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Furthermore, it gives more comfort air and ideal for any room and area in the house. The Lasko T42951 … The oscillating fan changed the way families cool themselves some 137 years ago. At 36 inches, the fan can be positioned at the tightest spaces and is mostly made from durable, heavy-duty plastic construction. All the functions are simple and straightforward and work exactly according to expectations. Recently, WiFi and internet connectivity have been added to fans, allowing them to be controlled via an app virtually anywhere. A typical pedestal fan would occupy a lot of space, and this is where this fan shines. US Seller. Their industrial applications are numerous, but we will be talking about the ones primarily used for personal purposes, the ones we use at home. The Lasko T42951 Wind Curve Oscillating Tower Fan dispenses with the wood grain finish and instead opted for the black and gunmetal grey that speaks volumes about being modern and sleek. Fully extended, it commands an impressive height of 53.5 inches, with a base footprint of 20.5 inches. Lasko T42951 Wind Curve Oscillating Tower Fan, 9. In general, whether Lasko T42950 VS T42951 will give you general specifications as listed in the below points: Not only complete with the above specifications, but it is also important for you to note its great features. Required fields are marked *. You would rather choose the best product to make sure of your satisfying buy. The Wind Curve Tower Fan has a high-reaching tower design which promotes maximum air delivery that is perfect for the hot summer days. With a wide-angle coverage of oscillation, the AmazonBasics Oscillating 3 Speed Tower Fan can cool a room down in minutes. A REAL SPACE SAVER: This product creates a good design so that it good enough when standing in the room. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS IN THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. The price is a … It is a not too significant price difference when you compare between Laski T42950 VS T42951. Read also:Â. The Lasko 1843 18″ Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan is by no means a small fan, and it will occupy space. NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. The tower fan has a remote control and 12-hour timer functionality that you can adjust in increments of 30 minutes per segment. Design, Materials, and Size. Another option is to set (M) for an hour, and last is (L).Â. A wall-mounted fan will have much higher coverage than a pedestal fan and can provide a more focused airflow than a ceiling-mounted fan. Your email address will not be published. Read our complete guide about the best flush mount ceiling fans. Perhaps what makes the Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Tower Fan stand out is the impressive aesthetic of faux wood grain across its fascia, giving it that classic yet ultra-modern look that will certainly add to the beauty of any room it stands in. The design has some additional aesthetic touches that allow it to stand out from the ‘normal’ tower fan with its combination of satin and gloss black finishes. The device is infinitely more affordable than a full-blown air conditioner, and no installation is required. As they find the old version needs an update, the brand works harder on getting a better and more excellent product by launching the T42951. The remote control also has its own display screen, allowing you to confirm the settings without actually going over to the fan itself. ... Lasko Products T42951 Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote, Silver. In general, whether the first version nor the latest one will give you the following fantastic features. However, a good advice, an ionizer tower fan will help a healthier environment. While in the T42951 you will not get the features, but you will able to perform night setting on the fan. The oscillation feature has adjustable cones of coverage starting from 60 degrees to a full 360 degrees of rotation, virtually encompassing the entirety of any room. This fan will powerfully circulate air through your home while taking up only a corner. Simply lay down the fan on its side and tighten the base with a screwdriver. This standing fan delivers excellent air flow but is still quiet enough to hear the TV – even on HIGH. The Aikoper 36″ Oscillating Tower Fan has the tower design which is tubular and stands on a base platform that is very ideal for saving space. Including selecting a suitable standing fan for your family room. Made up mostly of sturdy ABS plastic construction, the piano black finish allows for easy cleanup and gives it an elegant look that can match any living or bedroom color. The noise levels, even on the highest setting is just like listening to ambient white noise and is very conducive for resting and preparing yourself to sleep. Therefore, it cannot say a hundred percent update for the new version, as it is a different thing. It has 43” tall with a small 13” x 13” footprint, able to be placed in pedestal or in a box fans without sacrificing air circulation. This tower fan is equipped with remote control for full operation anywhere you are in the room and has a vibrant LED display to show you what mode is active and the speeds that the fan is at. The sturdy plastic base assembles easily with a Philips-head screwdriver, and occupies a 13” x 13” footprint on your floor. Variations in blade design, housing, motor wattage, and modern features have greatly affected and enhanced their functionality. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty against factory defects and repair, and have among the best customer service in the tower fan business. In general, whether the first version nor the latest one will give you the following fantastic features. At its core, it is merely a propeller blade attached to a motor to push air around and towards whatever direction it faces. Activating the oscillation mode at the touch of a button allows the most extensive coverage from the fans vantage point. This sleek, vertical space … Adjustable vents at the top that make this fan reach far higher than comparable tower fans in the market is also a valuable add-on. It is made up mostly of well-engineered sturdy plastic, resulting in a construction that looks and feels solid. Three modes for speed are at the core of operating this fan, which delivers powerful airflow while remaining whisper quiet. While perfectly sized to deliver air even over taller types of furniture, adjustments can be made to make it reach even higher, assisted by the tower fans distinctively curving body. The Lasko Silverwood T42954 is designed to create the perfect breeze and stay quiet; you can still hear your TV with a high-speed setting. This different help customer to make a selection and recognize the series well. While in the T42951 you will not get the features, but you will able to perform night setting on the fan. Although smaller than other tower fans, the  Aikoper 36″ Oscillating Tower Fan produces a relatively strong airflow even at its lowest speed setting compared to other tower fans that are even larger. Three quiet speeds and the electronic 7.5 hour timer along with … While the facet might seem gimmicky, they actually do work albeit not as powerful as the towers and the pedestal fan types, making them suitable for smaller rooms and will only achieve their cooling potential when used along with other cooling devices. Operating with three different mode settings, this fan caters to all preferences, whether you want the strongest possible airflow or just the bare minimum. The remote control is a handy couch and bed companion, High airflow output even at its lowest setting, Everything snaps together perfectly upon assembly, There is a grating noise in oscillation mode sometimes, Touch-sensitive buttons are a welcome addition, The packaging is neat and impressive, worth a mention, The output is excellent and strong even at the lowest setting, Very easy to assemble, even without reading the instructions, Blades are a dust magnet and very hard to clean, The noise it generates serves as white noise to drown out other annoying sounds, Quiet and still powerful even at the highest speed, Remote labels are a bit confusing due to missing labels. Like all tower fans, it fits into almost any sized space and made even easier by a built-in handle. Therefore, make up your mind and no need to feel confused. This simple innovation solved a considerable problem and made the fan a permanent addition to any home or office. All product is ETL Listed and patented with a 1-yr limited warranty for the more convenient feeling when the customer decides to buy it. The LED screen indicator display automatically turns off after 30 seconds, very useful when you are the type of person who wants to sleep in total darkness. Their bladeless nature is what sets them apart and the safety it provides to owners, especially among children. The Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. The fan’s weight enables it to be moved anywhere in the house without major effort. This capability will manage to help people get suitable rest during night time. Speaking of which, the desk fan is simply a stunted or a smaller version of a pedestal fan, with the added benefit of portability. Out of all of the different types of fans that are available, tower fans are by far … 4. An oscillating fan, on the other hand, can cool you down with less power consumption. The Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan has three modes for airflow as well as three speed settings and provides a way to customize the fan to cater to different needs. The fan also has a built-in ionizer, making sure that the air you breathe is clean. AmazonBasics Oscillating 3 Speed Tower Fan, Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2020 – Ultimate Guide, Top 15 Best Hepa Vacuums in 2020 – Complete Guide, Save space as you can place it in any corner or even in the middle of a room and still occupy a tiny footprint, Tool-less, snap-on installation right out of the box, Can both be operated with physical buttons on the tower itself and remotely, Multiple settings for different room types, Lacks options for dimming the LED indicators, Ingenious implementation of oscillation where the fan rotates inside the tower, Adjustable angles of oscillation coverage, Extremely quiet, especially on low settings, Lights automatically turn off after a few seconds, Superbly quiet even at high speeds, provides a barely audible noise, Fan power may be a bit too gentle for a hot night, Blue LED indicator is too bright and cannot be turned off, Does not ‘remember’ its last used settings, Stable but light enough to move from room to room, Non- dimmable LED light indicator cannot be turned off, Smaller ‘footprint’ than other fans of the same size category, Airflow is nice and powerful, even at the low settings, generates a bit of noise when oscillating at times, The packaging was damaged and produced some scratches on the unit itself, Unobtrusive and whisper-quiet even at the highest setting, Puts out quite a lot of air and feels cooler than just circulated air, The fan does not collect as much dust as others, An annoying clicking sound can sometimes be heard while in oscillation mode, Adjustable column piece makes its height adjustable, Lightweight makes it easier to move around, Bluetooth connectivity disconnects intermittently, More powerful airflow than any tower fan can achieve, Surprisingly a lot quieter than what was expected, Remote control goes on and off intermittently, The highest setting is too loud for comfort, The power cord can be short when the fan is fully extended. Oscillating Tower Fan comes equipped with a fully-featured remote control and a fully programmable 7.5-hour timer that can be adjusted in 30-minute increments. Mostly made up of sturdy plastic, the fan is very easy to assemble and move around to any room where it might be needed. While the size may be daunting, the whole fan fully assembled only weighs in at 9.8 pounds, making it a breeze to move anywhere it is needed. Early fans just stand there and blow air towards any direction. If Lasko T42950 is made with ionizer, then T42951 is not. Ozeri Ultra Oscillating Bluetooth Tower Fan, 11. The fan is made up mostly of well-made plastic that does not feel cheap or rushed. You need to point the remote control straight toward the fan sensor, otherwise, it will not operate well. Vornado. Pushing another button and you enable sleep mode for that whisper-quiet operation. 5 to 7. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The fan uses a simple, but an ingenious method to cool down the surroundings. It also has an LED display indicators arrayed around large and easy to use buttons so that you will know what mode the fan is on at a glance. Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silver T42951 4.6 out of 5 stars 19,698 34 offers from $37.01 Air Multiplier Table Fan, 10 Inches, White/Silver The noise generated is more of a subdued white noise that is ideal for situations where sleep is difficult. The Lasko T42954 Tower Fan is 42.5” tall with a woodgrain face and grey body. This fan operates with a three-speed mode, with that distinctive ‘natural’ mode that mimics the way a gentle breeze goes over our body by varying fan speeds intermittently. While tower fans are popular, the pedestal design is not quite going down without a fight and the Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan reinforces that point. Lasko T42951 Wind Curve Portable Electric Oscillating Stand Up Tower Fan with Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, 13x13x42.5, Silver. The high-reaching design, 3 quiet speeds, and oscillation provide maximum air … TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS; This brand provides a high-quality household product for over 100 years. The fan design and the fins allow the air to be pushed out quickly … Lasko: 8.5: GET ON AMAZON: 7: Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silverwood T42954 Lasko: 8.2: GET ON AMAZON: 8: Lasko … Most especially pleasing is the ‘natural’ mode which allows the fan to operate in such a way that it will copy the natural breeze outside by varying the degree of blade speed. It is advertised to drive air up to 16.4 feet. This type of oscillating fan is also sometimes called a stand fan or a desk fan, the main characteristic defining this fan is a wide base at the bottom which is weighted down for stability. The same item with a standing fan for a private house. Check Latest Price on Amazon The finish is a combination of satin and glossy black finish that also makes it rather easy to wipe and clean. The Costway 40″  Oscillating Tower Fan has touch-sensitive buttons registering button triggers at a mere touch of a finger. The fan is a space saver and has a built-in timer function. Occupying a mere 10 inches as its base, this fan is a prime example of what a tower fan is known for, saving space. This is where the Ozeri Ultra Oscillating Bluetooth Tower Fan shines as it is among the very first Bluetooth enabled fans in the market today. The fan also has a carry handle, something that is not commonly present on other brands. An oscillating fan is a more economical way to beat the heat as compared to an air conditioner. The wire has a small groove at the base so as not to affect balance once setup. However, a good advice, an ionizer tower fan will help a healthier environment. These fans are most commonly found in larger sized rooms with their wide range of design styles and colors they can be easily matched with any theme. With only $10 different, you can get a better tower fan that will make the room feel fresh and cold at the same time. Fully assembled, the tower fan stands at 42 inches with a footprint of just a little bit over a foot at 13 inches. A full-function remote control allows you to control the fan from anywhere in your room. Primarily made up of sturdy and easy to clean plastic, the craftsmanship feels premium.  The tower and tubular case of the fan sit on a base with an extendable column, providing stability and higher reach for its airflow. It means that the old version and the latest one only have a $10 difference. The remote will allow you to control the fan anywhere you are in the room. By the looks of it, the oscillating tower fan is the most preferred design choice among others. Even ultra-modern dwellings will have a combination of cooling oscillating fans that work in tandem with the modern air conditioning systems in our homes today. In terms of color, Lasko T42950 is made of black color. What this means is that you can control the fan via an app on either iOS or and an android device which certainly allows for a lot more flexibility with which to control the device. The tower fan also comes equipped with remote control, so you can operate it while in the comfort of your bed. You can still able to hear the TV sound while using this fan. The LED indicator lights may disturb you when in a dark environment and the Pelonis 36- Inch Oscillating Tower Fan allows the LED to put itself out after 30 seconds to avoid this. The smaller size of desk fans makes them very popular in small rooms or relaxing nooks in a home or office. The Lasko T42951 Tower Fan is 42. October 5, 2020 April 4, 2019 by Ronald Cross. The remote control is also made larger than usual, making it easier to operate and harder to lose in a clutter. These fans do not have the same stock power as the other designs and are only suited for smaller rooms. Perhaps what makes the Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Tower Fan stand out is the impressive aesthetic of faux wood . The Ozeri Ultra Oscillating Bluetooth Tower Fan has an extendable column that you can use to adjust the height of the fan with, ensuring that it can provide cooling even with taller beds and furniture inside the room. Its solid heft of 12.15 pound means that it is as stable as it gets when assembled. You save 16% off the retail price for this oscillating tower fan. The Pelonis 36- Inch Oscillating Tower Fan’s assembly was a matter of snapping together the base and putting the body on top via a plastic nut. Rating of Lasko 4924. The addition of a programmable 7-hour timer also adds to the fans versatility. - TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS – Lasko has been making quality household products for over 100 years. The Costway 40″  Oscillating Tower Fan comes in at a commanding height of 40 inches, allowing this fan to lord over even those rooms with taller furniture and beds. Trustech Oscillating Remote Control Tower Fan, 3. Fans themselves cannot cool down any room below the ambient temperature, but they do cool our bodies by moving the air around. Lasko fans are etl listed, come with our patented blue Plug safety fuse … The oscillation coverage is also wider than other fans, allowing for 120-degree wide coverage when in oscillation mode. This fan fits nicely in the corner of most any room. We take a look at fifteen of the best tower fans available now and look at why they are considered the best functioning tower fan among the pack. The brand launch Lasko T42950 VS T42951 … There are many kinds of oscillating fans, used everywhere imaginable where air circulation is necessary. The assemble is so straightforward and simple and can be accomplished in minutes. They are: High, Medium and Low. The former removes humidity and warm air from a space and circulate cooled air back in. The power cord goes through a flute and does not interfere with the fans balance when standing up. A new blade design has made it possible to make the fan’s shape into a tower, saving space and offering a more appealing aesthetic. It is common for these fans to have built-in timers, remote control functionality, and angle adjustment functions. At 3.5 feet tall and with a width of 12.5 inches at the base, the Genesis 43-Inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan is made to fit into any room with ventilation needs. The LED indicator panel can also be dimmed for nighttime use. For instance, you can set it to ‘natural’ mode to imitate the natural varying speeds of natural breeze. Pedestal fans with rounded heads are considered to be the ‘traditional’ design for oscillating fans, however, it is a widely successful and functional design. Oscillating tower fans. This allows the fan to be used in large areas, ensuring airflow coverage. The Pelonis 36- Inch Oscillating Tower Fan comes with a one-year limited warranty, covering repairs and factory defects. Easy to assemble and operate. Lasko T42950 vs. Honeywell HYF290B: Tower Fan Comparison. Mostly made out of sturdy plastic, it is perfectly engineered and no gaps are visible upon the ridiculously easy assembly. This fan also has engineering that generates more air velocity that generates less noise that is measured in foot-per-minute VS Decibel basis. Even the newest model gives you a more affordable price since it is cheaper. The Lasko 2551 Wind Curve is a good fan that offers cool, gentle breezes for smaller offices and rooms. The fan also has the even more quiet whisper mode functionality that further lowers the operating noise at levels that will be no higher than the ambient sounds you hear at night. This oscillating pedestal fan comes standard with a remote control to access all fan functionality and a programmable timer for added convenience. The Trustech Oscillating Remote Control Tower Fan is a powerful yet whisper-quiet tower fan that has the high-velocity turbine airflow technology. We repeat what we said earlier. Lasko 4443. Unfortunately, some would be pieces of low-quality junk or even knock offs. … The oscillating tower covers about 70 degrees in a conical space around it, allowing for a wide range of areas to be covered. Genesis 43-Inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan, 4. Both series actually launched for a different function, even though it comes from the almost same number. If you need white noise to sleep, - FRESHER AIR – The built-in Ionizer disperses millions of negative ions into the air that bond with positively charged ions which includes things like dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke and other allergens. Our Final Word: Lasko 2554 vs T42950. This Lasko tower fan comes with infrared remote control. A tall, streamlined alternative to traditional box fans, an oscillating tower fan moves back and forth to deliver cooling air efficiently throughout your living space.You can find the best tower … The tall and narrow design, providing the same power as a pedestal fan without compromising on space, consumes less energy and are incredibly portable, not to mention space-saver. The oscillating movement became standard for fans after its implementation, but that is not the only thing that was added along the way. Number #2: Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan. While these features are found among higher tier products, it is fast becoming the standard across all manufacturers as they scramble to fill in the growing demand for these features. The fan also has  6 speed settings and  3 modes that suit whatever activity you may be doing in a room, most especially that whisper quiet mode when you are having your bedtime rest. If used to complement an air conditioning unit, there will certainly be savings in terms of power consumption. The Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Tower Fan also has a programmable 7.5-hour timer, along with full remote control functionality. Unlike the competition, the Trustech 48-inch Whole Room Tower Fan is backed up by a two-year warranty and a lifetime service warranty, a testament to the manufacturers trust in the durability of their product. The added feature of additional adjustable vents allows the fan to reach even higher than its counterparts. Because of this feature, a pedestal fan can be adjusted to become human-height or just as tall as a desk fan. 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That is why people mostly prefer to get the new one, as the price is not significantly different and even cheaper.

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