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My Store: Phone: Get Directions . Marine-Grade Plywood For boat-building applications, a special grade of plywood, APA Marine Exterior, is available. Botanical Name: Shorea spp. 1/4-in Lauan Plywood, Application as 2 x 4. Check Other Stores closed. This tree is from Shorea family and available widely in many places and when people mention the name, probably they are referring the plywood with ¼ thickness or the less common 1/8. The best plywood for cabinets is decorative plywood and can also be used to make furniture. Cal. Exterior lauan plywood can also be used for several other outdoor applications as well. Hardwood plywood is always of a high grade and it is relatively easy to stain and finish. FR . Marine-grade Plywood is a premium panel using the same fully waterproof glues as regular Exterior plywood, but manufactured with only Douglas-fir or Western Larch veneers, and with additional restrictions on veneer grade, core gaps, patches and other characteristics. Precision-cut in 1/4 in. Figuring out marine plywood grades in order to choose materials for stitch and glue and other methods of boatbuilding can be confusing. Therefore choose the best luan marine … Luan plywood originates from southeast Asia and was first manufactured in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the 1960s and '70s. Construction and industrial plywood are covered by Product Standard PS 1–07 (NIST 2007), and hardwood and decorative plywood are covered by Ameri-can National Standard ANSI/HPVA–1–2004 (HPVA 2004). Plywood for Roofing. This structural marine panel is made to the slightly less stringent specification 6566. Other species of hardwood may also be used for marine plywood, usually in the Marine (boating) industry. They are lightweight, sized to accommodate both big and small projects, and easy to cut to specific dimensions. 1/4 x 4-ft x 8-ft Lauan Underlayment Plywood McCorry Utility-Ply plywood is designed with DIYers like you in mind. Each standard recognizes different exposure … Perfect for home projects, crafts, hobbies and more, our multi-use Utility-Ply panels provide strength and flexibility for any need or task. Offering few to no core voids, more plies, and a competitive price, Aquatek is a lower cost alternative to the higher spec BS1088. Meranti is an excellent exterior grade product which has long be used in wooden boat construction. Please select your store for accurate product availability and pricing. Listen, marine grade is better, not as likely to delaminate ect..I have built several boats with standard plywood. It's quality is unsurpassed, and it is extremly durable and long-lasting. Marine plywood is a superior quality plywood that is specially treated to resist rotting in high-moisture environments. Marine plywood has actually less to do with the wood itself as it has with the specifications to which it is manufactured. Exterior lauan plywood is often used in boat construction projects as a substitute or cheaper alternative to marine plywood. Plywood is separated into two general classes: (a) construc-tion and industrial plywood and (b) hardwood and decora-tive plywood. By the 1990s, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were the luan plywood manufacturing capitals of the world. Plywood – Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, Bintangor Don Linville 2018-06-08T10:50:18-07:00. Then there is lauan made with non waterproof or even non water resistant glue that is used for paneling and other above grade use in houses and lower grade furniture. Typical impact damage is shown: the lauan face veneers fail in tension and shear away from the core material. Luan Plywood is probably one of the cheapest materials out there, far less than standard mahogany, or Balsa wood. PLYWOOD – LAUAN, MERANTI, OKOUME, BINTANGOR. 1/8" x 4 x 8 LAUAN PLYWOOD : PRICE: $ 11.39. Write the First Review. Marine Grade Plywood is an exterior structural panel, sanded on both sides, most commonly made from Douglas fir or Pine. Easy-to-work-with size makes these panels the perfect choice for do-it-yourself projects. For many years, the standard option was lauan plywood, also called Philippine mahogany or luan plywood, which is made with an inexpensive tropical hardwood, and therein lies its problem. The other has five moderately thick veneers. Qty: Description Utility grade hardwood plywood Great for cabinet boxes, drawer bottoms, templates, mock ups, and various other millwork projects. Marine ply is very high quality waterproof plywood selected to have fault free laminations. Our Marine Okoume plywood has a Lloyd’s of London stamp that certifies it to be BS 1088. I am a finish carpenter and new to the boat repair thing,but there are ply's available here in So. Ideal thickness for a wide variety of small repairs and light utility projects. Therefore choose the best luan marine and get cabinets made. This plywood is extremely smooth and hard which is perfect for finishing with stain or paint. Product Code: P18M. However, it is much more expensive, and sometimes defeats the purpose of using plywood as the wood of choice. The vast majority of marine plywood in the world is made from the Okoumé (Acuomea Kleinea) tree which is harvested in the African state of Gabon in the tropical forests of the Congo Basin. Fully waterproof structural-grade adhesives and higher-grade timbers are used in its construction process to ensure added durability and strength. x 8 ft. x 4 ft. Lauan Plywood. It is also easier to find. It is used primarily in the marine industry, for projects such as the construction of docks and boats. Use Current Location. Marine Plywood. Related Products... 1-1/2"x4'x8' FOAMCORE R9.8 PRICE: $28.88 . Lauan plywood (also known as Luan Plywood) is a commercial term used throughout the United States that typically refers to a 1/8" - 1/4" tropical hardwood plywood panel used for underlayment in flooring, lamination, paper overlay, furniture, and millwork applications. For bathrooms, a Luan plywood is good to put on top of decking plywood for protection. Lauan plywood is used for the facing of interior doors, for the backing of wood and faux-wood paneling, for the interior walls of truck bodies, RVs and trailers, shipping containers, subflooring, movie and theatre set construction, cabinet interiors and backing, furniture backing and drawers, picture frame backing and crafts. To find quality hardwood ply in a variety of different species, you typically need to go to a specialty lumber yard. Advantages of Regular Plywood over Marine Plywood. This is made with "waterproof" glue although I would think that it is not as good as that used in the marine version. Check Other Stores closed. Add : 3/4"x4x8' WHITE MELAMINE G2S #1 PRICE: $28.00 . Easy-to-work-with size makes these panels the perfect choice for do-it-yourself projects. Ship to your home or buy online and pickup in-store. Naturally resistant to moisture and the effects of humidity . The plywood is 1/4-inch or thinner and is often referred to as die-cut plywood because it can be shaped with dies without the usage of saws. Regular plywood is much less expensive than marine plywood. Because it is a very light material, lauan plywood can be used for the construction of kayaks or other small boats. Product Overview. Securing Luan Plywood in Place xxxx Quarter-inch lauan plywood is the top material for underlayment among home renovators and contractors. Get Pricing and Availability. Lauan products have been responsible for massive deforestation in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries. As the luan plywood is softer, it can be easily carved. When it is not properly sealed with varnish, paint or other coatings, even marine grade plywood will eventually rot if left exposed to the weather. Re: marine plywood... necessity or not? price match guarantee . closed. This plywood can be used to finish furniture as well as repair interior doors. Different sizes are available. Figure B is pretty descriptive of the difference between so-called ¼” lauan and 6mm marine plywood: One has two thin face veneers and a thick, crumbly interior veneer. Okoumé Marine plywood is graded as being compliant with BS-1088, which is a British Standard for marine plywood. Questions & Answers . Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. Ideal thickness for a wide variety of small repairs and light utility projects. Item #6177 Model #107806. The first Lauan panels were manufactured over 40 years ago in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Luan plywood sheets are 4′ X 8′ and available in different thicknesses: 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 5.5 mm. Item #5202 Model #92418. 1/4-in Lauan Plywood, Application as 2 x 2. I don't make show pieces I make and use them for pleasure. Create circular saw cutting guides for plywood. Aquatek is a lauan based marine grade plywood. Scott Reinhart Trailers 2990LB GVWR, (1) 3500LB Torsion Axle, 14 Inch Radial Tires, Aluminum Rims, (2) Dome Lights and Wall Switch, Paddle Latch Side Man Door, Marine Grade Plywood Floor, White Lauan Walls, Diamond Plate Stoneguard, Tongue Jack, LED Lights, (2) Rows Quickslide Track in Floor, Ramp Door, (2) Sur-Lock Ski Bars, Premium Fit and Finish. Browse our full assortment of Plywood. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. panels with burr-free edges, this decorative walnut plywood is perfect for smaller woodworking projects and serves as a cost-competitive alternative to UF-laden plywood, which is prone to degrade indoor air quality over time by off-gassing toxic fumes. Marine grade plywood is similar to standard exterior-grade plywood, but its core consists of knot-free sheets, eliminating the possibility of the formation of water pockets within the structure. Get Pricing and Availability. Use Current Location. 4 / 10. The main differences between marine grade plywood and standard exterior plywoods are: the wood species (and grade) and the marine grade resins and glues that hold the various plies together. Add : 3/4"x4x8 CD SYP T&G PLYWOOD PRICE: $35.00 . Luan is actually a type of plywood as well and people are calling it like that to differentiate the material from the common plywood made from other trees. Add : … Remember that Marine grade plywood is not suitable for any project in which compound curves are involved, since plywood does not bend in two directions at once. BS-1088 grading requires the same species throughout (face, back, and core), defect-free A Grade Face veneer with no repairs. These specialized glues handle the harsh weather and punishment of marine environments better, and longer, than the standard glues of exterior plywood. Hunting, Diving and racing. Some of the individual Shorea … RevolutionPly® is manufactured from sustainable wood sources and is a long-term, better alternative to Meranti plywood and Lauan plywood. called Luan which is a type of mahogany.It is 9 layers at 23/32 (3/4") and goes for about $60 a sheet.We use it to make toekicks out of and for subtops. Marine plywood is good for things that need to withstand water like boats. The closest thing to marine would be lauan rated as underlayment for floors. There are many clear advantages to choosing RevolutionPly® plywood over Meranti plywood and Lauan/Luan plywood. The density and grain structure of Meranti is similar to Genuine Mahogany with a nice homogeneous feel that allows it to be milled easily … Since that time, the luan wood industries in these countries have declined due to poor management of the hardwood forests. Let's look at the 'wood' first. 1/4 in. Internet # 205664906Model # 1402174Store SKU # 1001187455. The main benefit of using waterproof glue in marine plywood is that if the plywood is exposed to moisture, or even very high humidity or boiling temperatures, the glue won't fail, and therefore the wood layers of the plywood won't delaminate, or fall apart. A sheet can cost $10 to $50, as opposed to the cost of marine plywood, which ranges from $70 to over $200 a sheet. HYDROTEK MERANTI MARINE GRADE PLYWOOD – Meranti Plywood, which is commonly known as Philippine Mahogany or Lauan Plywood, comes from the Shorea genus. This is an important design characteristic if you're building a boat hull with plywood. Pressure-treated plywood usually has a greenish hue and a slightly oily surface. 6 years ago.

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