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February 14th – What a Day! and Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party #32 — 13 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday to Mama and Baby Boy! (Mama had a lot to do with getting him here, you know!) Thanks for this International view of Valentine’s Day. It’s always interesting to hear about other cultures and their traditions. As always, thank you for hosting!
    Hilary at Wholesome Reads

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day and b-day to the cute guy! In South Africa, lots of people get dressed in red and white for the day. It makes it feel festive around here. Enjoy your end of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, Tina! That is amazing…how time flies!
    I added a link to your Booknificent link-up…I appreciate the reminder about International Book Giving Day…somehow it had almost slipped by me.:) I’m giving away a book as part of my post…and there is a GREAT Valentine’s Day craft also.

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  5. OH…my! A whole year!
    What a charming smile!
    Grandpa commented that we’ll celebrate when we get there!
    We can hardly wait to watch his antics and hear his giggle!
    Cute bib…and what a special day for you both!
    Happy Question Anniversary too!!

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