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Lessons I Want to Really Last: Five for Five Minute Friday — 12 Comments

  1. Very nice post. My favorite is 3 – the world is amazing. With books we can travel and experience things we may not be able to otherwise. Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by my blog. ^_^

  2. Can I just adopt your list? What a great and well-thought out list. I am homeschooling for the first time this year myself with a kinder and a preschooler and they crack me up and teach me in ways I am only beginning to understand. Much blessings to you and I hope this year goes well for you!

  3. I love this post! Especially 1, 2 & 5! : )

    I read the Laura Parker link you shared – it’s great, too (I couldn’t figure out how to comment on her blog without registering).

    Thanks for some great – and refreshing -homeschool priorities : )

    • Thanks, Dana! It’s nice to have you stop by. I’ve thought of you several times over the past few weeks, wondering how your first weeks with your little one are going. Hope all is well!

  4. OH! thanks for such a wonderful photo! We just stared at it, taking you all in! I like your thoughtful list, too. These things fit more than priorities for home schooling – – they are great for all of us to adopt for daily life!
    Thanks so much for thinking aloud for us, too.

  5. These are some great lessons to teach your children and I’m sure with your dedication to your family they will have no problem embracing them and passing them on to their families.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. 🙂

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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