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Worship Solely Based on God’s Goodness: Five Minute Friday — 12 Comments

  1. Stopping by from Five Minute Fridays. oh this is right in line with something I’ve read recently as well. So glad I stopped by, I hadn’t connected the idea that if I show up to prayer dwelling on His goodness, it would change the way I pray so drastically. Thank you so much for writing on this!

  2. I loved what you have shared here! It is powerful to remember that He is in control of our situations AND that He is the One, the Only One, to make all things good & right. Thank you for sharing that thought as I truly needed that reminder this morning. I am visiting from Faithful Friday & am glad that I did!
    Have a great Friday!

  3. I too was glad to see the prompt this Friday. My post had been percolating in my little brain all week, and I was glad to find a way to get it out!

    I find what you say here very interesting. Focus on His goodness. As Jesus said, only God is good, meaning I am not. So instead of asking him to bless my desires, ask him to move in my circumstances, as his goodness sees fit. I like it, but I think I have to spend more time wrapping my head and heart around it. So glad you stopped by my blog this week, so that I wandered over here and found this!

  4. Thank you for these meditations! I fell asleep last night dwelling on God’s goodness and His sovereignty while praying. It was wonderful to “cast my burdens” on Him, knowing a reliance in His goodness, based on His promises. He cares for each of us, plus in His Sovereignty, works all things to our good for His good pleasure. I believe you hit on our attitude of worship being enhanced and motivated by “thinking on these things”. It brought peace and contentment as I fell asleep in His Presence and I awakened this early this morning, still thinking of Him. Thank you for sharing.
    Hopping over to read the girls’ weekly word.

  5. Hi, Tina,
    I’m glad I read this. It’s easy to acknowledge how wonderful God is, when he does something awesome, but I certainly don’t think of his goodness often enough and make it part of my worship. Thanks.

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