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Featured Post and Perspective Gained from Co-Hosting a Link-Up Party — 6 Comments

  1. You are right about limiting focus. When I started blogging I wasn’t sure about focus but ended up deciding to feature what I intend to write, Kidlit from picture books up through YA. Even that’s a challenge with so many new books out there and authors wanting reviews. I’m glad you extended the subject to literacy. I bookmarked your weekly link-up because of that and because sometimes there’s no giveaway involved.

    • Glad to hear you’ve bookmarked the link-up. Literacy is very dear to my heart (it’s actually what my master’s degree is in) so I hope we get lots of posts on that subject in the weeks to come! Thanks for coming by and joining the party!

  2. Blogging does take a lot of time, Tina! I’ve learned that in the last 2 years. It’s not just writing and posting your blog…but, whether it is a link-up or not, you always want to respond to every comment AND go to the blog of the person who commented and comment back on their post. Whew!!! But, blogging etiquette builds wonderful relationships. At the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, two of my presentations (panels) were focused on how authors can build relationships and reach their audience through blogging. I joined the Booknificent hop…you are doing an awesome job!!!!

    • You do such an amazing job of that, Vivian! I’ve been very impressed with you. I don’t think I quite keep up with all you’ve said here, but I do try to connect in at least one way with each person who visits my site. Thanks for joining Booknificent Thursdays, and for your kind words!

  3. Last week was a bad week for me and I didn’t get to visit as many people as I usually do on my linky party. It does take time, doesn’t it? But I always feel so blessed by what everyone links up!

    So sorry, that I am just NOW getting back to you. I just now saw your comment. As I said I am behind, lol!!

    Yes, I am on facebook. I found you there and “liked” you, so you can probably find me from that!

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