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Of Superheroes and Book Clubs: Booknificent Thursday Link-Up Party #11 — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Tina! Sorry I’ve been absent the last couple weeks – way too busy! And I didn’t respond about the online book clubs because I have no experience to offer, but I hope you get some info and I’d be interested to learn about it!

    • No worries, Susanna! So glad you’re back – I missed you! This online book club thing is a mystery to me, and apparently most everyone else! I guess I have a new blog theme to consider!! 🙂

  2. I remember the exact same incident happened to me when I was a kid. But instead of the family reading, this happened in a group of friends. We would read and recommend and everyone had to wait for their turn! 🙂 it was so much fun.. the anticipation of having to find out whats inside!
    I love how your whole family is into reading Tina. And that brilliant 6 y.o of yours… watch out 🙂
    Thanks for hosting as always!
    -Reshama @Stackingbooks.com

    • I think that experience is becoming more and more rare with the dawn of the e-book! Now, we can all download books to our own device and read at the same time, which definitely has its merits, but this was really fun for us to experience! Thanks for linking up again this week!

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