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I have well over 1000 recipes clipped to Evernote. Most of them are in my Recipes to Try notebook, but there so many that I never actually try them! I also have a notebook of “Master Recipes” which are supposed to be my standbys but even that notebook has gotten so unwieldy as to be unuseful. I’m truly embarrassed at the number of afternoons that roll around with me standing in the kitchen without a clue as to what I’m cooking for dinner.

As much as I want to be a paperless person, I’m coming to accept about myself that, for now, it’s not going to happen. There are a few papers I need in my life to make me more efficient.

  • a paper calendar with the whole month on one page
  • a to-do list next to my computer
  • my go-to recipes
  • a weekly meal plan

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner from Mommynificent.com

I know, I know. I could easily have all of these on my computer and/or smart phone, and I actually do, but the fact of the matter, for me, is that it significantly decreases my productivity to have to switch windows to get to these things. I am much more productive if they are next to my computer or on my fridge where I can see them while I am working.

So, I’m done feeling guilty about needing some paper in my life, and I’ve decided to make papers (i.e. printables) that I like to look at. I’ve already tackled the calendar thing, so if you’re looking for one, here you go!

Next is the meal planner. I have an old Corelle set of dishes that I have loved for 20 years now. It’s probably hopelessly out of style, but to be honest, I don’t care. Why should I go buy new dishes when I love these and they’re in beautiful condition? And I still love blue gingham and sunflowers just as much as I always have!

So I wanted to make a weekly meal plan that would fit my kitchen decor. I hunted for some clipart that I liked without success, and I tried to make something that I liked, also without success. Then I finally got an idea to just take a picture of my dishes and play with it and see if I could make a header out of it. It worked, and I love it!

I thought maybe some of you would like it too so I’m offering it to you as a free download – no strings attached. (But if you want to thank me, I wouldn’t sniff at a follow on Google+ or a like on my Facebook page!) Just click on the link below and the pdf should open and you can save it. Or you can right-click on it and save it that way. I’ve made it 8 1/2 x 11 for my American readers, but if you’d like to print it on A4 paper like I am, just print it at 105% and it works perfectly!

Meal Planning Freebie

Also, be sure to come back next week because I’m putting together recipe cards with this same sunflower theme of my top 10 go-to recipes. My plan is to laminate them and put them on the fridge next to this laminated weekly menu plan.

How about you? Are there any papers you just need to have?

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Tina is an island-loving mom of five fun kids. She currently lives near a beach in Malaysia but has also called Bali and the Cayman Islands home since leaving her land-locked hometown of Kansas City. Her greatest passions are learning with her husband how to live and love like Jesus and teaching others to do the same. She particularly enjoys teaching kids to worship and pray fervently and creatively. She loves music, cooking, and reading, and is a complete sucker for a good redemptive analogy! Tina blogs at mommynificent.com and desperatehomeschoolers.com about living and homeschooling in Southeast Asia.


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  2. I love your Sunflower theme! Like you, I have old corelle dishes that I just love. Mine were my Mom’s from the 70’s – I’d much rather eat on them than buy new ones – it makes me feel at home : )

    I agree that a good combination of computerization & paper makes the most sense.

  3. I started experimenting with a bullet journal last week. To do lists MUST be on paper. They never get done otherwise, at least in my world. And if I actually ever did menu plan, that would be on paper, too. So far my calendar being mostly digital is working, though.

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