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Five Minute Friday: Imagine — 14 Comments

  1. What a wonderful parenting suggestion, good thinking. You make a wonderful point with this too: “Those filling the pews every Sunday may be full of information about God, and they may be trained to obey God, but without an imagination enraptured by God, they will be powerless to live the life he’s called them to. They simply cannot imagine living any differently than the culture around them.” Kind of answers some questions my hubs and I have been wondering about lately, why people do what they do…

  2. I am completely struck by the idea of imagining myself “living…differently than the culture around [me].” I already do to the extent that Christians are set apart, but really, really being committed to it? Looking to Jesus in every little thing and imitating Him? What an inspiring and provocative post. Gives me much to think on. Thank you.

    • I know! That’s one of the phrases that really hammered me too. There are so many times that I see a way I’m not being like Jesus and kind of half-heartedly try to change, but now I’m trying to spend time imagining what it would actually look like for me to change. It really makes an amazing difference. I think some of it is the sitting and being quiet to imagine that lets the Holy Spirit do His work.

  3. I’m rolling this around in my mind and I love it!! I have a pretty vivid imagination (which has gotten me in trouble more than once) and one of my sons does, too. He’s also the one who pictures God more vividly than my others. Those two things are definitely connected!

    So glad I stopped by from FMF.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by too. Thanks so much for sharing how your heart is pondering these thoughts. I’m glad to hear they touched someone else like they touched me! Blessings to you!

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