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Picture Books and Other Resources for Thanksgiving — 11 Comments

  1. I love this list! Thanks for sharing. It seems like Thanksgiving is nearly the forgotten holiday anymore. I see that most stores don’t even bother putting things out for Thanksgiving. They go straight from Halloween to Christmas. Add into that the fact that the big box stores are fighting to be open “1st” on Black Friday. Unfortunately this means that the employees that depend on the income from their jobs have little to no time to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m sad about these things, but I’m happy to go through this wonderful list you have provided. Thanks!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  2. Great list! I’m bookmarking these and hope to find them soon, although I’ve got my hands full with books. 🙂 One of my new favorites is Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet that focuses on the history of the Macy’s parade and the creation of the giant balloons. Such a fun book and I’ve always loved watching the parade so finding out its history is lovely. I wrote about it here if you want some glimpses of it: http://www.threebooksanight.com/book-reviews/book-review-balloons-over-broadway-by-melissa-sweet/

  3. Thank you for sharing this list. I need to start reading some Thanksgiving books to my children so they have an understanding of its significance – especially as we only moved to the US from UK last year.

  4. What a wonderful list for Thanksgiving! Just come in time for the big Thursday! I am particularly interested in “Thank You, Thanksgiving”. That little black-hair girl caught my attention! Thank you so much for sharing this great list on Kid Lit Blog Hop!!

  5. So many great choices here! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and some of these books you’ve highlighted bring back happy memories of reading them to my boys. Can’t wait until the grandboy is old enough!

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