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Meatball Cookies – ahem, I mean No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls — 4 Comments

  1. Really enjoy reading these new adventures in food prep and the responses you’re receiving from the little ones! Can’t wait to try some of these when we’re around your table with the girls!

  2. I have a similar recipe for healthy energy balls that I make quite often, but I bookmarked this one of yours a couple years ago and have been meaning to try it ever since. Finally, this afternoon I did! And it’s great! Mine doesn’t call for grinding up the oats, but I like the texture I got this way with everything ground. It ended up a little too gooey, so I added some almond meal, which had the added benefit of introducing a new and delicious flavor. Next time I might reduce the other dry ingredients so I can use even more almond meal. I stirred in some raisins to half the mixture before I rolled them into balls (leaving the other half without, because Hubby doesn’t like raisins), and that made them even better. I’ll definitely be adding this recipe to my healthy snack rotation. Thank you!!

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