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Miriam by Mesu Andrews: Book Review and Scavenger Hunt — 29 Comments

  1. Had trouble finding answer on #12 review. Hope I am correct. I don’t know how to tweet, so I am done. Thanks for letting me do the hunt.

  2. I have really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and learning about Mesu Andrews and her books. I know I will enjoy reading them!!!

  3. Greatly enjoyed the scavenger hunt, I found some wonderful new blogs! Struggled with number 12 but submitted my answer anyway.

    • Yes, Sandra. It seems the author of #12 has been really ill and there was nothing we could do about it but pray for her. Your answer will be counted regardless of whether your twelfth word is wrong. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the hunt and found some new blogs!

  4. I enjoyed reading what others have to say about Mesu Andrews writing and her skills in writing biblical fiction. I totally agree with them and after all the reviews, I CANNOT wait for my copy of Miriam to arrive so I can begin reading it. Thank you for the scavenger hunt – I enjoyed it, especially the final phrase as I believe it to be completely true!

  5. Thank you for the hunt, Tina. Enjoyed reading each blog post. Very sorry that the owner of the 12th one is so ill…will pray for her. Looking forward to reading Miriam.

  6. Just entered. I couldn’t find the post on blog #5 so I just guessed for that one. (It brought me to the blog, but it was very confusing and showed me posts from 2015)
    Anyway, thanks for doing this scavenger hunt! I love doing these kinds of things.

    • Sorry about #5 – it looks okay now, but things have been wonky for us all through this hunt so I don’t doubt that something was going on when you were trying to find it. Never fear – your entry will count even if you got that 5th word wrong!

      Thanks for joining us on the hunt!

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