Here are the recipes that I’ve already shared and some that I plan to share.  All recipes have been tested and approved by my very picky family. Next to each recipe, I have noted whether it has gluten-free options (GF), dairy-free options (DF), and soy-free options (SF).  Because I live in Southeast Asia and because I think it’s the right choice for our family, we strive to eat as few processed foods as possible so all of my recipes contain very few, if any, processed ingredients. The recipes that are not clickable are coming soon. To make sure you don’t miss any of them, please subscribe to my blog on the home page so that each new post comes straight to your email inbox.




Snacks and Desserts:



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  1. You could add GREEK SALAD to this recipe blog as a Malaysian specialty dish! The island has several restaurants that serve this refreshing salad as a delicious plate. 🙂

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