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Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party #27 — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for hosting! Hope you are having a fantastic week.

    Recently, I have enjoyed movies based on books. The Harry Potter series was great and so far the Hunger Games movies were good (Darling Daughter didn’t go to those movies). It is evident when the director/producer of movies stay true to the book such as in these cases – you can fill in the missing details from your memory.

    The Percy Jackson ones aren’t true to the book – at least the first one and it bugs me and my daughter – but after seeing Rick Riordan speak and knowing that he has nothing to do with the movies, it makes sense – you have to look at it differently.

    Typically, though, I’m a “The Book Was Better,” kind of person. 🙂

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  3. Happy Thursday! I just finished two youth lit books this week: Flora & Ulysses, which was hilarious and has a great chapter book/illustrations combo to it; and The Penderwicks, which was a lovely, light read full of childish fun and sweet kids.

    I always prefer books to their movie adaptations as my imagination is so much better! I’m nervous about The Giver coming out. Their casting seems poor to me and it is such a powerful book, I doubt it will get handled well on-screen. The only exception I’ve seen so far, I really preferred the movie version of Atonement to the book.

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