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Booknificent Thursday Link-Up #293 — 4 Comments

  1. You would think, with the calendar cleared and my husband doing the shopping (he decided it would be best if only one of us went out as we’re both in high-risk categories) that I would have more time. Maybe it’s been impacted by having everyone working from home. I’m thankful that my husband and sons have work and can work from home.

    I was encouraged by a book that I am reading that dealing with anxiety and worry is not a once-and-done session that settles everything forever. It’s more of a regular reminding ourselves of God’s truth. I’ve had to do that more and more as this drags on, as more things are canceled, as news reports are not encouraging. God is still in control, has His purposes in all He allows, and promised to provide our needs and give us grace.

  2. I love the ways you bring biblical truth into your family celebrations. The cancellations and clsures have been pretty disappointing, but even this is an opportunity for us all to affirm that God is our greatest treasure and he is enough. (We hardly ever get that opportunity here in the USA!)

  3. It must be so hard for kids to understand that everything is cancelled. It’s hard enough for adults who have a better grip on what’s happening. May you have a wonderful week of feasts next week.

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