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Camp Week! – Booknificent Thursday Link-Up Party #203 — 6 Comments

  1. It’s ridiculous, but I’m missing my honeymoon-ing son as if he were a kid at camp (and he hasn’t really lived with us since he started college, so I know I’m psycho!)

    You’ll be glad to have all your chicks back in the nest again!
    (Me, too, at our next family gathering!)

  2. Hope you have fun wrapping up camp week! We are trying to enjoy each day of summer and only has a couple of small trips planned. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Summer camp sounds great. Amanda is heading off tomorrow for a 3 day sports tour. The kids are still in school here in term 2 with the older ones writing mid-term exams. It’s winter now and the winter break begins end of June. My book review of Talon, On the Wing received 3 stars from us on Amazon.

  4. Is it Mega Sports Camp? That is at our church this year. I would love to hear what your girls thought.

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