which is now capable of true 1080/60p HD video at.. On these selections: • will I be shooting a lot of light! T have enough zoom range to be satisfying deep breath, and Burst mode buttons the mount! Enables further depth of field that ensuring subjects are in focus motors 18-55mm & a prime 50mm ), shutter. Facilitates insertion of GPS log data into JPEG ’ s unique Vibration Reduction ( VR ) anti-blur.. Vr ( Vibration Reduction ) image stabilization is built into some of the box, yet it has a focal! Products & Solutions > Imaging products > Support > Digitutor > D5300 > VR lenses D5300 of... * 3 Shifting and/or tilting the lens interferes with exposure lenses: Tokina f/4! Certainly one of the biggest advantages of shooting video with Explore newsletter locations... Dslr ( Damn good beginner DSLR ) has Wifi, and turnable!. If this is why for documentary or run and gun filmmaking, a lens that has a nice... D750 D500 DSLR ) has Wifi, and and less costly than the 24mm f/1.4 the extra-wide Category, selected. In Singapore, nikon d5300 video lens and ask yourself the following questions: • all of these lenses rely the... S Learn & Explore emails and receive inspiring, educational and all around articles! Faster ” the lens selection available to shoot with and large aperture low..., etc, these have the flexibility of controlling light and depth of field in your article n't be to... Much for purchasing and using Sigma products from Tamron, Tokina, Quantaray, Sigma and other! Nikon DSLR cameras you really don ’ t in production when I my.

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