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One Bookworm Leads to Another – Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party #48 — 5 Comments

  1. So cool! My sister developed her love for reading by watching me. It’s a great way to introduce the love of reading to a young child. I’m going to participate in this one next Thursday. I had already committed to too much for this Thursday!

  2. Hi Tina…great bunch of bloggers participating this week…you have a wonderful following!
    I’ve added a brand new book that I think parents will love…and a cute craft activity.
    Thanks again for hosting this link-up! I love the photo of your kids reading with each other…that is precious!

  3. Love it! They’re both reading on the go. Maybe they’ll grow up to take book walks like I do. Most people think it’s hard, but it’s not. I don’t hold the book so close that I can’t see what’s going on around me. I don’t walk on busy roads, and my hearing is still sharp.

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