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An essential quality of this lang reverse flow smoker is its durability. The high-quality materials will ensure that the smoker can easily last you a long while, without some component breaking down. In the pictures it is shown as a reverse flow style smoker but can also be built as a standard offset or a hybrid reverse flow smoker! Airflow in a reverse offset smoker starts on the side of your firebox dampener control. Construction: In a Reverse Flow Smoker, there is a baffle plate in the cook chamber, a Smoke stack that is located in the top dead center of the cook chamber, and a LOW firebox. A reverse flow offset smoker is basically an indirect heat smoker. That is 619 square inches of space in the main chamber and 281 square inches of space in the firebox chamber. Not quite sure what a double reverse flow is. This tip will allow you to use wood chips while cooking the meat. With the addition of a pan of water, a reverse flow smoker is also great at keeping the meat moist as it cooks. You can easily make this type of smoker at home by using recycled materials. Serving as a modification to the classic offset’s design, a reverse flow variant forces both smoke and hot air through a metal plate before it reaches your food. Thanks to the metal plate, the temperature inside a reverse smoker goes back to normal pretty fast after you open up the lid. 5) The ultimate solution is to fabricate a heavy steel duct like the ones built into the large commercial offset smokers and move the chimney to the side by the firebox. The smoker is easier to use and a lot better to add smoking chips when you are smoking for long hours. Reverse Flow wet smoker. I Generally do not talk about the benefits of reverse flow to other I know however for serious competitiors its worth a look. Can you do a drawing and post it, maybe a pic of the fuel cell, thickness of the metal. You sure are making it difficult for both yourself and us! Specifically a Reverse Flow Offset Smoker. Reverse flow smoking is another method that you can use to smoke your favorite foods. Apr 4, 2020 - Explore Paul Kendzor's board "My Reverse Flow Smoker Build" on Pinterest. One of the main benefits of reverse flow technology is that it will enable you to maintain a steady heat level without the need to check the temps periodically. This is a great smoker for larger families. This makes them an excellent choice for someone who needs more room and the presentation of an offset smoker. If you want to have evenly cooked meats that pack tons of flavor, you should pick up a reverse flow smoker … The smoke coming from the firebox is directed by an additional baffle plate to the opposite side of the smoker and then drawn back across the cooking grill on its way to the chimney. Reverse flow smokers include a baffle for the smoke and heat to run across the bottom of the main chamber. The OJ Highland Reverse Flow Smoker offers you a total of 900 square inches of cooking space. The main downside to a reverse flow smoker is that you can’t control the airflow, it moves in a set direction through the smoker. It gives the smoke time to even out in the cooking chamber. It’s also void of hotspots that most offset smokers tend to have. This design is called reverse flow. Or, when you like to smoke large quantities of food at a time. The reverse flow smoker has four baffles to direct smoke and heat through the primary chamber to … Its just that someone replaced tuning plates with a solid pan, and moved the stack. Lets see, no welding skills, a double reverse flow smoker and a rusty old fuel cell. I can tell you not only has thier smokers won at local events they even have won Memphis In May among other major competitiions. This reverse smoker has a wide cooking surface area of 475 square inches. A reverse flow smoker is a special design smoker, which forces the air that comes from a sealed drip pan opposite the cooking chamber to pass through the smokestack on the firebox and exit the chamber.. To deal with this special grilling, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland is a good choice that comes with a huge space of 900 sq.in of the surface.This whole space separated into two sections the main chamber and the firebox chamber. Reverse Flow Smoker Part-2. A Meadow Creek reverse flow tank smoker makes it easier to produce great barbecue than on a traditional offset smoker because the meat is more protected from the heat in the firebox. Its construction includes the best design and the best material that lasts for long. How to Use an offset smoker. What is an Reverse Flow Offset Smoker you ask, it basically has the firebox off to the side of cooking chamber with a steel baffle plate that keeps the direct heat off of the meat. That is for the buyers to find the best offset smoker on the market and the one that meets the needs of them as well.. Known as a baffle, this plate reverses the flow of air back through the cooking chamber, escaping through a smoke-stack via the machine’s firebox. This is done to achieve a uniform temperature, which comes from the cooking chamber that goes inside the smoker. "As the meat cooks" the fat renders out. Then the smoke and heat rise and reverses across the top of the main chamber until it exits out the smokestack. The heat is used twice in our reverse flow system, and in a Lang BBQ Smoker, the reverse flow baffle plate is fat searing on an all- welded griddle, sizzling and searing food to perfection with flavor and moisture beyond compare. Reverse Flow and Offset Smokers have notable differences in Construction, Operation, and Cooking style. Then brings it back over the meat before it gets to the exhaust vent. Now You Know What a Reverse Flow Smoker Is and How It Works! It attempts to make an increasingly stable cooking condition by constraining hot air and smoke under an extra metal plate, called a perplex, and back through the cooking chamber, turning around the airflow to escape through a smokestack on the firebox side of the unit. The stick burning offset design is my favorite style of smoker, and the reverse flow is my favorite version of the offset. Optional smokestack locations let you switch between reverse flow smoking and traditional offset smoking, while four removable baffles ensure even heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber. Not trying to be contrary but let's start at the beginning The smoker will be hotter next to the firebox opening than at the other end by the flue. How do you use a reverse flow smoker? The way that I look at it is that the reverse flow design is just a part of the progressive evolution of the traditional offset. The offset smoker has the firebox at one end and the flue at the other end. In this article, we are going to explain how to use an offset smoker to get flavored food in return. See more ideas about smoker, reverse, flow. A reverse flow smoker is an adjustment of the customary offset smoker. The reverse flow is the best smoker design for even temperature and smoke flow. Before you begin to smoke your food, make sure to season and marinate your meat ahead of time. The firebox will be set to one side so there is no direct heat on the meats you want to smoke. The reverse flow smoker is something that you can consider when you are looking for a large smoker for a large family. The Oklahoma Reverse Flow Smoker uses the top-notch quality materials like a stainless steel fuel bucket, porcelain-coated cooking controls, and heavy-duty steel for the body of the smoker. A reverse flow smoker is an adaptation of the traditional offset smoker. building a 250 gallon reverse flow smoker This is the building process that friends and I used to build a 250 gallon reverse flow smoker and put it on a trailer. It guides the heat in the right direction. Also as far a briskets I smoked well over 100 and had my share My friends, Charlie and his son Levi did most of the cutting and welding on this project and I for sure could not have done this without their help. Reverse flow smokers have a built-in steel plate inside the cooking chamber. The Highland Reverse flow smoker is a little smaller and may be more appropriate for backyard applications. It works to create a more uniform cooking environment by forcing hot air and smoke under an additional metal plate, called a baffle, and back through the cooking chamber, reversing the air flow to escape through a smoke stack on the firebox side of the unit. The Fire Box is built using 1/4 inch plate for thickness and durability. Placing a disposable foil pan on top of the baffles will produce steam, but don’t overfill the pan for best results. Bottom line, if you need an offset smoker and it's big enough, take a hard look at the Longhorn. Reverse Flow Smoker: I love BBQ and projects, so when my air compressor decided retirement was in order and my wife asked, no she stated that I was going to get rid of this tank, I went to my happy place, the garage and looked at my old friend and not wanting to say goo… In comparison to other models, it’ll require more work and knowledge. Reverse flow smoker is an improved traditional offset smoker. Enjoy the best smoky flavor and to have the perfect seasoning, one must experience the reverse flow smoker.

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