GMG Advent Bible Study Week 3 Traceables – Free Printable

My sweet 6-year old loved the traceables I made for her last week for the Good Morning Girls Advent Bible study, so I’ve made another set for this week. Our theme for the week is Joy! If you don’t know about … Continue reading →

GMG Advent Bible Study Week 2 Traceables – Free Printable

My daughters and I, along with our friend who is spending the month with us, are doing the Good Morning Girls Advent Bible study together each morning. We did the Thanksgiving one, and the girls absolutely loved it, and I … Continue reading →

Giving Thanks in Malaysia

As far as I can tell, Malaysia doesn’t have a thanksgiving or harvest festival that is celebrated by everyone. However, many of the indigenous peoples do have harvest festivals, one of the more famous being Kaamatan, which is celebrated by … Continue reading →

Happy Thanksgiving, eh?

To kick off our family’s season of thanksgiving this year, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on October 14th with several friends, one of whom is actually Canadian! 🙂 Canadian Thanksgiving seems to share many of the same traditions as American Thanksgiving, … Continue reading →