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The souring ingredient could be mangosteen, lemon, tomatoes, roselle leaves, Outenga, Manimuni, Tengesi, etc. Khaar - An Assamese meat delicacy. The world is full of good food. Panitenga and kharoli are signature Assamese pickles made from ground mustard seeds. Dried and fermented small fish puthy mas (Ticto barb), three to four in number, are roasted with lavish amounts of green chilis, tomatoes, ginger and garlic (all roasted). A traditional breakfast consists of chira with yogurt and jaggery. The traditional ingredient is made by filtering water through the ashes of the sun-dried skin of a few varieties of banana, which is then called kola khar (The name derived from the local term for banana, "kol" or "kola.") Aalu bengena pura pitika, pura maas pitika (mashed grilled fish), pura mankho etc. Aaloo Pitika. It is characterised by the use of an extremely wide variety of plant as well as animal products, owing to their abundance in the region. Facts about Assam – Assam is one of the Seven Sister States and is encircled by the remaining Sister states – Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh – and another state West Bengal. Pitha (rice cake) is a special class of rice preparation generally made only on occasions like Bihu in Assam. The basic cooking methods include cooking, shallow and deep frying. Another tenga dish is prepared with matimah (urad bean) and outenga (elephant apple). The meat cooked with Ash Gourd, this way of cooking gives extra taste. Khorisa tenga is mashed fermented bamboo shoot, sometimes pickled in mustard oil and spices. The food of upper Assam is more simple and bland compared to that of lower Assam. During the preparing of the dish, cooked slowly, add tomato, outenga and lemon. Though still obscure, this cuisine has seen wider notice in recent times. Insects are fried or cooked or roasted in leaves and then prepared according to the timing of the meal. Some other preparations in Assamese cuisine include Kahudi, Panitenga, Khorikatdiya, Tenga sorsoriya, Posola, etc. Assam food habits are mostly non-vegetarian, rice with fish curry is the main food item to the Assamese. Rice is the most important ingredient in this cuisine. However, the food in Assam is very tasty, unique and very similar to the neighboring north-eastern states. Content Ownership Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Assam, Govt. Fish is widely used, and birds like duck, squab etc. The important other delicious dish is ‘Eri Polu’. Fish is also prepared by roasting or char-grilling. 500,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. Food in Assam: Assam food habits are mostly non-vegetarian, rice with fish curry is the main food item to the Assamese. Petu bhoja(Intestine n Gut fried of fishes) is also considered a delicacy along with The Traditional Assamese Jal(Herbal Fish Curry made with Medicinal herbs like Bhedailota(Chinese Fever Vine), Noroxingho(Curry leaves), Bon Dhunia, Man dhunia, Manimuni(Asiatic Pennywort), Tengesi leaves etc known for its rich flavor n medicinal n antioxidant qualities. Both are centered on the main ingredient — rice. Meat is generally stewed using limited spices as well as a choice of herbs and vegetables. They are eaten as light meals between main meals and widely served during Bihu, weddings, Assamese shraadhs or any other kind of special occasions and gatherings. At first, potatoes mashed with mustard oil, coriander, and onion and finally sprinkle salt on the mashed potatoes. But what are the 50 best dishes -- those so delicious you should factor them into your travel ... Penang assam laksa, Malaysia. The confluence of varied cultural influences in the Assam Valley has led to the staggering variety and flavours in the Assamese food.

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