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Thoughts on Eugene Peterson’s The Jesus Way – Introduction and Chapter 1 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m running out to get the book!
    This summary was wonderful.
    I think you should run your own BLOG HOP, connecting another track onto your path. This topic and this book as your common thread every Sunday, or something! It would be great to read other’s summaries over on their blogs.
    Could you post the reading schedule and let others join you? This would be so awesome – to keep this growing…through blogs, uniting his followers!
    I’ll join under http://climbverticalwithme.blogspot.com/ and make a button for my link, if you decide to HOP.
    If no hop, then, maybe this…
    PS I’ve been at the gathering, so I think I could almost be counted in while separated, couldn’t I? 🙂

  2. Tina…great book and wonderful review of it.:) Yes, you are right…ouch,ouch,ouch! It is truly difficult to live the RIGHT way…without manipulating, gossiping and doing all those tiny hurtful things that don’t seem SO bad. But each time we do them, we are making nicks and scratches in the beautiful life we could have. It’s definitely a journey…sounds like this is a book that would be a helpful road map.

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