All-in-One Holiday Casserole Recipe

One Thanksgiving when I was in high school, my mom got tired of trying to keep all the different foods she needed to get on the table hot. She said she felt like she worked all morning, only to sit … Continue reading →

The Selamatan: An Indonesian Thanksgiving Celebration

{Today, I’m pleased to introduce to you Dave Ray of Dave and his wife spent two decades serving the Indonesian people on Java through education, humanitarian aid and community development. Dave is now a freelance cultural-photographer with a passion for creating understanding … Continue reading →

Grenadian Thanksgiving – Thankful for Freedom!

{Today, I’m pleased to introduce to you Sarah Hansen of Sarah and I went to university together and have since reconnected via facebook. I love her story of how she left a six-figure salary as a corporate-sales professional to save her marriage … Continue reading →

Picture Books and Other Resources for Thanksgiving

As those of you who know me and those of you who found this blog because of our Booknificent Thursdays book link-up know, I LOVE PICTURE BOOKS!!! So, of course, this “A Season of Thanksgiving” series could never be complete … Continue reading →

Giving Thanks in Malaysia

As far as I can tell, Malaysia doesn’t have a thanksgiving or harvest festival that is celebrated by everyone. However, many of the indigenous peoples do have harvest festivals, one of the more famous being Kaamatan, which is celebrated by … Continue reading →