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High Fiber Pancakes — 13 Comments

  1. What a genius way to use up the pulp! Those pancakes sound delicious! And what a compromise! I’ll take a pb & j pancake sandwich any day 😀 congrats on being married 9 years! thats awesome! and your daughter is so precious! adorable!! thanks for sharing!

  2. I am going to leave out the stevia, cinnamon and vanilla…I am doing it with the vegetable pulp…I’ll let you know how it goes…I also have been disturbed by the pulp waste…even though my chickens like it…Peace

  3. I am off to make these right now. In the blender! Hope my boys eat them because I have a ton of pulp to use up. I have been making crackers with the pulp but there’s only so much fiber pulp I can eat myself. Time to stuff it into the children!

  4. This recipe was perfect! We just started juicing and have all this leftover pulp! I did a search online for pulp pancakes, found your recipe and gave it a try this morning; YUM! No issues, followed recipe exactly and had some wonderful pancakes!

  5. Hi there. Thanks for sharing your recipe. It looked really good and nutritious, so I gave it a shot. (I’ve made other recipes with pulp) I made it for supper tonight. The pancakes looked great, tasted great, but unfortunately, the middle simply would not cook. I used coconut milk instead of cow milk, and also used 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 1 cup of non-bleached white flour. The texture, because of that middle, was super weird.

    At least the kids ate them all up and didn’t really notice!

  6. Wow Thankyou these were delicious with my apple pulp! I did change it as I had sour milk and I also put 2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1 tsp of baking soda and pure freshly ground whole wheat flour. They were nice and fluffy oh and I couldn’t throw it in the blender as the electricity was off , as I had hoped to make the apple pulp less course. But it all turned out great! Loved them!

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