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5 Ways We Use Media to Raise Multicultural Kids — 13 Comments

  1. What a great post–and an even greater philosophy!
    I am especially fascinated by your use of watching tennis matches together as a way of exposure to other cultures. What a wonderful use of a teachable moment that could otherwise be completely overlooked! It just adds to the idea that parenting educated, compassionate children is an ACTIVE process.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. All very good suggestions!
    I think we have SO much in common. I use very similar ed materials, love cooking and trying dishes from different cultures….and my husband and I play tennis and follow all tournament!

    I also have a question. I will be doing a music camp at a preschool with kids ages 3 and 4. I am considering giving them some of the the Singing Time as extra material for home. As there are quite a few different “episodes” on different themes and now they have the Treeschoolers DVD. So I am wandering there is a DVD that your kids really prefered over the others or if one of them was more helpful.

    Thanks, Maria

    • I was thinking the same thing, Maria! I haven’t said much about it on my blog yet, but I am a musician and we sing our way through just about every day around here! I think we are definitely kindred spirits! Music, books, cooking, and tennis – crazy!

      As for your question, I think for ages 3 and 4, I would probably go with Baby Signing Time. There’s a lot more reinforcement and my 3 year old definitely prefers it. She gets lost in the faster pace of the older ones. Any of the four Baby Signing Times are great! My 6 year old still loves watching them and gets quite put out if I put them on for the two littles while she’s doing schoolwork because she wants to watch too! If you do go with the older ones, I think I’d do the first one unless you have a specific theme for music camp that another would complement better. Hope that helps! Feel free to email me if you have more questions: tina{at}mommynificent{dot}com.

  3. Great ideas! In terms of keeping touch with the culture of the country I am from, our family used Skype a bunch to talk to family twice or even more times a week. It costs us nothing extra and it makes it possible for our family to see our kids growing and share some of what they are doing, celebrations going on, holidays, etc. while we also share with them what is going on here.

  4. I like the idea of watching tennis with a multicultural perspective, too – you could probably use soccer as well. And we used Signing Time for all of our daughters and were so blessed by it.

    My oldest daughter has a gift for dance, and ever since she was about 4 years old she has firmly repeated that she wants to be a “missionary ballerina in Asia” when she gets older (a term that she came up with on her own). And I think that is awesome and totally of the Lord! So I’ve used YouTube often to find clips of people from other cultures singing and dancing. She really enjoys watching Irish step-dancing and traditional Southeastern Asian dancing and practicing some moves as she watches.

    My middle daughter is fascinated with animals, and so I’ve found other sites and DVDs (NatGeo & BBC’s “Planet Earth” series, mainly) as a way to get her interested in what it must be like for people in other parts of the world to live alongside the animals she is so excited about, which leads to a discussion about different kinds of houses, food, clothing, traditions…

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m your neighbor over at Faithful Fridays 🙂

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  7. Hello! Thank you so much for linking up at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! I love your how original your ideas are! Cooking show, and watching tennis together? Who knew? 🙂

  8. I absolutely love Masterchef so I’m going to have to hunt for the Australian one! I think it’s so important to raise your kids to be supportive and accepting of all kinds of people. We’re all in it together and we all share the world! Love your ideas 🙂

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